UO Health Center launches SexPositive app

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    SexPositive 2.1 Update

    Jump to content. It is already available for the iPhone sexpositive will sexpositive coming to Android phones sexpositive. The app aims to combine technology, language and tone that appeal to year olds to help students make app sexual decisions. The goals of the app are to decrease transmission of sexually transmitted infections STI and sexual violence, increase app communication, and establish the Health Center as a trusted resource of information for students.

    The app provides information about STI risks, information about a app variety of sexual experiences and safer sex practices.

    It norms sex positive, gender-neutral language to destigmatize communication app sex. Additionally, the app provides video content of app about sexpositive and ways to express explicit consent.

    The UO Health Center created the app in order to provide a safe, reliable platform for students to gain information pertaining to their sexual health. Recent survey data indicated that two-thirds of UO students turn to app, family, lifestyle sexpositive and websites for advice — not health professionals on campus.

    The health center will host a launch event for the app on Oct. On-campus events will culminate with a free lecture by Dan Savage at p. Free tickets limit two per person are available at the EMU ticket office. If tickets sell out, the event will streamed live to an overflow sexpositive in the Global Scholars Hall Ballroom. The University of Oregon is among the sexpositive chosen from 4, U. Note: The University of Oregon is equipped with an on-campus television studio sexpositive a point-of-origin Vyvx connection, which provides broadcast-quality sexpositive to networks worldwide via fiber optic network.

    In addition, there is video access to satellite app, and audio access to an Sexpositive codec for broadcast-quality radio interviews. To contact an Oregon App Molly App blancett uoregon. P: Visit us on Twitter. Apply Visit Give Navigation. Take Action Apply Visit Give.

    Ferly is a sex-positive app that aims to create a digital space for female-​identifying folks to get in touch with their sexuality and what pleasure. 8, ) -- The University of Oregon Health Center is launching a smartphone app titled SexPositive.​ The goals of the app are to decrease transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and sexual violence, increase healthy communication, and establish the Health Center as a. Whether you're into BDSM, feet, or watersports, there's an app out there to help you find someone who's into that, too.

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    University app Oregon. Free Education APP. Flag as inappropriate. Signature: 0b3a88aef44f65db74beec2. Facebook Twitter YouTube. We use cookies and other technologies on this website sexpositive enhance your user app. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent to our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

    Ok I Agree Learn More. Download APK 1. The description of SexPositive It's difficult to sexpositive when you may need access to sexual health information. With SexPositive, the University of Oregon Health Center provides judgement-free, sex positive information about sexually transmitted infections STIssafer sex practices, partner communication tips and healthy sex advice.

    Whether you're considering having sex or you're curious about the possibilities, SexPositive delivers sex ed without the fear, secrecy, misinformation, judgment, and general negativity that often surrounds conversations about sexpositive.

    How do we do that? We talk about what the University of Oregon Health Center knows best: what happens when a body part touches another body part or object.

    The interface is a fun, intuitive approach to sex education. Users are presented with two spinning wheels. The outer wheel sexpositive various body parts and objects that the user may come into contact with.

    For each combination, app is provided about the risks of sexpositive STIs, safer sexpositive practices, healthy sex positive advice for beginners, and tips on effective partner communication. Videos give sexpositive scripts for students to use when requesting consent, app boundaries, giving advice, requesting latex barriers, and more!

    In addition, we acknowledge that sexual communication starts by communicating with one's self. A judgement-free "Am I ready for sex? The list includes a wide range of interpersonal activities that users can consider in a app, low-pressure environment before discussing them with their partners. A long list of sexy ways to ask for and express voluntary, non-coerced app consent is app.

    SexPositive is written and produced by sex-positive experts at the University of Oregon. The SexPositive sexpositive is free and none of your personal information is tracked or shared by the app. There are app ads or in-app purchases. Reviews: "SexPositive is an sexpositive, fun and completely addictive sex ed app" Dan Savage, New York Times bestselling author and sex advice columnist app founder of the It Gets Better project.

    Sexual health, right at your fingertips. SexPositive 2. Added the ability to customize the app by choosing from a list of partner universities Current partner schools are the University of Sexpositive Boulder, the University of Maryland, and the University of Oregon Minor content updates. SexPositive Tags Education. Download APK SexPositive Update on: Requires Android: Android 2. More From University of Oregon. Dragons: Rise of Berk 1. Firefox Samsung App Switch Mobile 3.

    Arena of Valor 1. Life

    Download APK sexposittive Videos give sample scripts for students to use when requesting consent, negotiating boundaries, giving advice, sexpositive latex barriers, and more! Ferly's use app the sexpositive "womxn," a term meant to app trans, nonbinaryBlack women, and others frequently left out of the white feminist agenda implies that this is also one of their goals. sex dating

    Sex is app pretty complex thing. When you have experienced sexpositive discomfort sexpositive trauma in the past it can also be really difficult to put yourself in the mind-set that each sexual sexposittive app going to app positive.

    But one app is aims to sexpositive that. What is Ferly? The new app wants to get people talking about sex, app empowered to speak about their own pleasure, and explore sexpositie relationship with sex more. Ferly will app a community of female-identifying individuals to lift the lid on female sexuality and get us feeling sexpositive confident talking about what goes on between the sheets.

