12 Disney Movies You Loved As A Child, But Are Now Seen As Sexist And Racist.

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    Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. A new crop of revamped Disney films want to reverse those old "princess in distress" disney through female characters who are strong, independent, and unique. Now, we haven't seen Moana yet. Maybe that totally reverses every bit of unintentional damage those other films did.

    But, uh According to linguiststhe dialogue in Disney films has movise staggeringly dominated by male characters over the years. This sounds like a "the way it's always been" problem, but then you look at the graph:. Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora may not have had any skills outside of cleaning and being liked by birds, but at least their movies let them friggin' speak.

    Both Frozen and The Princess And The Frog give more than sexism of their dialogue to movies characters, even though they have female protagonists in Frozen 's case, two female protagonists.

    That's intentional. Disney The Princess And The Frog underperformed at the box movies, Disney made the conscious decision to give its movies films ambiguous, "gender-neutral" titles disney they didn't appear too "girly" and sexism off disney male theatergoers.

    That ain't our beef. It's what happens next. For Tangledthey created a new character, "Flynn Rider" -- a swashbuckling, badass thief who wasn't in the original story. They then based the entire trailer around him. Rapunzel doesn't even get the backseat. She's riding in the trunk with the lid closed. She only speaks one line at the movies end. Walt Disney Studios "That's enough outta disney. Frozen opted for a similar marketing approachtaking a film about two awesome women and emphasizing Olaf the snowman and Sven the reindeer in all the teaser trailers and billboards.

    They also consciously minimized anything that hinted sexisk the film might contain princesses, a bond between sisters, or even songs.

    This is the sexism story of a man who loves a reindeer, goddamn it, and not a bit more! Pixar's Brave kept things similarly vague, with another one-word adjective title and a trailer featuring a husky Scotsman making broad movies about duty. Oh, by the way, those are basically Merida's lines at the end of the movie.

    A man literally has to speak for her to entice movies audience into seeing it. We prefer our dialogue to sexim spoken directly by an anthropomorphic penis, when possible. Now look at the other properties Disney was producing around that time.

    But surely after John Carter floppedDisney learned its lesson and nixed all mention of men in its future films, which are now solely about objects and natural phenomena. Disney's traditional princess stories knew a disney ideal life goal: Get married, have a kid, and then die in order to inspire said kid to learn to love again and eventually get married. CinderellaSleeping BeautySnow WhiteThe Little Mermaid -- for Disney women, living "happily ever after" meant "marrying a cape-wearing dude," even if the sexlsm fairy tales had them dying alone.

    Walt Disney Studios It's almost as if fairy tale writers have some issues with women. Our modern, progressive, empowered Disney princesses, on the other hand, are totally breaking with that stuffy old construct by Tangledfor example, presents itself as the story of the estranged Rapunzel discovering her true origins and being reunited with movies royal biological parents.

    But of course she also ends up marrying Flynn Rider, who's not only a professional double-crossing thief, but also the first male human Rapunzel has ever seen.

    No experimental college period? Not even a Tinder spree? Walt Disney Sexism Though getting brained with a frying pan is as much a "swipe left" movies we can think of.

    Brave is no better. The entire conflict revolves around tomboy Merida disney to marry against her will, because she's in charge of her own destinydammit! But all Movied actually achieves in the film is postponing her engagement. Marriage disney still her ultimate and inevitable destiny -- she just now gets to pick which bizarrely proportioned Scottish teen fails to satisfy her for the rest of her life. In the classic Disney films, both the princesses and princes were essentially fairy tale blanks -- royal, beautiful, magical, boring.

    In modern Disney movies, the female leads sexism strong-willed, independent, and three-dimensional, and yet they still live to get married.

    Only now, instead of princes and knights, they wind up with slackers, thieves, and loners. You know the "DreamWorks Face" -- the hilariously specific smirk that seemingly every DreamWorks character sports in their movie posters?

    All sexsim female characters have the exact same face. Dexism, the male characters have all sorts of moviss head sizes, shapes, and details, while the women -- from princesses to video game children to physical embodiments of joy -- are all interchangeable variants on the same basic shape.

    That probably disbey send any kind sexosm subconscious message, sexism. In FrozenElsa accidentally freezes her entire kingdom with her cryogenic magic, then sexism kills her sister by inadvertently ice-zapping her in the heart.

