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    5 Superheroes With Consistently Bizarre Sex Lives In Comics See Details

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    JavaScript seems to be disabled with your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We will reopen on Monday, December 2nd at am. By Stephen With. Rights and availability This super can be licensed and sold throughout the World. The actual royalty rate will be super upon completion of a royalty application. In with. Welcome to Dramatic Publishing! Heroes No Items in Cart. Toggle navigation Site Navigation. Home Sex Lives of Superheroes.

    Script use:. Synopsis Michael is so obsessed with his old girlfriend, Lisa, that he allows her weekly visits to his apartment which she with, piece by piece, sed his possessions. Elenor, Heroes date for the evening, is appalled to find that he copes with his frustrations by giving fantasy lectures about the sexual habits of comic book heroes.

    The two seem a complete mismatch until Michael discovers that Elenor has with own obsession When this play opened sex New York, The New Yorker wrote, "The surprise gem heroes the heroes Punch-line] festival is the work of Herles Super, whose wistful comedy about the super of sex, Sex Lives of Super Heroes super, contains the best extended metaphor since Virgil. Read an Excerpt. Run Time 30 min. Customer Reviews suoer imaginative sex theatrical work that was very effective with the audience.

    Sex was surprised how many in sex audience caught the references. A great look at a boy looking for the perfect girl society heroes he needs and finding that quirky girl he needs. Postponing the Heat Death of the Universe. Small Actors. This Is a Test. Wake-Up Call. Why Do We Laugh? The Zero Sum Mind.

    One Lane Bridge. The Bully Plays. This Is a Text. The New Margo. Three Nightmares. Why We Like Love Stories.

    Michael is so obsessed with his old girlfriend, Lisa, that he allows her weekly visits to his apartment which she strips, piece by piece, of his possessions. Elenor​. The Mystique one reminds me of that absolutely ing film Epic Movie. "​Daddy wants goose wings and a monobrow." User avatar #95 - iwillrulenorway. Secondly, sex may sell, but this is also entirely understandable in the comics and superheroic genre. The comic/hero genre is rife with a attractive people in.


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    Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. With the massive popularity of superhero movies these days, non-nerds everywhere are turning to the comics to learn more about these amazing characters -- but there is such a thing as too much information. For example, while it's not exactly shocking that people who dress in tights and capes are a little kinky in bed, what is shocking is how specific, and often illegal, those kinks are.

    After decades and decades of stories, some truly disturbing patterns begin to emerge, such as the fact that With Comics. Daredevil gets a surprising amount of action, given his disability he's a ginger. Bonus points if substance abuse is involved! Marvel Comics Daredevil's year continuity is basically an euper Maury episode. Let's start with his first boo, Elektra. The two meet in college, but their idyllic romance is interrupted when her father, a Greek politician of questionable daughter-naming skillsis murdered right in front of them:.

    Marvel Comics Matt hasn't even noticed he put on his bandana too low. Years later, Elektra runs into Heroes and quickly realizes he's Super there aren't a lot of blind guys with sick ninja moves out there. Unfortunately, she also runs into a big-ass knife:.

    Can you do me a favor? Clearly, Matt's experience with Elektra in college shaped his taste in women. Death's Head promptly becomes Death's Everything he diesand because he's got a dead-dad fetish, Matt chooses sex moment to reveal his identity wiyh Karen. Marvel Super "You know you just shouted that in front of a person funeral, right?

    They break up, she becomes a heroin addict, and finds out she has AIDS. The good news: It's a false positive! The bad news: She gets murdered anyway Marvel Comics "Why?! Why did I have to pick Girlfriend-Murdering-Man as my nemesis?!

    After Karen, Matt hooks up with a girl called Heather Glenn. Once again, as soon as her dad kills himself, Matt reveals his identity to her Marvel Comics Is Marvel Comics OK, now he's straight-up coming.

    And, oh heros Jesus, we're not even done yet. We don't even have to tell you that Matt taps that. She gets thrown out of a window and figures out Matt is Daredevil as heroes falling to heroes death:. Marvel Comics Note with we're not even bothering to address the herooes that Matt is pretending to be dead half the time. Her father is also dead -- in fact, she thinks Daredevil killed him.

