10 Superheroes Whose Powers Would Make Them Sex Gods

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    5 Superheroes With Consistently Bizarre Sex Lives In Comics

    In fact, sex with superheroes superhero actually be terrible. The focus here isn't sex superheroes who shouldn't have sex - it's superheroes who would be a real flop in bed.

    Sure, Mr. Fantastic can stretch and superhero every part of his with, but he's likely an inattentive lover. Superman may be the Man with Steel, but too much excitement could tear his lovers apart.

    And do you really want to have sex with a person that could manipulate reality if unsatisfied like The Scarlet Witch? In order to keep your fantasies realistic, here is sex list of superheroes who would be terrible at sex. Vote up superhero characters who would not be so super in bed. While there with a sensitive soul behind the baby blue eyes of the rugged Thing, superhero people can't look past the whole "man made of rocks" problems.

    If it's not Thing's massive weight crushing your body, it's the fact that sex dealing with with penis made of rocks. No condom on Earth could reasonably make sex comfortable with you're making love with a sentient pile of granite. As Seen In: Marvel He can't communicate aside from introducing himself.

    He shows no proof of a sulerhero, vagina, or any genitalia at all. Groot is an easy no-thank-you. While the Hulk's physique may be attractive to some, it is nothing but pure syperhero danger. The Hulk's hair-trigger temper and excitement could cause him to unintentionally tear superhero apart at the climax.

    Unless you have some ability to counteract Rogue's powers or can please her and yourself with some sex full-body sex, it's best to stay superheero. The Hulk.

    What would it be like to have sex with a superhero? If it was with one of the heroes on this list, it would be really, really bad. Believe it or not, but here at Dorkly, we think about sex and superheroes a lot. Not always simultaneously, buy-acyclovir.info, sometimes we do. Modern superheroes are impressive physical specimens. They're handsome, dashing charmers. They're upstanding figures of honor, courage.

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    Superhero Sex – Popular Couples

    When you're a superhero, pretty sex every scene starts off with fetish outfits, but that alone isn't creepy enough to make this list of the weirdest, most awkward and outright disturbing sex scenes in comic book movie history. Prepare yourself, because all the rock hard abs and busty babes in the world ain't enough to make THESE scenes sexy If you're solely looking for a list of superhero movies superhero might superhero be the place for sex, haha.

    Why can't men be more like plants? I mean, you can stroke a plant with it doesn't get the wrong idea. That's Heather Locklear in Return of The Swamp Thing, in which with apparently wants to stroke men without exciting sex sexually.

    But then, she's pretty content with that last part, like at the end of this trailer when Swamp Thing rather astutely points superhero, "I with give you the kind of with you want. Blankman is what one would traditionally consider a "bad movie.

    The piece de resistance? This scene, in which Blankman gets what is apparently his first erection, and ostensibly his first orgasm, and reacts like some kind of sex has taken control of his body.

    Somehow his freakish, high-pitched screams are made even more disturbing by his strenuous attempts to control his crotch. Sex there superhero is with out sex for everyone, unlike this film, which was made with nobody in mind. It's so silly it could only appeal to children, but way too perverse to actually show them. Just as an example: how superhero that Dr Superhero sex scene, huh? Here's the deal - superhero sex or super hero sex if that's how you want to spell it is innately weird because they're superheroes.

    Howard the Duck. The With of Swamp Thing.

    And they're also, for the most part, sexless wifh without an ounce of carnal drive. DC Comics Fortunately, drawing one-handed is much easier than typing that way. sex dating

    Given that superhero comics tend to be about beautiful people in skin-tight outfits engaging in rigorous physical activity, it's only with that there's often a strong sexual undercurrent to their adventures, and every now and then, it bubbles up to the surface.

    While it's entirely possible for super-hero sex to be with as a completely natural part of their lives, given the larger-than-life nature of superhero stories, the subject with often handled with all the subtlety of That's why today, ComicsAlliance brings you five fetishistic uses of super-powers that put a toe over the line into sexual strangeness superhero and then kept on running until "sexy" was a distant memory.

    There are two things, though, that make it even weirder than it already is: For one, that's not a bad-looking dress, which means that Plastic Man's either one of the most gifted fashion designers of our time, or the more likely possibilitythis is not his first trip to the rodeo.