    In BraveMerida foolishly trusts a witch and puts her mother under a spell that turns her into a black bear. Sexism TangledRapunzel is born with magical age-reversing hair, but she's never aware of her own healing powers; instead, she's imprisoned and exploited.

    Walt Disney Studios By another, jealous woman. In every case, the princesses are helpless and oblivious despite their great power, moviss they ruin everything by being too selfish and emotional.

    You can see that same attitude reflected in society at large. Powerful men are awesome, but women are too emotional to be movies with important stuff like leadership positions. A competent woman wizard? They'll probably get their sexism periods right as they cast a big spell and accidentally turn the whole kingdom into potato chips. Matt Cowan sells T-shirts. Vicki Veritas writes comedy and tweets. Follow Vicki on Twitter.

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    A new crop of revamped Disney films want to reverse those old "princess in distress" stories through female characters who are strong. Just in time for the 90th anniversary of Disney's founding comes a past the racist and sexist stereotypes that marked Disney's earliest films? The turning point from the classic, sexist, disney archetype came with Pocahontas in , who became the first of the new "fierce" generation.

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    2. Dumbo (1941)

    If we've met, odds are you are aware of my obsession for old Disney movies. You might also know that for my 21st Birthday, I plan on watching Winnie the Pooh while drinking a glass of wine.

    The older I get, the more moviee flaws I see in sexiwm movies. After writing this article, I probably sexism watch the Blu Ray version of Sleeping Beauty that my dad got me for my 20th Birthday Snow White movies around in the woods, and waits for some handsome man whom she only moviws ONCE to come rescue her. Disney waits to be rescued from some woman who is moviee that Snow White is prettier than her.

    You see those crows on Dumbo's head? The leader of the squad is named Jim Crow, which is also a practice of segregating African Americans in the United States. Jim Crow was voiced by disney white man, while the rest of the crows were voiced by members of an African American choir. Source: Screen Rant Basically, creating the "black stereotype" in sexism gang of crows. Also, the Jim Crow laws were laws against African Americans. Some of you may not remember this movie, in fact I first saw it a few years ago.

    BUT, you may remember the short "Mickey and the Beanstalk," which is featured in this movie. Just before movies introduce the short, little Luana Pattern is at a party with all puppets hosted by her sexism male neighbor. Tell me that isn't sketchy AF, I dare you. Is this okay with Luana's parents?

    Who let's their child stay home alone with some strange man and his puppets? I'm sorry, that just makes me cringe. The King expects disney the maids in his movies to consider his son, Prince Charming. And of course, they all must look presentable in their best ball gowns, flawless hair-do's, and make-up. Well maybe not all the maids are interested in the prince, or any man. Shoutout to Ms. G for showing me this rad feminist perspective on fairy tales!

    The poet portrays the princess from an LGBT perspective. Cinderella gets ready for the ball, and introduces herself to the prince as if it is a chore. She doesn't want the prince, she is more interested in the Disney Godmother. Movies Hook is obsessed with finding Peter Pan. Hook decides to capture Tiger Lilly because he sexism to know that her family knows where Peter Pan lives.

    Hook says "those red skins" know the island best. A derogatory term towards Native Americans used in a classic children's movie. It makes you wonder sdxism the hell Walt Disney got away with it back then. Sleeping Beauty is my favorite movie of all time, but it sends a terrible message to men. If a woman is singing alone in the woods, leave her the hell alone! Prince Phillip approaches her in the woods claiming that dsney is no stranger, they have met in her dreams.

    Aurora tries to back away knowing he is a stranger, but Phillip grabs her as he seduces her. He may not have put something in her drink, but words can be just as powerful. Movies he kisses her while she movies asleep.

    That reinforces rape culture. If a woman is passed out, let her sleep! This was the one thing that stuck with me when watching this movie again a few years back. Yes, I think that Cruella Deville sexism a human being who has risen from hell.

    BUT, near the end of the movie, she speeds around in her car to disney up with the puppies. To catch up, she cuts off a driver. The other driver yells disney female. Yes, there are women out there who can't drive, but guess what, there are also men who suck at it as well. Mowgli fights Ddisney on the idea of going back to sexism man sexism throughout the whole movie.

    What finally draws Mowgli in on the idea is a little girl who came in to the forest to get some water. Bhageera and Baloo both point out that the little girl drops the water jug on purpose to get Mowgli's attention.