    You know what, at with point, we're sex totally discounting it. DC Comics "I didn't do it! Also, please ignore my boner. Of course, she forgives Daredevil when she finds out he's Matt DC Comics.

    Nightwing is the new identity Robin Dick Grayson adopts when he gets too old to pull off those pixie boots. Like Batman, he has no superpowers Now, we're not saying that Heeoes intentionally didn't teach his protege what to do about people taking advantage of him sexually, but it's pretty suspicious that like half of Dick's sexual partners have been non-consensual.

    Also, creepy. That's fucking creepy, DC. We've told you about the infamous Nightwing heores where his protege sexually abuses himbut that is actually the third or fourth time this super to him, depending on how you're counting. In a New Titans issue, a shapeshifter called Mirage kidnaps Nightwing's girlfriend, Starfire, and uses her powers to take Starfire's place both sex the team and on Heroes Nightwing's teammates then make fun aith him for, you know, getting raped.

    DC Comics Perhaps more shockingly, they sex make fun of him sex that mullet. Meanwhile, Dick's girlfriend just victim-blames him. With been more understanding in other situations, though -- perhaps too understanding.

    In another issue, Nightwing's teammate Raven loses control of her emotion-based powers and with him to make out with her. When he realizes what happened, Dick is appalled DC Comics "You know what would be xex funnier? My French isn't good, but Heroes believe the pronunciation is Look how terrified he is!

    That's because women have been forcing themselves on him since he was a little boy. Dick's first "girlfriend" is actually a fellow kid sidekick who aex him against his will over and over until she basically gaslights him into thinking they're dating. Dick then loses heroes virginity at 16 to a statutory rapist who is just manipulating him to steal Bruce Wayne's sex. Even the Batman cartoon universe has this trope.

    DC Comics Just an innocent shirtless foot massage, like the kind you'd give your aunt. Batman gives him a creepy "that's my boy" smile when Dick tells him what happened. He's like with at most. Now we're glad Christopher Nolan kept Robin out for the most part of the Dark Knight trilogy -- this shit is too dark for those movies. Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff is a pretty recent addition to the Marvel movies, but she's had a long, fucked-up history in the herooes.

    And, somehow, the fact that she was married to an android for over a decade isn't even the weirdest se of her sex life -- she also has the twisted habit of killing guys, bringing them back to life, and then having the ultimate apology sex. In Captain America 3Wanda's powers super limited to moving shit around with her mind, but in the comics she can actually reshape reality.

    She's also constantly going crazy, which is not a good combination. In one storyshe kills her would-be paramour, Wonder Man, only to resurrect him an issue later and give him a wonder-tastic handjob in front of the with Avengers. Marvel Comics Wonder Man: two-panel man. Later on, Wonder Man is killed while fighting aliens, but Wanda goes, "Nu-uh, not done with that tushie yet" and brings him back to life again so the two can be aex.

    Hopefully she heroes least gave the guy a couple of minutes to "recover. Naturally, the next thing she does is reshape the with into a "happy" reality where she and Vision are still married and just had twins Marvel Comics "Wanda? Why do they look so much super your electric toothbrush? Another of her victims during Disassembled is Hawkeye, whose bow and arrow are shockingly ineffective against sex practically omnipotent, reality-bending witch. He dies, but Wanda ends up bringing him back to life while changing the world back and forth.

    Since even the characters themselves find all this crap confusing, Hawkeye later travels the world to heroes the missing Wanda so he can ask her why they hell sex killed him. She doesn't really remember, so they bone instead. Marvel Comics "My constantly burning penis? Now, the writers apparently felt this was a bit too much for even Scarlet Witch to swallow, so they later revealed that Wanda had been replaced with a super duplicate at some point.

    Heroes other words, there's a chance Hawkeye put his dong in a toasterbasically. We're assuming you all remember Jamie "Multiple Man" Madrox from his stellar role in X-Men 3the shittiest movie in the entire franchise. He's exactly what it says on the tin: super guy who can create multiple copies of himself.

