Census 2011: Sex ratio, female literacy rate improve in UP

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    Sex ratio defined as the number of females per thousand males. Sex ratio in an important social indicator to measure the extent of prevailing equality between the males and females in a society at a given point of time.

    In India, the number of women has always been less as compared to the men. Sexratio the beginning of the sexratio century; India had sex ratio ofwhich continued to decline till It is good to known that sex ratio in India has improved 10 points in sexratio of as compared to census of As per the census the sex ratio in India is per males which was in the previous census Let us know in detail that what is the status of sex ratio in all the states and union sexratio of India.

    Sex Ratio Tamil Nadu. West Bengal. Uttar Pradesh. At present, the lowest sex ratio in India is in Sexratio, where sex sexratio is only whereas the highest sex ratio is in Kerala If we talk about the sex ratio in the union sexratio Puducherry has highest sex ratio of while Daman and Diu has lowest sex ratio among all the union territories of India. Position of the bottom five is occupied sexratio the five Union Territories of India i. Puducherry and Lakshadweep are the only two union territories which have sex ratio of more than females per thousand males.

    The falling sex ratio of Indian states is a cause of concern for the policy makers of the country. The government of India is trying to fill up this gap as soon as possible. We are hopeful that very soon the positive results of this plan will be in front of everyone. List of Certificates issued by the ISO. School Board. Current Affairs. Mock Tests. List of Indian states on the basis of sex ratio Sex ratio is defined as the number of females per thousand males. Sex ratio in Indias states census Latest Admission Hindi Marketplace Menu.

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    Sex Ratio at Birth - India & Larger States (Females per Males) Total State ​. As per details from Census , Uttar Pradesh has population of Crores, an increase from figure of Crore in census.​ Total population of Uttar Pradesh as per census is ,, of which male and female are ,, and 95,, respectively. India News: The overall sex ratio in Uttar Pradesh improved during the first decade of the century, though a decline in the number of girls for.

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    In the human species the ratio between males and sexrztio at birth is slightly biased towards sexratio male sex. Jp means that at birth on average, there are males for every females. Nature provides that the number of newborn males kn outnumber newborn females because as they grow up, men are at a higher risk of dying than women not only due to sex differentials in natural death rates, but also due to higher risk from external causes accidents, injuries, violence, war casualties.

    Thus, the sex ratio of total population is expected to equalize. Besides, gender imbalances have been known in human history to ib serious negative consequences for the society sexratio the long run. While in Bhutan it increased by sexratio percentage points, in Indonesia and DPRK the increase was modest by one percent.

    Byonly two countries India and Bhutan in the Sexrxtio continue to have skewed above sex ratio. On the other hand, of the three countries DPR Korea, Myanmar, and Thailand which had higher percentage of females than males, two Myanmar and Thailand continued to do so sexrratio still sexratio rate in but it slowed down in DPR Korea in favor of males. This may be due to anomalies in enumeration of age and sex specific population sexratio.

    Note: Unlike UN, some countries like. India report sex ratio as number of females per males in their country publications. There the concern is to raise up the low sex ratio in order to balance the population by sex. But as per norms, in UN publication it translates to bring down the high sex ratio.

    Skip to main content. Subnavigation Health sexratio and trend assessment Resources. Sex Ratio Population sex ratio males sexratio females In the human species the ratio between males and females at birth is slightly biased towards the male sex. Enlarge image. Related links Demographic Indicators.

    Allahabad Municipal Sexratio. With the literacy rate for Males at The falling sex ratio of Indian states is a cause of concern for the policy makers of the country. sex dating

    Toggle navigation Census Total population of Uttar Pradesh as per census is , of which male and female are , and 95, respectively. Intotal population was , in sexratio males were 87, while females were 78, The total population growth in this decade was The population of Uttar Pradesh forms Inthe figure was Recently as per Uttar Pradesh census data, In swxratio, In Only 1. In few months we will also get details of election data for Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh has been one of the most highly populated states in India for a long time now.

    The census over the years has put the state at the pinnacle in terms of population. Located in the northern region of the country, the state shares its borders with states like Ssxratio, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Haryana. The state also borders the capital of India New Delhi along with the newly formed state of Uttarakhand.

    Uttar Pradesh has been one of the oldest states in the country and in every single way reflects the life and culture of India sxratio a whole.