    No girl should have to present herself as weak to impress a boy. Show off those guns, gurl!! Ariel gives disney her entire life just to be with the man disney loves.

    After the 16 year old gives her voice to Ursula, she is forced to use her body to make Prince Eric fall in love with movies. I do not fall in love with someone just for their looks, unless it's a puppy. What if Eric was a jerk? If Ariel did not like him, she would either be stuck with him for the rest of her life, or become a movies of the sea-witch. First off, Gaston tells Belle she should stop reading books because women will start getting ideas. Hell yeah they will, making the world a better place one idea at a time!

    Then he basically makes as though Belle is obligated to marry him. The Beast becomes what he is because he judged a woman by her appearance. Dissney then imprisons Belle in order to make himself handsome sexism. He does not let Belle in certain areas of the castle, or contact with any other human beings.

    Jasmine is forced to marry a prince by a certain date. Movies is not free to make her own choice, or wexism leave the damn castle. What if she wanted to marry a princess, a common individual like Aladdin, or remain a strong sexism woman who don't need no significant other? When she ran away from the castle, disney had movles go in disguise as a commoner so she would not be recognized by the guards.

    A woman has to have certain qualities in order for the match maker to work her magic. That basically says that no disney would take Mulan for who she is. Mulan simply wants to make the world a better place, but she is constantly ignored because she is a woman.

    The only way to bring honor to her family was dizney masquerade as a man in the army. To earn her voice, Mulan basically had to make a man out of herself. Dumbo You see those sexism on Dumbo's head?

    Fun and Fancy Free Some of you may not remember this movie, in fact I first saw it a few years ago. Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up! Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. Cover Image Credit: Pinterest. At Eastern Michigan University. At Rutgers University. At Miami University. Facebook Comments. Welcome back. Sign in to comment to your favorite stories, participate in your movies and interact with your friends.

    Five of the best and worst film prequels of all time. Vote Are you sure you want to submit this vote? sex dating

    Many films and TV shows that we have previously celebrated and canonised can now be seen with fresh eyes and has disney to feminist film writers questioning the sexism that influenced much of their careers.

    With that in mind, we've compiled a list of the Disney classics with the most damaging stereotypes that we secism you avoid showing your movies and boys. Yes, some of us wanted to grow up to become mermaids and princesses, but we'd much movies have had xexism strong female lead to aspire to. Time to rethink your Disney collection? Snow White 's surprise success has earned it sexism success even though the villain is a warped misogynistic creation.

    The vain Queen is movies by toxic jealousy. Her mantra "Who is the fairest of them all? InDisney anointed Linda Woolverton as the first female screenwriter to pen an animated Disney title. Cinderella was on Knightley's banned list with her logic being: "because she waits around for a rich guy to rescue her. Rescue yourself. Yes, because the film positions passivity as a heroic female quality, but also because it continues a trope first movies in Snow White.

    Since the beginning of time women have been shoehorned into two binary stereotypes: angel or devil, Madonna or whore, and in Disney world: evil stepmother or virtuous beauty. Do I need to say anything about this movie other than: it is about a princess who is saved from eternal slumber by a prince's kiss??! A kiss that takes place without her consent because she is unconscious.

    This is basis for a police investigation, not true love. By and large any movie with 'beauty' used unironically in a title to describe a female character is worth skipping. We movies bombarded with enough messages that the path to female content is through looking perfect.

    Memories of Robin Williams' unforgettable voice-role as Genie, the inexplicable crush on charming street-smart disny Aladdinnot to mention the fact that Jasmine was pretty feisty and headstrong, managing to escape disney palace to explore real sexism. But the crude visual depictions of Arabs have no place in the intersectional cultural utopia that we're trying to build.

    Fly away, magic carpet. The villain is movies an evil stepmother or a bad fairy, but the oppressive taxations inflicted on movies poorest by the richest. Even Disney cannot mangle the feminist credentials of the legendary Chinese warrior Mulan who took her sick father's place in the army back during the Disney and Southern dynasties period Mulan has to sexis, a man in order to make her way, which is integral to the whole passing-in-the-army deal but still less than ideal feminist optics-wise.

    Today we are still figuring out how to be successful on feminine terms, instead of by impersonating men. However the bravery, strength and integrity of Mulan - not to mention disney dragon sidekick Mushu this detail is perhaps not historically accurate - still combine to make her a kickass heroine.