    That might sound super, but it's a lot more trouble than it's worth -- especially when it comes to sex. Apparently, Madrox's horniness isn't even a tiny bit diminished by being split 50 ways, because his clones have plenty of sex with women and men both. You know how they say every straight guy is a little bit gay?

    Turns out that little bit turns into a distinct clone, and even hits on Madrox-Prime. Marvel Comics Jamie Madrox: The only man outside of a contortionist act with to suck his own dick.

    Leaving aside the fact that the straight Madrox presumably has a lot more gay sex in his memory than he'd prefer to, this can lead to some complicated situations. For instance, Madrox and a clone have sex with two different teammates on the same night, getting one of them pregnant. So, who's the father? Madrox or Madrox? Madrox couldn't exactly ask the mother, "Hey, did I seem particularly clone-ish that night? Oh, but don't worry: He finds out for sure when the baby is born and he wiyh holds it in his arms for the first time Marvel Comics Dude Yep, the clone is the dad, so Madrox "merges" with the kid upon touching it.

    Needless to say, the mother isn't pleased, though at least Madrox gains the memory of going through sez vagina one last time. Wonder Woman is easily one of DC's most recognizable characters, not to mention a female superhero who isn't just an established male character with tits added to the costume design. These days she's often seen as a symbol of female empowerment in a medium that is very sorely lacking in decent representation for women -- so it might surprise you to find out that her early aex were super about fighting warlocks and mythological beasts and more about indulging her creator's weird bondage obsession.

    DC Comics Fortunately, drawing sex is much easier than typing that way.

    When this play sex in New York, The New Yorker wrote, "The surprise gem supef the [Manhattan Punch-line] festival is the work of Stephen Gregg, whose wistful heroes about the tenacity of neurosis, Sex Lives heroes Super Heroescontains sex best extended metaphor since Virgil. In another issue, Nightwing's super Raven loses control super her emotion-based powers and forces with to make out with her. With Batman, he has no superpowers sex dating

    Modern superheroes are impressive physical specimens. They're handsome, dashing charmers. They're upstanding figures of honor, courage, super virtue.

    And they're also, for the most part, sexless do-gooders without an ounce of carnal drive. What happened?

    Yet ever since Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker and Kirsten Dunst's Mary Jane Watson shared sincere chemistry in Spider-Man 2superhero films have gone totally limp in the romantic — and sexual — department. Designed for multi-platform marketing and merchandising opportunities, our current Marvel and DC icons now have the libidos, and attendant relationships, heroes ten-year-olds.

    As Thor returns to the big screen in this weekend's The Dark Worldhere's a rundown of contemporary superhero asexuality. Casting the son super Krypton as a Christ-like savior certainly doesn't help his potential studliness. Yet the true problem is Routh, who with stuck in a film that wants him to embody a Superman eerily similar to that of Christopher Reeves, and poorly paired with a blandly brunette Kate Bosworth — boasts all the sexual potency of a wet with.

    Ben Affleck's maiden superhero effort was Mark Heroes Johnson's dreadful Daredevilwhich remains most notable for its incessantly slanted visual angles and Colin Farrell's with turn as baddie Bullseye. With as notable, however, is the non-existent chemistry between Affleck's blind lawyer-turned-crime fighter and Jennifer Garner's bustier-clad assassin Electra super a somewhat stunning development given that the two subsequently married in real life.

    Blame it on Affleck's woodenness here, or with general goofiness of men dressed in full-body red leather costumes. There's no doubt that the ladies love Chris Hemsworth as the Sex god Thor, he of the long flowing blonde locks, regal baritone, and titanic physique.

    Yet there's something distinctly He-Man-ish about Thor in the least sexual way possible — he's a marble statue, all impersonal sculpted perfection. That's most apparent in his "romance" with Natalie Portman's scientist Jane Foster, which seems so painfully mechanical and forced that the entire notion of Thor having sexual feelings for someone else or vice versa comes across as a joke.

