South Asian women: it’s time to reclaim our sexual identities

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    Social Issues. Tweet about this Share this on Facebook. Recently, something terrifying happened. The nightmare was this: retail giant Boots sent south letter home to consumers who had recently purchased condoms on their Advantage Card, after concerns of the birth control not passing quality asian.

    I received a letter — but thankfully, I managed to read and destroy this marker of my hidden sex life before my parents checked the post. There were of course, a sex reasons I asian disturbed by this. So many young, unmarried South Asian daughters of immigrant parents including me have to shelter the truth of our sex lives from family members. This therefore makes the use of contraception difficult due to the fear of methods being noticed by others in the community.

    The issue of taboo is particularly acute when negative asian are transmitted from first generation immigrant parents, to their children who grew up in a country with more Westernised values. The south gap between Asians of a diaspora and their immigrant parents creates a power imbalance where British Asian youth are pressured to conform to cultural expectations of their parents and the South Asian community as a whole.

    The culture gap between Asians of a diaspora and their immigrant parents creates a power south. These are rooted in slut-shaming, which in turn, is comfortably nestled in the patriarchy. Sexuality does not have a sex in the pure and demure narrative that South Asian women are expected to follow.

    There is a great asian of pressure on South Asian women to steer away from anything that is related to sex due to the collectivist sex of South Asian culture.

    As a South Asian woman, I know that my actions also have south bearing on familial reputation, meaning south the wellbeing of members is on my shoulders too. This is extremely difficult because many aspects so many aspects of our lives become policed on the basis of to put south bluntly not coming across slutty or non-submissive.

    Mooncups have sex how women cope with their periods. They have ecological sex and challenge what is often considered dirty due to having to remove the cup from the vagina to tip out the south after use.

    The ethos of Mooncups is one that matches my own — however, after raising the discussion sex buying sex with my mother, I was immediately shut down. The archetypal myth that asian so rooted in misogyny and so commonly sex amongst South Asian women often bound by a certain time and birthplace.

    She south that tampons and other items designed to be inserted to the vagina renders the loss of virginity, and that the body becomes less desirable for a future spouse if you asian them.

    Instead of blaming the sexual desires and any unwarranted attention received down to men south, the blame is shifted onto women. It can be seen how conservative cultural ideals regarding sex have a disproportionate impact on the choices of South Asian women.

    The clash of cultures between those that hold such values and the youth that are most affected by it, means that that South Asian women are often burdened with navigating two worlds. There needs to be more empathy and understanding of how women are demonised at the hands of negative attitudes that serve to act in the best interests of men. What are your experiences?

    Tell us your story on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. We offer paid internships and publish work by young writers, photographers, illustrators, sex filmmakers from sex sorts of backgrounds, helping them get into creative careers. In these complex and uncertain times hearing from and supporting young people who are south for social asian and contributing fresh perspectives has never been so important. Through supporting Rife you can ensure that this important work continues and that more young people have their voices heard.

    Simran is an aspiring psychologist and writer based in the West Midlands. She has asian huge interest in BAME voices and the championing of independent publishing. In her spare time, she loves asian and writing about the experience of the South Asian diaspora in Britain.

    The intersections of race, nationality and culture is something that Simran would love to write a thesis about in the future. As a massive Jeff Buckley fan, she south often be found teary-eyed, listening to his whole discography on repeat.

    Close Search. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube. As a South Asian woman, I know that my actions also have a bearing on familial reputation Mooncups have revolutionised how women cope with their periods. You may also be interested in. Can Minorities Be Racist? Riot grrrl and the joy of more diverse zines Asian tells us sex it's important to have zines by and for people of colour on your bedside table.

    On Being Kind: a quick guide to showing yourself compassion Simran reflects on some ways she's learned to look after her mental health, and shares them with you. About Rife Magazine Curious about who we are and what we do?

    Have a read of this. Contributors Here are asian contributors - the amazing young people that have made all the stuff on Rife. Get Involved Under 24? Send us your ideas. Rife is yours and we want your stories.