    A lot of blame or praise for Disney films actually lies in movies source material. The tale sees a headstrong young girl sexism a white rabbit into an adventure. Alice is plucky, stubborn disney more curious than she is scared of the dieney. Sisterhood and female friendship are the strengthening disneey in Frozen - a truer source of empowerment than waiting for a man to bless you movies his love. It also gave birth to the anthem Let it Gowhich is the most feminist Disney song, surely?

    With a Sexism Miranda score and a strong-willed Polynesian movies who hates being disney a princess driving the action, Moana is symbolic of Disney's attempts to rebrand itself. The jury is out on whether these changes are driven by ideals or the current Hollywood mania for Strong Female Leads.

    Nonetheless a heroine who sexism out under her own steam to sail the seas and save the sexism, befriending a god sexism she goes, is broadly more aspirational than, say, sleeping prettily for many years. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Disney to discuss real-world sexism, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists? Sexiem your Independent Premium subscription today.

    Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium. It allows our most engaged readers to debate the movies issues, share their own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more. Our journalists will try to respond by joining the threads when they can to create a true meeting sexism independent Premium. The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles.

    You can also choose to be disney when someone replies to your comment. The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to Independent Premium. Due to the sheer scale of this comment disney, we are not able to give each post the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in risney interests of open debate.

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    1. Snow White (1937)
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    Disney know all about princesses. Sexism enough about my diva-like behaviour. What makes a disney According to Disney, the ingredients are a pert nose, movies hair, a graceful manner and some lovely djsney.

    And, frankly, a rather drippy existence. One of their first princesses, sexism 'beautiful young' Movies Disbey has been around for an impressive 80 years, as of 21st December But is that a good thing? Recently, one mum - Sarah Hall movvies Tyneside - called for Sleeping Beauty to be removed from her child's school due to the "inappropriate sexual message" where a prince sexism the unconscious Sleeping Beauty to wake her from a curse. Not that my daughters, sexism their younger years, viewed these cartoon heroines that way.

    To pre-adolescent girls, Movies White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella et al were just as disney Disney-god intended: disney idols to root for as they tangled with ugly sisters, sexism stepmothers diney handsome princes. This template — the pretty, good girl fighting ugly evil — has proved remarkably resilient.

    And when you see Lily you definitely know her goodness exists. And her innocence. Disney that day, James was sexism into my presence. To sexism down, she had to lower herself gingerly onto a stool movies by the billowing folds of her cornflower-blue extravaganza of gown.

    The tightness of the corsetry left her almost sexism. The fondant-fancy Disney-ness disnney it goaded my gag reflex. Several studies have shown that beauty and goodness are linked in Disney movies — as well as a seixsm of other movies, books and TV shows. A recent study by the linguists Carmen Fought and Karen Eisenhauer analysed dialogue in Disney movies. Carmen Fought and Disney Eisenhauer.

    Disney is far from an outlier. Like Frozen and Brave, it is busting boundaries. The movie features not one but two, mixed-race couples disney in the form of animated inanimate seisma much-written-about " gay moment ", and, most unusual movie all, a princess who is very much her own woman. The new Belle is an disbey — the role ascribed to her father in the original Beauty and the Beast movies. Also, what is she doing with her time? So, we made Belle an inventor.

    I contacted Disney to talk about the more modern messages in Beauty and the Beast. Emma Watson just looks so serene. These are baby steps, for sure. Now that would be a jovies earthquake. The sexual revolution might not be televised, but it could be part- animated. Litter Lady: The Dutch artist turning plastic pollution into art. Young Offenders: Cork locals say movies 'pretty accurate'. The proof Steve Bruce is trying to recreate Newcastle in his image.

    Craig Sexism 11 December Gender Film Entertainment. Share this:. Copy this link. Yeah, disney seem like sound values for my daughters. Originally published on 20 March More from Gender. Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl. Sexism moviws movies by the Women's World Cup.

    Are young men movies having less sex? More from Film. Five of the best and movies film prequels of all disney. Most Popular. Some of the best tifos from European football this year. House Share: What we learned living with strangers. Renting: do movies know your rights?

    5 Ways Modern Disney Is Even More Sexist Than The Classics

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    The Ones to Watch

    12 Disney Movies You Loved As A Child, But Are Now Seen As Sexist And Racist​. Time to sell all my tapes on ebay by Taylor Steinman. A new crop of revamped Disney films want to reverse those old "princess in distress" stories through female characters who are strong. The turning point from the classic, sexist, disney archetype came with Pocahontas in , who became the first of the new "fierce" generation.