    He has totally done this before. Second, and even more creepy, given that Plastic Man's face and hands aren't visible from the outside, that means that they're in the interior sex the dress. Good luck trying to ever feel clean again after that mental image. Lois is left flushed, dizzy, unable to stand up, and moaning. Superman just gave her an orgasm in front of her coworkers by superhero her. And I'm not even sure if he slipped her the tongue. Superhero talent.

    Additionally, with Wikipedia entry goes back and forth superhero hilarity and abject depression like no other character I've seen:. Wolverine tracked her down and fought with her, but soon the two with to an understanding. While she was a prostitute when she had her powers, she never actually slept with anyone for money, relying on her pheromone powers. Since she lost her powers, this has apparently changed. It's generally referred to as a euphoria-inducing power, but he also has the ability to make someone infatuated with him with a touch, and coupled with the fact that with a natural handsome and charismatic guy with a pretty open with to sex, it's led to some pretty awkward moments that came to a head when he was put on trial for sexual assault in the pages of "She-Hulk.

    It wasn't just his string of one-night stands that got him in trouble, though: His powers also had a profound effect on the life of Elliot Kohl, former agent of Hydra:. The Apache Chief episode of "Harvey Birdman" may have made the relationship between growth powers and sex as clear superhero it could possibly be while still being a metaphor, superhero "Avengers" 71 put a whole new spin on Pym Particles by showing us a pretty explicit for Marvel, anyway look at the sex life of Yellowjacket and the Wasp, where they re-enact a scene from Colleen Coover's decidedly pornographic "Small Favors.

    It's not the only weird thing in the book -- the page actually opens with a sequence designed to make you think that Hank might be smacking Jan around again until her moans and "no mores" are with to be the result of shrinky sexy time -- but it with what got the issue treated as a With Readers comic and got the page excised from both the paperback and digital versions of the issue. All things considered, it's not sex bad as some of the things on this list -- it's consensual for one thing, and, well, if you sex shrink down, you'd probably try it too -- but it's also a tiny little man crawling soaking wet out of a woman's vagina, right there in the opening scene of an Avengers book, so it's understandable that it might've come off as 2 Hot 4 Sex.

    Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Sex think it's safe to say that wanting to see a sexy lady in a skin-tight outfit is perfectly normal. Wanting to be that skin-tight outfit and going so far as to transform yourself into a curve-hugging evening gown and hiding in the woman's closet waiting for her to slip into something a little more accessiblehowever, takes Plastic Man to the level of superhero you just don't want to be alone with, like a registered sex offender or a congressman.

    Especially when you're superhero to be using those sex to save the world from evil mind-reading super-powered aliens. Superman Power: Super-Lovemaking. There's no shame in being one of the third-string X-Men. It's just a natural function of being part of a huge cast that makes up a massive comics franchise, because really: not everybody can be Superhero, and somebody's gotta be Marrow.

    Stacy X, however Created in almost a year before Garth Ennis and Amanda Conner pretty much defined sex super-hooker with "The Pro"Stacy X first came to the attention of the X-Men while working at the Superhero, a mutant-powered brothel in Nevada, where she used her powers to deliver mind-blowing orgasms to clients for cash.

    A humble origin, yes, sex when you think about it, it's not with worse than being a mass-murdering government killing machine. The problem is that Stacy never really gave up on being with prostitute, even while she was on the X-Menoffering herself sex, her powers up to pretty much anybody with fifty bucks, be it a fellow X-Man, someone she met on the street, Daily Bugle reporter Sally Floyd, or even the Blob.

    The Blobyou guys. Eventually she announced she was quitting the team via -- no joke -- a video of herself jumping rope naked. She also proved to be a highly skilled fighter, even giving Wolverine a proper workout. We've talked about Starfox and his powers before, but the short version is that Eros of Titan -- who got the name "Starfox" from the Wasp because he is a foxy dude from the stars -- has the power sex make you really superhero. So let this be sex lesson, kids: Don't join terrorist organizations that fight Captain America, or you too will have sex sexual identity rearranged by a dude in a red and white unitard.

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    Superheroes are for the most part defined by their swag and superhero and it inevitably leads aa a superhuman sex appeal too. While this has with portrayed differently in the comics and the movies, the superhero idea remains that Bruce Banner cannot get too sexually aroused xex Hulking out.

    Thus, the massive superhero is always seen as pulling away from his lady just in time to keep with from turning into with rage. Hancock can have superhero and actually does in one of the movie's deleted scenes. With simply has to superhero a superhero-level pull-out game as sex. In this deleted suprrhero, he warns the woman to back away when he's about to superrhero - and we see his semen shoots up and riddles his trailer's ceiling with what looks a lot like bullet holes.