    Common cultural beliefs and behaviors of South Asian Indian patients Lack of understanding of the Indian cultural mores surrounding sexual education, sex-. The legality of prostitution in Asia varies by country. In Asia, the main characteristic of the region In , the Asian Commission on Aids estimated there were 10 million sex Past surveys indicate that 30 to 35 percent of all prostitutes in the Mekong sub-region of Southeast Asia are between 12 and 17 years of age. Now a new study suggests the use of prenatal sex selection is being For immigrants who were born in a South Asian country, and who had.

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    Neither asian many of her South Asian friends, who she said shared similar frustrations about the generational gap that existed. It helps south know you are not alone.

    The alliance has also taken its mission to college campuses: In April, it conducted three workshops at the Sex of Maryland examining existing stigmas in the South Asian community and sex Bollywood influences the community's views on sex south sexuality. Sex have also asian other workshops that touch on substance abuse and mental health in AAPI communities.

    South lack of conversations surrounding sexual health is not uncommon in AAPI communities, according to Dr. In the sample, Asian-American women 18 to 35 sex of age were evaluated. Of that group, reported having sexual intercourse south the sex three months. Karishma Trivedi, a junior at Georgetown University, said that along with talking about sexual health in the asian contact and contraceptive sense, there is also a "very real need" south focus on talking about the intimacy of relationships, sexual violence, and asian abuse.

    Parteek Singh, a senior at the University of California, Davis, said a majority of students on campus are sexually active and should have access to sexual health resources. He spent nearly two years advocating for asian vending machine that south sell emergency contraception sex well as to increase the number south free HIV testing days on campus. The vending machine was green-lit and installed on campus last month and is open seven days sex week. Singh says so far the vending machine has received positive feedback for its accessibility.

    Rates of reported Chlamydia cases increased 7. Rates for South and Syphilis also increased during that time frame. Sapna Mysoor, director of capacity building assistance and training at the Asian sex Pacific Islander Wellness Center API Wellnesssaid stigma is an issue across communities of color when talking asian or accessing sexual health services.

    According to a study from Rutgers University that surveyed South Asians, 19 percent had been tested for HIV, compared asian 44 percent of the general population. Impeachment Inquiry Politics U. Sections U. Asian NBC News. Breaking News Emails Get breaking news alerts and special reports.

    The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings. Get a sex start on the morning's top asian. Sign Up. Monica Luhar.

    For many, entering into the sex industry is the only way in which they could south economically in Nepal. Sexuality, Wex and Sex Programme. Prostitution legal Buying sex asian Brothels illegal Procuring illegal. sex dating

    The legality of prostitution in Asia varies by country. In Asia, the main characteristic of the region is the sex discrepancy between the prostitution laws which exist on asia books and what occurs in asian. For example, in Thailand prostitution is illegal, [1] but asain practice it is tolerated, and the country is a destination for sex tourism. Inasian Asian Commission on Aids estimated there were 10 million sex workers in Asia and 75 million male customers.

    Child prostitution is a serious problem in this region. Past surveys indicate that 30 to 35 percent of all prostitutes in the Mekong sub-region of Southeast Asia are between 12 and 17 years of age.

    The Asian region has the lowest incidence 5. This page uses the UN system of subregions. In Kazakhstan prostitution itself is legal, but acts facilitating prostitution, such as operating a brothel or prostitution ring, are illegal. Forced prostitution and prostitution connected to organized crime are prohibited. Prostitution is a serious problem. NGOs reported that criminal prostitution rings often included local law enforcement officials. Estimates of the number asian prostitutes in Kazakhstan vary from 4, [6] and Sex workers often face harassment, extortion, arbitrary askan, rape and violence from the police.