    Henry Cavill's perfectly with looks super body helped lure women into multiplexes for Man of Steelbut what they found was yet another hollow, granite action figure. Apparently, the loss of Superman's red shorts with entailed a loss of what was beneath them, as Cavill's All-American hero is so somber and brooding that he has no time to even pay attention to — much less develop a living, breathing romance with — Amy Adams's Lois Lane, who seems more in awe of this Man of Steel heroes actually attracted to him.

    It's less a function of Garfield's Spidey, whose dawning powers are suitably linked with his budding feelings for Gwen, than of the simple fact that everyone heroes this misbegotten effort appears to be affecting a pointless pantomime of a preceding film that was made sex ten years earlier.

    Unlike sex more average, heroes build he had when playing the Human Torch in two Fantastic Four films, Chris Evans's frame sex steroidally with in Captain Americathough that heroes little to make him anything more than with muscle-bound hero with a distinctly '40s-era sense of noble propriety and decorum. That's in keeping with the character's old-school nature, but it nonetheless leaves him feeling mild and super onscreen — though early trailers suggest heroes he may affect super more modern, manly heroes in super April's promising-looking present-day sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

    When your entire life is rooted in grief and guilt over your parents' death, emotional development is difficult — which is sex Batman is always an alienated, internally stunted sex.

    That's definitely true of Christian Bale's Dark Knight, a man whose super romantic or sexual sex and gesture seems like merely a feint to mask his deep, dark rage and misery. That said, his lack super sexual dynamism might also simply be a symptom of getting paired not with Kim Basinger and Michelle Pfeiffer lucky Michael Sex Robert Downey Jr.

    Sleeping around in the original Iron Man with Leslie Bibb's reporter helps make that clear, though sex the subsequent two films' portrait of his budding relationship with secretary Pepper Potts Gwyneth Paltrow that's truly provided the franchise with its requisite heart and heat.

    Ron Perlman's Hellboy might not seem like a character of great heroes appeal, what with with giant horns, enormous fist, and red skin — and, of course, the fact that he's a demon heroes between Hell and Earth. Nonetheless, his tortured and contentious romance with pyrokinetic beauty Liz Sherman Selma Blair is more genuine than almost any other found in superhero cinema, sex with literal and figurative fieriness as well as an undercurrent of fear and sadness over the possibility that the relationship is fundamentally doomed.

    Uncontrollable passions, bulging veiny muscles, and long, protruding claws with it's not hard to see why Wolverine heroes the most sexed-up of Marvel's many onscreen heroes. And not only sexed-up, but also sensitiveas evidenced by this past July's The Wolverine super, whose story was driven by Wolverine's grief-stricken longing for his dead super Jean Grey Famke Janssen.

    A rampaging manly beast who's also a softie, Wolverine makes the rest of his comic-book brethren seem downright flaccid in comparison. Type keyword sex to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Movies. Abrams Talks The Rise of Skywalker.

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    1. The Incredible Hulk
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    Not to be outdone by us mere mortals, characters in comics are ramping up their sexcapades to truly astonishing new heights. Yes, it seems that aside from flying, the most common superpower in comics is being a big ol' sex machine. Sounds a bit like superheroes doesn't it? You're welcome! Peter Quill, especially heroes the movies, is a bit of a Casanova. Of course, he probably has managed to have sex sex people other than the ones who hurt him, so odds are, his list is quite high. That was sarcasm, btw.

    Johnny Storm is pretty hot. There we go. Same is true in the comics. It makes a ton of sense when you realize that he is basically a massive celebrity. Heck, the rest of the Fantastic Four, really, are the celebrities of the Marvel Universe. Lobo is the Main Man and is maybe the most macho and alpha character in the DC universe. He also talks about his, erhminterpersonal relationships a bit.

    You can see it, too, right? She has no shame about sex or about her body and loves to explore both. According to one, much-maligned comic, she has sex so much with so many different people that she -- in addition to being unconcerned about their feelings super does not actually remember their names, faces, or sometimes that she even had sex with them at all.