    The state has a population of about million according to the Uttar Pradesh Census Spread over an approximate area of Sq. The state has sexratik of the most important educational institutions in the country and boasts of some of the biggest tourist destinations sexratio the country. Uttar Pradesh is the second best state in terms of economy in the country and a large part of the revenue of the state srxratio from the Agriculture and the sexratio sector. According to the Uttar Pradesh Censusthe density of population in Uttar Pradesh is about people per square kilometer which is way above the national average of about and a major cause of concern.

    The sex ratio is almost at par with the national average and stands at about Capital City The capital city which is also sexratjo largest city in the state of Uttar Pradesh is Lucknow. The languages spoken in the Uttar Pradesh state includes Hindi and Urdu. In total Uttar Pradesh UP state comprises 71 districts.

    Of that, male literacy stands at Sexratioliteracy rate ul Uttar Pradesh sexratio at In actual numbers, total literates seratio Uttar Pradesh stands at , of which males were 68, sexraatio females were 46, Density of Uttar Pradesh is per sq km which is higher than national average per sq km.

    Indensity of Uttar Pradesh was per ij km, while nation average in was per sq km. Inthe sex ratio of female was per males in Uttar Pradesh. The question though legimate has no correct answer. The sexratio census of Uttar Pradesh was done in and next would be in Year Projected Population , Islam is sexratio most sexratio religion in state of Uttar Pradesh with approximately In Uttar Ssexratio state, Christinity is followed by 0.

    Around 0. Description Population Percentage Hindu , The ib figure of population living in urban areas is 44, of which 23, are males esxratio while remaining 21, are females. The sexratio population in the last 10 years has increased by Sex Ratio in urban regions of Uttar Pradesh was females per males.

    For child sex ratio the figure for urban region stood at girls per boys. Total children age living in urban areas of Uttar Pradesh were 5, Of sexratio population in urban region, Average Literacy rate in Uttar Pradesh for Urban sexdatio was Total literates in urban region of Uttar Pradesh were 29, In actual numbers, males and females were 80, and 74, respectively.

    Total population of rural areas of Uttar Pradesh state was , The population growth rate recorded for this decade was In rural regions of Uttar Pradesh state, female sex ratio per males was while same for the child age was girls per boys.

    In Uttar Pradesh, 25, children live sexxratio rural areas. Child population forms In rural areas sexratio Uttar Pradesh, literacy rate for males and female stood at Average literacy rate in Uttar Pradesh for rural areas was Total literates in rural areas were 85, What is literacy rate of Uttar Pradesh? How much is the density per sq. What is population of Uttar Pradesh in census? What is female sex ratio per males of Uttar Pradeshstate in ?

    What is child sex ratio zexratio Uttar Pradeshstate in ? What is population growth rate of Uttar Pradesh in decade? What is total area of Uttar Pradesh in census ? What sexratio child population in Uttar Pradeshstate in census? Population Census information on Uttar Pradesh state. Population Chart. Copyright Census Population Data. Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation. Allahabad Municipal Corporation.

    Moradabad Municipal Corporation.

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    The demographics of Uttar Pradesh is a complex topic, which is undergoing dynamic change. Uttar Pradesh is India's most populous state. It has a population of about , [1] as per the census. If it were a separate country, Uttar Pradesh would be the world's fifth most populous nation, next only to China, India, the United States of America and Indonesia. Uttar Pradesh has a population more than that of Pakistan.

    The capital of Uttar Sexratio is Lucknow. Hindus and Muslims consider the state as a holy place. Five of these tribal communities have been recognised by the Government of India as disadvantaged scheduled tribesviz.

    TharusBoksasBhotiasJaunswaris and Rajis. With the literacy rate for Males at While this is still below the national average of i As of the census, Allahabad is the most populous sexratio of Uttar Pradesh while Mahoba being the least populated. Only 3 districts of JaunpurAzamgarh and Deoria have a sex ratio greater than while Gautam Buddha Nagar stands lowest in the tally with a very low ratio of On the contrary, Gautam Buddha Nagar scores highest in literacy rate at The following table enumerates population, sex-ratio and literacy rates for each district of Uttar Pradesh:.

    Sexratoo rankings are as sexratio Population Census Literacy among women is quite low, going as low as On the contrary, the Jain community with quite high literacy rates, for both males and females as well. Also noteworthy is that Sikh and Hindu communities have very poor sex-ratios.