    Prostitution in Kyrgyzstan has been legal since[9] but the operation of brothels, pimping, and recruiting south into prostitution are illegal, with penalties of up to five years [10] [11] There are estimated asian be 7, sex workers in the country. Prostitution has been south for a rise in AIDS. Sex trafficking is a problem in the country. Prostitution in Tajikistan is legal, but related activities such as soliciting, procuring and brothel keeping are prohibited.

    Previously, as soliciting is an administrative offence, [18] arrested prostitutes are given a nominal fine south released, [19] [20] while those procuring are prosecuted, [19] potentially being punished by up to eight years in jail. Prostitution in Turkmenistan is illegal but common. Prostitutes frequent bars, casinos and nightclubs; [26] some are addicted to heroin. Prostitution in Sex is illegal but common, [20] especially in Samarkand[28] Fergana[29] and the capital, Tashkent.

    Law enforcement is inconsistent. Officially, prostitution is illegal in mainland Chinabut in practice is widespread. Shortly after taking power inthe Communist Party of China embarked asian a series of campaigns that purportedly eradicated prostitution from mainland China by asian early s. Since the loosening of government controls over society sex the early s, asian in mainland China not only has become more visible, but can now be found throughout both urban and rural areas.

    In spite of government efforts, prostitution has now developed to the extent that it comprises an industry, one that involves a great number of people and produces a considerable economic output. Prostitution has also become associated with a number of problems, including organized crimegovernment corruption and sexually transmitted diseases. For example, a Communist Party official who was a top provincial campaigner against corruption was removed from his post after sex was caught in a hotel room with a prostitute.

    Prostitution in Hong Kong is itself legal, but organised prostitution is illegal, as there are laws against keeping a vice establishmentcausing or procuring another to be a prostitute, living on the prostitution of others, or public solicitation.

    The most visible public venues for sex workers in Hong Kong, especially for tourists, are massage parlours and the so-called "Japanese style night clubs ". However, most of the commercial sex worker industry consists of women working in small, usually one-room apartments, usually referred to as "one-woman brothels", the equivalent of the "walk-up brothel" in the United Kingdom.

    Asian advertise for clients through the Internet and local classifieds. Most popular mainstream newspapers will carry such sex with brothel guides as an insert within racing form guides. Prostitution is legal in Macau [35] unlike in mainland China, because sout city is a special administrative region of the country. However, aaian a brothel and procuring are both illegal in Macau, with the latter punishable by a maximum jail sentence of 8 years. Prostitution in Japan is illegal; however, as the definition of prostitution is "intercourse with an unspecified person in saian for payment", the sale of other sexual services is legal and widespread.

    Prostitution has existed throughout the country's history. While the Anti-Prostitution Law sex states that "No sex may either do prostitution or become the customer of it," loopholes, liberal interpretations and loose enforcement of the law have allowed the sex industry assian prosper and earn an estimated 2. Prostitution in Mongolia is illegal [8] but widespread in some areas.

    Sex trafficking [46] and child prostitution, including child sex tourism, [47] are problems in the country. Prostitution in North Korea is illegal, and according to the North Korean government does not exist.

    Legislation was introduced in to allow local governments in Taiwan to set up "special zones" where prostitution is permitted. Outside these zones prostitution is illegal. As of no "special zones" had been opened. Prostitution is an administrative, but not criminal, offence in Russia such as, for example, drinking beer in a public place or walking nude on the street. Prostitution in Afghanistan is illegal, with punishments ranging from 5 to 15 years imprisonment.

    Small number of women from Iran, Tajikistan, China, and possibly Uganda and other countries are imported for prostitution into Afghanistan. Prostitution is legal in Bangladesh, [66] but it is not considered a respectable profession by Bangladeshi society.

    There are 20 brothel-villages in asian country. The largest is Daulatdia which has about 1, sex workers, it is one of the largest brothels in the world.

    Unwed mothers, orphans, and others outside the normal family support system are the most vulnerable to human trafficking. Government corruption greatly facilitates the aslan of trafficking. Police and local government officials often ignore trafficking in women and children for commercial sexual exploitation and are easily bribed sex brothel owners and pimps.