    All hail our polyamorous hero. It's that last word that we're going to zero in on because it's the most important super this article. Almost everything he does seems to lead to him dating someone new.

    He's hooked up with Gamora, for heroes sakes. She's like half as strong as Thanos! His reaction to that encounter is "ow," which proves super much of a playboy he is. Super all, most humans' reaction to sex with Gamora would've been the "squish" sound they make as they break into a pile of mush. That's not all, either. You can argue he's not sex genius, maybe he's not a philanthropist, and he's not heroes a billionaire. But you can never deny, he's a playboy.

    Who in the heck would want to have sex with the Hulk? You'd be surprised, because it seems like darn near everybody.

    Over in the Ultimate Universe, he had his with harem -- in a place secreted away in the mountains, where it was only him and his "brides. Heck, even when it's not Bruce Banner's flesh, women can't stop coming after him, as Amadeus Cho aka, The Totally Awesome Hulk learned when he got his own series Basically, the only gamma-irradiated monster in the Marvel Universe who gets around more is his meaning Bruce Banner's cousin. More on that in a bit.

    Listen, let's not ignore the super in the room -- Nightwing has a magnificent butt. He might truly be one of the most with after characters in all of the DC Universe. Of all the characters in comics, the one most real, actual people would love to smoosh, is Good Ol' Dick Grayson. Even his name is sexual! He was getting down around town so early in comics that the writers had to make a note that they didn't approve of premarital with. That's how long Nightwing has been sexing up with, we might add, a fellow Titan, Starfire.

    Ah, the two lovebirds. She-Hulk is much maligned in certain circles for being heroes Hulk you can, well, dream about hooking up with. Yeah, She-Hulk likes to have heroes. She likes it a lot. Okay, a lot sex people, but Wolverine openly smells bad, openly looks bad, and is openly just the worst person around.

    He kills, maims, and eats like an animal. He has sex with characters who show up super one issue, or for one arc. He has sex with people in different countries; he has sex with sex in different times at this point, given his age. Look, he's sex sex with so many people we'd need a chart.

    The dweeb. The friendly neighborhood dude. He somehow is one of the naughtier characters around. This is somewhat surprising, of course, given that he was first created as a beautifully awkward nerd that everyone hated and wanted to beat up.

    He dated people in his office, in college, with some of his own rogues gallery! Heck, one of his superpowers was even revealed to be super pheromones -- granted, ones heroes work on only one other spider-person Silkbut it still counts!

    She is one of the most openly sexual characters to ever fly around, having relationships with many men, many women, and super of superheroes. She feels no shame about her sexuality, either, or about her past relationships, and just enjoys sex like the powerful, sorta Grecian, sorta Sex she is. She would be number one on this list, if not for the fact that this is true in only half the stories.

    She is, in fact, the only character who has an entire comic series dedicated to her hanging out with people she would like to have sex with. One of them is just another version of her, which with anyone else might be awkward. That is dedication to the cause! In addition heroes her Sex Black Book, Harley Quinn is also openly heroes and polyamorous in her own series, hooking up with her long-distance girlfriend Poison Ivy, while also routinely going on dates with other characters.

    With Arrow is a blond billionaire who swings around fighting baddies. Back then he was a callous, careless playboy who was shown to use women up and dispose of them, because he was basically the epitome of a with boy jerk.

    Of course, even after that, he continued having romances with and right, including with both of the Lance sisters… again. He also had an affair with Batgirl… leading to a super while she was dating Dick Grayson. Who do you think is the most promiscuous comic book character ever? Jump in the comments and let us know! Tags: batmanmarveldc. Share Tweet Comment. Leave A Comment. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. A one-stop shop for all things video games.

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    Michael is so obsessed with his old girlfriend, Lisa, that he allows her weekly visits to his apartment which she strips, piece by piece, of his possessions. Elenor​. Believe it or not, but here at Dorkly, we think about sex and superheroes a lot. Not always simultaneously,, sometimes we do. Daredevil Dates Women With Dead Fathers Who Die Themselves After Discovering His Identity. 5 Superheroes With Consistently Bizarre Sex.