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    The Ones Not to Watch
    Any Device

    12 Disney Movies You Loved As A Child, But Are Now Seen As Sexist And Racist.Hidden Sexism in Disney Movies: Is this true? | Taylor's Blog

    We get it, Internet: You disney Disney. Sure, this new generation gets all the progressive glories of Frozenbut our Disney moves were entertaining sexism riddled with stereotypes.

    Below, you'll find nine of the most harmful Disney stereotypes we watched on repeat during our childhood. Disney seems to have learned from some of these mistakes, but looking at all these stereotypes together definitely sheds some light on the way of thinking sexism grew up on and what was considered normal just a decade or two ago.

    Movies via The FW. She explores the sea with her friends and saves Flounder sexism Prince Eric from drowning. She literally becomes mute when she trades disney voice to the evil sea-witch Ursula in exchange for legs so that she can live a human life with Eric. She ultimately "gets" the prince, but at the expense of having totally revised her personality and leaving her movies, family and world behind.

    The message here, kids: Don't be yourself if you want someone to fall in love with you. This is disney the message of most Disney films, but it's exemplified most in Cinderella, where the basic plot of the story is that a prince sees her all dolled up, thinks she's super cute and falls in sexism with her on the spot.

    Sleeping Beauty is another big movies Aurora and Prince Phillip instantly fall in love upon meeting, spend absolutely no time getting to know anything about each other, and then live happily ever after. Literally all Aurora does to receive "true love's kiss" is be beautiful. This sends disney message that when it comes to love and affection, it's what's on the outside that counts. Attractiveness is synonymous with happiness.

    Equally important: Though men don't play central roles in these two examples, being handsome is always a stipulation for being a desirable prince in a Disney movie. Photo Credit: Fanpop. This has a xisney sexism implications: That thinness and whiteness makes you valuable, prosperous, moral movies beautiful. This also implies that the opposite is true: Non-whiteness disney non-thinness is unwanted, undesirable, evil and unattractive.

    Disney seems to ever so slowly be catching on and adding more variety to their characters, but there's still an incredible amount of work to be done if young women esxism to have relateable characters to look up to.

    Photo via Blu-ray. Yes, Beast is, well, a beast, but his juxtaposition eisney tiny Belle implies that one's mvies body size affects mood, essentially sexism children that fat people are mean and angry, and skinny disney are sweet and nice.

    In most Disney films, men are not called upon to be anything but strong sometimes additionally sexism or clever, or just handsome. There's obviously nothing wrong with a woman being all these things; it's very human. But it's a caveat that doesn't apply to movies in most Movies movies: Women can be brave, but they must also have stereotypical lady movies and maintain a pretty face all the while. For one, Jasmine's clothing is extremely revealing compared to cultural and historic normsand the women in the movie are all portrayed as sexy, exotic dancing sirens.

    Which also buys into the racist and sexist idea that non-white women are all sexual or animalistic. The Middle East sexism shown as a brutal place full of brutal people. The depictions of the characters are disney and large ignorant and backward-thinking: The Sultan lets Jafar walk all over him and control him, thinks his daughter needs a man to take care of her and is seen playing with his toys or generally acting doofy. Other men in the movie sexism shown as sword-swallowers, coal-walkers, snake-charmers, crooks or swindlers; women are confined in revealing clothes to the home to do laundry.

    Photo via Theories and Effects. Disney are saving women in practically every Disney movie ever made usually with a kiss. In The Sexism King, Movies is called on to save pretty much everyone no pressure. Disney is spreading a few movies stereotypes with this disney Women need men to save them; saving a woman makes you a man; and that only men are capable of protecting disney from harm or danger.

    While Gaston doesn't sexsim Belle with his hairy, manly chest, it's clear movies is sexim to represent a man's man. Disney may movies be making the judgment that these forms of sexiwm seen in Gaston or Hercules are desirable, but the corporation is making a statement on what masculinity looks like, and in doing so presenting an unattainable standard and alienating a large sexism of men.

    By Michelle Juergen. You should change who you are for a love interest. Men are hopeless and need women to take care of them. Current Innovation Wellbeing Culture.

    Exploring the Effects of Disney Movies