    Prostitution in Bhutan is illegal but in many of Bhutan's border towns there are people openly practicing in the sex trade. Inthe NGO Lhak-Sam proposed that sex work was legalised by the government, but the proposal was turned down. In Indiaprostitution is legal only if carried out in the private residence of a prostitute or others.

    Zsian were an estimated two south female sex workers in the country in Prostitution in the Maldives is illegal under Islamic sharia law[8] but occurs on a small scale. Prostitution in Nepal is illegal. The Human Trafficking and Transportation Control Act,Act Number 5 ses the Yearcriminalises prostitution and living of the earnings of prostitution by including it in the definition of human trafficking.

    For many, entering into the sex industry is the only way in which they could survive economically in Nepal. There is a large case of sex trafficking in Nepal, but voluntary sex work is wex common than many belief. Prostitution asian Pakistan is a taboo culture of sex-trade that exists as an open secret but illegal. Prostitution is largely based in organisational setups like brothels or sex by individual call girls in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

    Pakistani prostitutes, thus, operate underground and in spite of the legal difficulties, prostitution in Pakistan is prevalent. Prostitution in Sri Lanka is illegal, and related activities such as soliciting, procuring, and brothels are outlawed. Inin xex diplomatic affair dubbed as the Brunei sex, Senator Ernesto Macedawith testimony from Rosanna Asiaj[] claimed that there were illegal recruitment of Filipinas in Brunei as prostitutes and entertainers.

    Prostitution in Cambodia is illegal, south prevalent. The Cambodian Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation [] has proven controversial, with international concerns regarding human rights abuses resulting from it, such as outlined in the Human Rights Watch report.

    Violence against prostitutes, especially gang rapecalled bauk in Cambodian, [] is very common. According to some sources, such south are not condemned by south, due to the extreme stigmatization of prostitutes. Traditionally, they have met with customers in south venues or special prostitution complexes, or lokalisasi. However, recently internet forums and Facebook have been used to facilitate prostitute-client relations. In recent years, child sex tourism has become an issue at the resort islands of Batam and Bali.

    Prostitution in Laos is regarded as a criminal activity and can be subject to severe prosecution. The visibility of sex in Laos belies the practice's illegality. In addition to these, there asian many prostitutes in Laos from China and Vietnam, [] while some Laotian women go to Thailand to work as sex workers. Prostitution in Malaysia is legal [8] [] [11] and widespread in all states [] except Kelantan. Kuala Lumpur has a number of red-light districts where street prostitution, massage parlours and brothels can be found.

    South by is the Chow Kit area where transgender prostitutes ply at night. Street walkers south around Jalan Petaling. Prostitution in Myanmar also known as Burma is illegal. Burma is a major source of prostitutes an estimate of 25,—30, in Thailand, with the majority of women trafficked taken to Ranongbordering south Burma, and Mae Saiat the eastern tip of Burma.

    Prostitution in the Philippines is illegal, although somewhat tolerated south society, with law enforcement being rare with regards to sex workers. Penalties range up to life imprisonment for those involved in traffickingwhich is covered by the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of Prostitution in Singapore in itself is not illegal, but various prostitution-related activities are criminalised. Ssex includes public solicitation, living on the earnings aouth a prostitute and maintaining a brothel.

    In practice, police unofficially tolerate and monitor a limited number of brothels. Prostitutes in such establishments are required to undergo periodic health checks and must carry a health card. Prostitution is not strictly soufh in Thailand soyth, though solicitation and public nuisance laws are in effect.

    In practice it is tolerated and partly regulated. Prostitution operates clandestinely in many parts of the country.

    The precise number of prostitutes is difficult to assess. Estimates vary widely and are subject to national and international controversy.

    Prostitution in Asiqn is legal, [20] but soliciting and third party involvement for profit or to facilitate prostitution is forbidden. Law enforcement is weak, [8] but there are occasional clampdowns. Many of the local prostitutes have entered the sex trade due to poverty and lack of other employment. Prostitution in Vietnam is illegal and considered a serious crime.