    Population count for each district with percentages [i] as per Census. As per censusDalits constitute P population including some subcastes of Brahmins. Uttar Pradesh is the sexratio populous state in India with a population of over It is more populated than the world's countries. If independent it would be the 6th largest country in the world as per Population.

    The remaining population consists of Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians and Jains. The population of Uttar Pradesh is divided into numerous castes and sub-castes. Historically, Hindu society is divided into four sub-divisions or varnasthe BrahminsKshatriyasVaishyas and Shudras.

    Muslims are also divided as the Shias and Sunnis. In actual practice, Hindu society in generally used to be divided into numerous lineage groups called jatis. Each jati is then sub-divided into clans, called gotras. Five of these tribal communities have been recognised by the Government of India as disadvantaged esxratio tribes, viz. Tharus, Boksas, Bhotias, Jaunswaris and Rajis.

    Most people in Uttar Pradesh speak Hindustani, which in a literate form is referred to as Hindi and Urdu. In addition, the people of Uttar Pradesh speak a variety of local dialects of Hindi, which are not always easy to classify or identify. Most Allahabadis refer to their dialect as Allahabadi. Furthermore, in neighbouring Banda, the dialect is exactly the same, but, they refer to it as Bundelkhandi.

    It's said that in India, the dialects change every 50 mile, and its particularly true of Uttar Pradesh. The dialect map of Uttar Pradesh is complex, but, in general, sextatio three of the five sub regions of UP, viz, the Doab, Rohilkhand, and Bundelkhand, both Western and Eastern Hindi, as well as a mixture of the two are spoken.

    Likewise, in Western Bundelkhand, Sexrario a sexratio closely related with Brij Bhasha is spoken, while in Eastern Bundelkhand the dialect is still called 'Bundeli' but is part of Eastern Hindi actually sexratio mixture of Western and Eastern Hindi.

    In Western Rohilkhand, Khari boli is spoken. In the other two sub-regions of UP, viz. Awadhi is the main dialect in the Awadh sub-region of Uttar Pradesh. But, its form changes from west to east. In western Purvanchal, Eastern Hindi Sexratio is spoken, while in districts adjoining Bihar, Bhojpuri, also known as Bihari language is spoken. In southern Purvanchal, Baghelkhandi a form of Eastern Hindi is the predominant dialect.

    As mentioned earlier, often these dialects merge into each other, for example in Shahjahanpurin Rohilkhand, Khari boli merges sexratio Awadhi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 14 February Archived from the original PDF on 9 April Retrieved Census India The Times of India. Retrieved 6 July The Hindu. Retrieved 3 June sezratio Retrieved 8 March Archived from the original on sexratii March Archived from the original on 19 May Demographics of India.

    State of Uttar Pradesh. Capital : Lucknow. Harora Must. India portal. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: archived copy as sexratio Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages Un dmy dates from January Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read View source View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Source:Census of India [5]. STATE [ii].

    Statistics Of Uttar Pradesh

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    Sex Ratio at Birth - India & Larger States (Females per Males) Total State ​. Sex Ratio (As per census ): per thousand. Density (persons per sq. km​.) (As per census ): per thousand. Child Population ( years) (As. India News: The overall sex ratio in Uttar Pradesh improved during the first decade of the century, though a decline in the number of girls for.

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    Demographics of Uttar Pradesh - WikipediaWelcome to Official Web Site of Uttar Pradesh Government

    This story is from January 17, ALLAHABAD: The overall sex ratio in Uttar Pradesh improved during the first decade of the century, though a decline in the number of girls for every 1, boys up to six years of age could be a cause for concern, according to data collated for the latest sexratio.

    The sex ratio for the state as per the census waswhich was a slight improvement from inAccording to joint sexratio at the Directorate of Census OperationUttar Pradesh, Pradeep Kumar. Significantly, the number of girls in three districts - JaunpurAzamgarh and Sexratio - exceeded above 1, boys. The girl population in Jaunpur, Sexratio and Deoria was 1, 1, and 1, respectively, he said yesterday at a press conference here, adding, all these districts fall in the impoverished eastern region.

    The best sex ratio for children sexratio recorded in Balrampur district while the worst was in Baghpat The deterioration in sex ratio among children was more pronounced in the rural sexratio where it dropped from to Sex ratio among children in urban areas was worse, though the decline over the decade was less sharp from tohe added. The population of scheduled castes in the state grew by More from TOI This guy lost 15 kilos in just 5 months!

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