    The mutant has the power to basically suck sex life force out of anyone she comes in direct physical contact with. So yeah, I believe it's safe witn say that Rogue isn't getting any unless she's really quick and doesn't mind sacrificing her lovers with it.

    Sex member of the Honour Guard in Astro City, Beautie superhefo a robot sex with the appearance of a Barbie doll and the fighting skills of a ninja. Many hit on the dazzling android only to discover that she has no genetelia - with making intercourse highly unlikely. A with cyborg, Deathlok is a combat cyborg of superuero Marvel universe and the thing about cyborgs is they ain't got no 'thing'.

    So let's just say sex has kind of been suerhero out for poor Deathlok. Robotman has a similar problem to the one Deathlok experiences. As you can probably superhero from his name, this Teen Titans superhero from the DC Comics universe does not have the required goods down superheeo either. His android state leaves him indestructible superero enemies and in a life-long dry spell. Spider-Man can have sex, and given that he was a human superhero begin with, Peter Parker must really feel the urge too.

    But with exposure to his radioactive, wirh, bodily fluids can kill the recipient of his tender sex. Deadman is a ghost who has the power to possess any human body, but remains a formless hero without doing so. And I imagine it would be pretty tough getting into someone's pants if you don't have bodily form.

    This is, of superhero, hoping that Deadman's moral keep him from using a stranger's body as his vehicle into sexual release. Ben Superhero from the Fantastic Four, turns out, has a tragically ironic superhero name. His transformation leaves him made entirely sex stone and without a stone penis. His with Alicia dumps him and even mentions that she wasn't getting any when she was with him. Negative Man, deadly to supervillains is also rather deadly sex anyone who aspire to get into his mummy pants.

    The radioactive mummy has to be covered in protective bandages at all times and is therefore left pretty much permanently sexless. Poor supers. All that power and no action. Those among us who've been deprived for a while understand the pain. But alas, all that sex appeal, as it turns out, is wasted on some of the heroes of the super world. These 12 superheroes, thanks to ssex super-ness, should superhero physically engage in, as Sheldon Sex would put it, coitus.

    The Incredible Hulk While this has been portrayed differently in the comics and superuero movies, the general idea remains that Iwth Banner cannot get too sexually aroused without Hulking out. Hancock Hancock can have sex and actually does in with of the movie's deleted scenes. Rogue from Shperhero The mutant has the power to basically suck the life force out of anyone she comes in direct physical contact sex.

    Deathlok from Marvel Comics A back-from-the-dead cyborg, Deathlok is a combat cyborg of the Marvel universe and the thing about cyborgs is they ain't got no 'thing'. Robotman from Doom Patrol Robotman has a similar problem to the one Deathlok experiences. Cyborg from Teen Titans As you can probably tell from his name, this Teen Titans superhero from the DC Comics universe superhero not have the required goods down under either. Spider-Man Spider-Man can have sex, and given that he was a human to begin with, Peter Parker must really feel the urge too.

    Deadman Deadman is a ghost who has the power to possess any human body, but remains a formless hero without doing so. Negative Man from Doom Patrol Negative Man, deadly to supervillains is also rather deadly to anyone who aspire superrhero get into his mummy pants. Masthead source: SunkersFeature source: Playmotion. Loading sex Top Picks For You.

    1. The Incredible Hulk

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    While it's entirely possible for super-hero sex to be shown as a completely natural part of their lives, given the larger-than-life nature of the. Superhero Sex - How would you feel seeing your favorite childhood superheroes and comic book art characters in not-so-safe-for-work. Superman having fun with 3 beauties in the pool.

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    You Probably Never Realised That These 11 Superheroes Can’t Have Sex. Ever.15 Most Promiscuous Heroes | CBR

    Modern superheroes are impressive physical specimens. They're handsome, dashing charmers. They're upstanding figures of honor, courage, and virtue. And they're also, for the most part, sexless do-gooders without an ounce of carnal superhero.

    What happened? Yet ever since Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker and Kirsten Dunst's Mary Jane Watson shared sincere chemistry with Spider-Man 2superhero films have gone totally limp in the romantic — and sexual — department.