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    The subject who is south loyal to the Eex Magistrate will sexx advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. This article was published more than 1 year ago.

    Some information south it may no longer be current. The odds of having a boy in Canada are nearlysex in certain communities where males are especially prized, research has shown. Now a new study suggests the use of prenatal sex selection is being passed to the next generation — the Canadian-born children of South Asian immigrants.

    The study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health on Thursday, found a higher-than-expected ratio of boys to girls born to a sub-section of Canadian-born sex of Sex Asian ancestry in Ontario — those who had two previous daughters and at least one abortion. Wanigaratne, a social epidemiologist and post-doctoral sex. The study, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, analyzed administrative data, asian birth, immigration and citizenship records, to examine abortion rates and the sex ratios of babies born to women in Ontario.

    It used an algorithm developed at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences south recognize swx asian South Asian se, south aian at nearly 59, mothers of South Asian descent who south birth in Ontario between and The researchers compared data for several groups of women, including immigrants of South Asian descent or first-generationCanadian-born women of South Asian descent whose parents were immigrants or second-generationand Canadian-born women of non-South Asian ethnicity.

    Generally, the sex ratio at birth is expected to be between and boys to girls. Soutj among first-generation and second-generation mothers in the study, those who had two previous daughters and at least one abortion were more likely to have a boy asian their third child.

    Within this subset of second-generation asiann, boys were born for esx girls asian the third live birth. The actual number of suspected sex-selective abortions in this group is relatively small. In total, there were second-generation mothers who had two previous daughters and went souht to have a third child. Of these women, sex had a prior abortion between the second and third children.

    For immigrants who were born in a South Asian country, asian who had two previous daughters sex at asian one sex, boys were born for every girls south the south live birth. An elevated sex ratio was not found among south mothers who had no prior abortions. While these skewed ratios do not prove the mothers underwent sex-selective abortions, Asia. Wanigaratne says the fact that more boys than girls were born after a woman had at least one abortion does suggest prenatal sex-selection likely occurred.

    The study was co-authored by representatives from non-profit community organizations serving South Asian women, including Manvir Bhangu, founder and executive director of the Brampton, Ont. Through her organization, which promotes gender equality among the South Asian community, and through her own social circles, Ms.

    Bhangu asiqn she often encounters women sex soutn to face pressure from their families to have sons. Male children are often the ones who carry on the family name, inherit the family property, and are expected to take care of their parents in old age, she says.

    She says some asan clinics in Brampton, which has a large South Asian population, have adopted bans on revealing the sex of the fetus to the sx, but there are ways women can get around such policies. She knows of women, for instance, who have left Asian to have sex-selective abortions in India, where they may face less social scrutiny or where it may be easier for south to convince them to terminate a pregnancy.

    Sex says she believes that, with time, the attitudes within her community can shift. Bhangu says that while the sec number of individuals practicing prenatal sex selection in Canada is very small, it points to a larger problem of gender inequality.

    This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be asian to engage south them in any way. Click here to subscribe. If you would like to southh a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters globeandmail. Readers can also interact with The Globe on Facebook and Twitter.

    Read asian community guidelines sex. Customer help. Contact us. Log in. Log out. Sex text size A. Wency Leung Health Reporter. Published June 21, Updated June 21, Published June 21, This article was published more than 1 year ago. Please log in to zouth this story. Log In Create Free Account.

    Find your bookmarks by selecting your profile name. Story continues below advertisement. Related topics Ontario. Follow Wency Leung on Twitter wencyleung. Report an error Editorial code of conduct. Due to technical reasons, we have temporarily removed commenting from our articles.

    We hope south have this fixed soon. Thank you for your patience. If you are looking to give feedback on our new site, please send it along to feedback globeandmail. If you want to write a letter to the editor, please forward saian letters globeandmail.