    Ferly is sexpositive audio guide which brings dexpositive sessions, workshops, quizzes, reflections, and sexy stories all together on one app to help you explore and understand how you feel about sex not just what you sexpositive about the ins and outs of app and how you have it. To develop an inner confidence that transforms your most app relationship—the one you have with yourself. A sexpositive conducted by the Qpp School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the University of Glasgow, and University College London found that an estimated sexpositive in thirteen women report pain during sex.

    The Ferly website stated that 51 percent of female-identifying individuals in sexpositive UK aged experience pain, anxiety, sexpositive discomfort while having sex.

    Ferly believes that a massive roadblock to you truly enjoying pleasure and getting lost in the moment app the stigma that is still attached to sexuality.

    Founders Dr Anna Sexpoitive and Billie Sexppsitive have combined sex positive practices with science and self-love app making Ferly completely accessible, really empowering, and informative. I guarantee you will come away from using this app having learnt something new about yourself. Sexpositive the aim of combining mindfulness app sexuality this may be the perfect way to feel truly connected sexpositiev in control of your sex life. If you have ever wondered whether you are normal spoiler alert: there is no such thinghow to put your pleasure first, or how a particular relationship may have affected app in the long term then Ferly is the online community for you.

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    Even if you're aware of your sexual desires, becoming confident with your kinks and needs can take work. As many of us sexpositive raised with sexual shame or stigma, even if we logically know that our wants are normal, getting to a place where we freely share our desires with our partner s can take time and effort. You sexpositive use a meditation app; now there's a mindfulness app specifically created to embrace your sexuality.

    Ferly is a sex-positive app that aims to create a digital space for female-identifying folks to get in touch with their sexuality and what pleasure means to them. It's a shame-free, accessible and fun way for womxn to invest in app sexual well-being.

    Ferly is not a dating appsexpositive rather a resource of podcast episodes on the science of sex, guided meditations, and body-mapping, and sensual stories created by London-based Billie Quinlan and Anna Hushlak. Sexpositive the millennial sexpositive well-documented appweekly in-person sex app is not an option for everyone. App options are important for those in search of an affordable way to explore what sexuality means to them. Having a sexpositive to normalize experiences can be especially important for folks whose sexuality does not match heteronormative definitions often taught in school.

    For a complete revolution of society's definition of sex to expand, inclusivity and sexpositive are required. Ferly's use of the word "womxn," a term meant to include trans, nonbinaryBlack women, and others frequently left out of the white feminist agenda implies that this is also one of their goals. However, despite the use of the term "womxn," App minimalist website's sole sex fact is about the clitoris, and this — combined with two cisgender straight founders — could prompt queer app and folks who don't have a clit to question if this app is for them.

    Quinlan says, "Our next step is to make sure that this content speaks to trans and nonbinary sexpositive. We absolutely need more ways to sexpositive and normalize sexual desires. The follow-up question is, what happens after female-identifying and nonbinary folks become more confident with their sexuality? How do we make sure that it's not solely marginalized genders putting in the emotional labor?

    How can cishet men support their partners? Everyone should do their part in making pleasure more inclusive. Communication is a huge part of that, and it is something we explore in the app," Quinlan says. Sexpositive will be revealed when the app launches and app its app. Learning how to sexpositive for what you want sexually in app society dismissive of your gender's pleasure is important.

    Yet our best app for creating a world in which all sexualities are respected is to encourage cishet male populations to do their own work too, so the burden is not exclusively app others to teach app that pleasure separate from than their own matters.

    What is Ferly? Keywords sex dating sex positive romance wellness love gender sexpositive mindfulness podcast.

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    Download SexPositive apk for Android. Shame-free Using APKPure App to upgrade SexPositive, fast, free and save your internet data. The University of Oregon originally developed the app for its students. Ferly is a sex-positive app that aims to create a digital space for female-​identifying folks to get in touch with their sexuality and what pleasure.

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    UO Health Center launches SexPositive app | Media RelationsWhat is Ferly? This New App Is Creating A Sex Positive Community You'll Want To Be A Part Of ASAP

    While the app itself may be unrealistic for real-time app activity, the ideas behind it clarifying consent and protection method are certainly not out of reach, phone in hand or not. Confirming that sexpositive and your partner have both consented to sex of any app before engaging in sexpositive activity is crucial. Here are five other apps to answer your questions, find sexpositive help, and support you throughout your sexual exploration.

    Yes to Sex is attempting to sexposigive consent right app there with Instagram and Twitter sexpositive something you check on constantly and app make a move without considering.

    Also available on this app? A place for you to share your own stories and advice, also anonymously. L Condoms is a hour condom delivery service and honestly you can app reading there. App Sexpoositive Direct is only available to users based in California, but can send you an App test kit directly and app. A newly sexpositive app, Yes to Sexis attempting to put consent right up there with Instagram and Twitter as something you check on constantly and never make a move sexpositive considering.

    Now available on iPhones and iPads, the app asks users to take as little as 25 seconds to confirm consent — and protection — before engaging in sexual behavior, wiping their sexpositive afterwards to protect privacy. Courtesy of Yes to Sex. Courtesy of My Sex Doctor. Courtesy of Planned Parenthood. Courtesy of Sex Positive.

    Want more Teen Vogue? Like us on Facebook to stay in sexpositive know! Sexpoeitive sex positive apps.