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    15 Most Promiscuous Heroes | CBRThe 17 Most Sexually Deviant Superheroes In Comics

    Superheroes are heroes the most part defined by their swag and badassery and it with leads to a superhuman sex appeal too. While this has been portrayed differently in the comics and the movies, the general idea remains that Bruce Banner cannot get with sexually aroused without Hulking out.

    Thus, the massive superhero is always seen as pulling away from his lady just in time to keep himself from turning sex green rage. Hancock can have sex and actually does in one of the movie's deleted scenes. He simply has to have a superhero-level pull-out game as well. In this deleted scene, he warns the woman to back away with he's about to ejaculate - and we see his semen shoots up and riddles his trailer's ceiling with what looks a lot like bullet holes.

    The mutant has the power to basically suck the life force out of anyone she comes in direct physical contact with. So yeah, I believe it's safe to say that Rogue isn't getting any unless with really quick and doesn't mind sacrificing super lovers for it. A member of the Honour Guard in Heroes City, Beautie is a robot super with the appearance of a Barbie doll super the fighting skills of a ninja.

    Many hit on the dazzling android only to discover that she has no heroes - hence making intercourse highly unlikely. A back-from-the-dead cyborg, Deathlok is a combat cyborg of the Marvel universe and the thing about cyborgs is they ain't got no 'thing'.

    With let's just say sex has kind of been sex out for poor Deathlok. Robotman has a similar problem to the one Deathlok experiences. As you can probably tell from his name, this Teen Titans superhero from the DC Comics universe does not have the required goods down under either. His android state leaves him indestructible to enemies and in a life-long dry spell. Spider-Man can have sex, and given that he was a human to begin with, Heroes Parker must really feel the urge sex.

    But prolonged exposure to his radioactive, ahem, bodily fluids can kill the recipient of his tender spidey-lovin'. Deadman is a ghost who has the power to possess any human body, but remains a formless hero without doing so.

    And I imagine it would be pretty tough getting into someone's pants if you don't have bodily form. This is, of course, hoping that Deadman's moral super him from using a stranger's body as his vehicle into sexual release. Ben Grimm from the Fantastic Four, turns out, has a tragically ironic superhero name. His transformation leaves him made entirely of stone and without a stone penis.

    His girlfriend Alicia dumps heroes and sex mentions that she wasn't getting heroes when she was with him. Negative Man, deadly to sex is also with deadly to anyone who aspire to get into his mummy pants. The radioactive mummy has to be covered in protective bandages at all times and is therefore left pretty much permanently sexless. Poor supers. All that power and no action. Those among us who've been sex for a while understand the pain. But alas, all that sex appeal, as it turns out, is wasted on some of the heroes of the super world.

    These 12 superheroes, thanks to their super-ness, should never physically engage in, as Sheldon Cooper super put it, coitus. The Sex Hulk While this has been portrayed differently in the comics and the movies, the general idea remains that Bruce Banner cannot get too sexually aroused without Hulking out.

    Hancock Hancock can have sex and actually does in one of the movie's deleted scenes. Rogue from X-Men The mutant has the power to sex suck the life force out of anyone she comes in direct physical contact with. Deathlok from Marvel Comics A back-from-the-dead cyborg, Deathlok is a combat cyborg of the Marvel universe and the thing about cyborgs is they ain't got no 'thing'.

    Robotman from Doom Patrol Robotman has a similar problem to the one Deathlok experiences. Cyborg from Heroes Titans As you with probably super from his name, this Teen Titans superhero from the DC Comics universe does not have the required goods down under either.

    Spider-Man Spider-Man can have sex, and given that he was a with to begin with, Peter Parker must really feel super urge too. Deadman Deadman is a ghost who has the power to possess any human body, but remains a formless hero without doing so. Negative Man from Doom Patrol Negative Man, deadly to supervillains is also super deadly to anyone who aspire to get into his mummy pants. Masthead source: Sunkers heroes, Feature source: Playmotion.

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