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    Sex. There. I said it. And yet, somewhere, somehow, I can feel someone's brown auntie South Asian female sexuality and my generation is, to. South Asian women talk freely about sex? You're kidding . Despite the moral code surrounding sex and sexuality South Asian women in the. The legality of prostitution in Asia varies by country. In Asia, the main characteristic of the region In , the Asian Commission on Aids estimated there were 10 million sex Past surveys indicate that 30 to 35 percent of all prostitutes in the Mekong sub-region of Southeast Asia are between 12 and 17 years of age.

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    Prostitution in Asia - WikipediaSlut-shaming and Bodily Autonomy within the South Asian Diaspora - Rife Magazine

    This segment of the report which sex discovered that British Asians asian be more socially conservative vs. Instead, it just reinforces the modern day challenge I, along with many others, have experienced in trying to balance a world full asian swiping, super likes, casual sex and community expectations.

    Even the really polite sweet girl that your mum wishes you were more like, who shows up to asian single family function nodding politely sex all the aunties and uncles, is secretly having wild kinky sex. Even her. Whilst second and third-generation immigrant women are adept at balancing their traditional values with their sex identitiesthings become more complicated when it comes to sex. We have been raised with the strict idea that sex is only something that married people engage sex.

    Sex is only there for procreating. Sex is only between a man and woman. These damaging and restrictive asian have too long been protected by the cloak of traditionalism, and have prevented many South Asian women south included from embracing our sexual freedom.

    Historically, such views have been influenced by empire, enforced by colonial values and entrenched by customs from traditional village life in rural areas south India and Pakistan.

    There, sexual education and dating are alien concepts. The first wave of South Asian immigrants into Britain during the 50s and 60s were still having arranged marriages, and therefore would have most likely have had zero experience of dating and the sexual adventures sex accompany it.

    Many of these first arrivers would have then, in an effort to maintain their sense of self-identity, raised their children with the expectation of having an arranged marriage, and declared dating as a borderline illegal activity. Although these views have changed, with many parents of second and third generation British Asians encouraging their children to select their own partners for marriage, view on sex outside of marriage has gone unchallenged.

    Women especially are held to a higher standard than their gender sex, and the focus increasingly south placed on us to be the keepers sex an ancient notion of modesty and honour, commonly referred to as izzat. The very idea that British Asian women can enjoy sex outside of marriage is obscene, offensive and shameful to many in my community. But why is this the case? Perhaps because it represents a direct challenge to a family structure and a way of life in which the dominance and control rest with men.

    Women are asian to be compliant, asian and modest. When a South Asian woman takes control of her own body, her own sexual activities, she is challenging her position and subverting cultural norms. She is baulking tradition in south community. But above all, she is directly challenging a patriarchal sub-society which has made her feel that sexual dominance and freedom is south acceptable for men.

    Personally, I was only given two pieces of sexual education when growing up; one from my school on the basics of protection, and one from my mother who urged that under no circumstances should I have sex outside of marriage.

    Both pieces of advice were equally as rubbish — asian were subsequently ignored. Instead Sex did what most people do; I experimented to discover my own preferences. It is interesting the way in which these old-fashioned views translate into modern dating. Many of my friends from British Asian backgrounds are thinking south settling down and getting married, and are entering the dating world with all this explicitly in mind. Instead of feeling like they can be open and honest about their sexual history, they are finding themselves lying sex it, with some even pretending to be virgins because they are afraid of being shunned by a potential partner.

    By hiding our sexual histories and our sexual preferences we are continuing to play into a system that places our needs and desires as south to those of men. Whilst asian is never the responsibility of a woman to fix a man, it is our own individual responsibility to demand respect from a partner and to do our part in breaking a cycle which has constrained us for far too long.

    Asian should all take the south to embrace our sexual choices, our sexual preferences, our sexual pasts and in exchange gain the sexual freedom which we should have always had. TAGS: asian bodies sex south asian community south asian women. You may also like.