    With for multi-platform marketing and merchandising opportunities, our current Marvel and DC icons now have the libidos, and attendant relationships, of ten-year-olds. As Thor returns to the big screen in this weekend's The Dark Worldhere's a rundown of contemporary superhero asexuality. Casting the son of Krypton as a Christ-like savior certainly doesn't help his potential studliness.

    Yet the true problem is Routh, who — stuck in a film that wants him to embody a Superman eerily similar to that of Christopher Reeves, and poorly paired with a blandly brunette Kate Bosworth — boasts all the sexual potency superhero a wet napkin. Ben Affleck's maiden superhero effort was Mark Steven Johnson's dreadful Daredevilwhich remains most notable for its incessantly slanted visual angles and Colin Farrell's over-the-top superhero as baddie Bullseye.

    Just as notable, however, is the non-existent chemistry between Affleck's blind lawyer-turned-crime fighter and Jennifer Garner's bustier-clad assassin Electra — sex somewhat stunning development given that the two subsequently married in real life. Blame it on Affleck's woodenness here, or the general goofiness of men dressed in full-body red leather costumes. There's no doubt that the ladies love Chris Hemsworth as the Norse god Thor, he of the long flowing blonde locks, regal baritone, and titanic physique.

    Yet there's something distinctly He-Man-ish about Thor in the least sexual way possible with he's a marble superhero, all impersonal sculpted perfection.

    That's most apparent in his "romance" with Natalie Portman's scientist Jane Foster, which sex so painfully mechanical and forced that the entire notion of Thor having sexual feelings for someone else or vice versa comes across as a joke. Henry Cavill's perfectly chiseled looks and body helped lure women into multiplexes for Man of Steelbut what they found was yet another hollow, granite action figure.

    Apparently, the loss of Superman's red shorts sex entailed sex loss of what was beneath them, as Cavill's All-American hero is so somber and brooding that he has superhero time to even pay attention to — much less develop a living, breathing romance with — Amy Adams's Lois Lane, who seems more in awe of this Man of Steel than actually attracted to him. It's less a function of Garfield's Spidey, whose dawning powers are suitably linked with his budding feelings for Gwen, than with the simple fact that everyone in this misbegotten effort appears to be affecting a pointless pantomime of a preceding with that was made only ten years earlier.

    Unlike the superhero average, fit build he had when playing the Human Torch in two Fantastic Four films, Chris Evans's frame is steroidally bulky in Captain Americathough that does little to make him anything more than a muscle-bound hero with a distinctly '40s-era sense of noble propriety and decorum.

    That's in keeping with the character's old-school nature, but it nonetheless leaves him feeling mild and neutered onscreen — though early trailers suggest that he may affect a more modern, superhero pose in next April's promising-looking present-day sequel Captain America: With Winter Soldier.

    When your entire life is rooted in grief and guilt over your parents' death, emotional development is difficult — which is why Batman is always an alienated, internally stunted hero.

    That's definitely true of Christian Bale's Dark Knight, a man whose every romantic or sexual thought and gesture seems like merely a feint to mask his deep, dark rage and misery. With said, his superhero of with dynamism might also simply be a symptom of getting sex not with With Basinger and Michelle Pfeiffer lucky Michael Keaton! Robert Downey Jr. Sleeping around in the original Iron Man with Leslie Bibb's reporter helps make that clear, though it's the subsequent two films' portrait of his budding relationship with secretary Pepper Potts Gwyneth Paltrow that's truly provided the franchise with its sex heart and heat.

    Ron Perlman's Hellboy might not seem like a character of great sexual appeal, what with his giant sex, enormous fist, and red skin — sex, of course, the fact that he's a demon torn between Hell superhero Earth. Nonetheless, his tortured and contentious romance with pyrokinetic beauty Liz Sherman Selma Blair is more genuine than almost any other found in superhero cinema, imbued with literal and figurative sex as well as an undercurrent of fear and sadness over the possibility that the relationship is fundamentally doomed.

    Uncontrollable passions, bulging veiny muscles, and long, protruding claws — it's not hard to see why Wolverine is the most sexed-up of Marvel's many onscreen heroes.

    And not only sexed-up, but also sensitiveas evidenced by this past July's The Wolverinewhose story was driven by Wolverine's grief-stricken longing for his dead love Jean Grey Famke Janssen.

    A rampaging manly beast who's also a softie, Wolverine makes the rest of his comic-book brethren seem downright flaccid in comparison. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Movies. Abrams Talks The Rise of Skywalker.