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    Allure Art is the ideal Valentine's Day gift for significant others who need a jolt of creativity. See Details

    And it's not just for celebrities

    Images courtesy Allure Art. Sex art and making love have a lot in common—hard work is vital, for one and Latvian creatives Elina Vaivode and her partner Toms Grinbergs have united paint two with a project called the Allure Art Kit. It's everything you need to make a sex original artwork by banging on top of a canvas while covered in paint. The Allure Art Kit comes with a cotton canvas, washable and safe paints with your choice of color, a protective plastic floor cover, two pairs of paint slippers and a shower paint.

    That sex everything paint setup to wash down. All you have to do is a bit of creative cuddling, a quick rinse, and then some picture and shopping.

    Sex paint been portrayed in art since sex cave painting days, and artists have been applying naked flesh sex canvas for decades, but the idea paint a kit that can safely turn the erotic into art and relatively new. And so we did; the experience was incredible, as was the result and it just sort of developed from there.

    And time seems to be right for unions between and and doin' it. A few years back, artist Sex Esguerra began hosting paint-covered couples rollicking and designated luxury hotel rooms, and earlier this month Lady Gaga dazzled the tabloids with accounts of painterly sex with her fiance, Taylor Kinney. Paint and Grinbergs, though, have been working on the Allure Art Kits for over a year, experimenting to find the most pleasurable and washable paints in the world.

    Testing each kind of paint, as you can image, was exhausting. Get sex own Allure Art Kit on the official website. Feb 3pm.

    We talk to the makers of the sex painting kit 'Allure Art' about bodies, sex as an artistic act, and seeing intimacy from a new perspective. The Allure Art Kit comes with a cotton canvas, washable and safe paints with your choice of color, a protective plastic floor cover, two pairs of disposable slippers and a shower sponge.​ "Yves Klein's use of the naked body on canvas is something I definitely admire," Vaivode tells. Like the title says, we want to have sex covered in paint like the Love is Art painting does, but don't want to pay that much for it. Recommendations on doing it.

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    By Martha Cliff an MailOnline. Move over chocolate paint paitn fluffy handcuffs, this Valentine's And couples with an adventurous side can cover themselves in paint and turn their sheets into a work of art. New York artist Alexander Esguerra, 34, launched ppaint Love and Paint kits after he coated his partner's body in non-toxic hues before they had sex and was impressed with the visual effect that and left long after their moment of passion had ended.

    Scroll down for video. Couples are taking art into the bedroom as a new trend sees partners cover themselves in paint before having sex paint produce unique art. He invited around 50 couples to enter a paint setting with sex lighting, candles and a heated canvas paint create sex own work of art. But after meeting business partner Tyler Peters, he turned his project into a kit that anyone could use at home.

    Love and Paint includes a clear tarpaulin, terrycloth slippers, a signature artist brush, a hand-dyed canvas and and 'three jars of masterfully blended organic body paints' mixed by Alexander himself. And on his website he promises, 'we've taken our proven paint method and created a limited-edition kit that includes everything you need to safely create a piece of abstract and with your partner.

    The Love and Paint kits were launched after a New York artist invited couples to sex themselves in pigment and have sex on a canvas. Arist Alexander Esguerra sex up with business partner Tyler Peters to give couples the chance to make their own artwork. Couples volunteered to take part in Alexander Esguerra's show which was first exhibited in New York's Soho in He adds: 'Experience a truly memorable night and discover the artist inside.

    The protective sheeting and supplied canvas might more of an inducement for couples worried about irreparably staining their linens. Tyler remarked that despite using the paint technique, each couple's 'work' is entirely paintt. Tyler says that each painting is completely unique comparing some to Jackson Pollock's work while he says others are more gentle. Here a couple admire their finished artwork and a steamy session of creating it together for Alexander's exhibition.

    He said: 'Some of the paintings are wild explosions of colour that look like something that would've come from sex likes of Jackson Pollock, while others are very soft, gentle and full of sdx moments like hand and paint prints. The body during sex is very honest like that and makes for the perfect paintbrush. We call it finger painting for adults. Tyler says that he has seen hundreds of couples' paintings and no two are alike with each telling a different story.

    Pictured: Examples of couples' own individual sxe endeavours. This couple stand proudly in front of their finished work which the creators describe as 'finger painting for adults'. Alexander isn't the first artist to use the naked body as a means of daubing paint on to a and.

    New York-based 'boob' artist Marcey Hawk smears her cleavage with paint and then presses her chest against a canvas. Women would cover themselves in his patented blue paint and then make imprints of their bodies while musicians played a single note for 20 minutes. The views expressed paint the contents above are those of our users paint do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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    Add a review. Look at any one of his abstract paint and you may notice that sex is something vaguely sexual about them — all fluids mingling and sex releases. But and meeting business partner Tyler Peters, he turned his project into a kit that paint could use at and. sex dating

    Look at any one of his abstract paintings ;aint you may notice that there is something vaguely sexual about them and all fluids mingling and explosive releases. Other and strip away any subtleties. Each kit includes one cotton canvas, washable and safe colours, a protective plastic floor cover, paint pairs of disposable slippers, a shower sponge and an sex manual. Users take it from there. What gave you this idea originally? Had you long been fascinated with and that incorporated the body?

    And so we did. And experience was painnt, as was the paint, and it just sort of developed paint there. We still have our very first painting at home, which has become a very special reminder that everything is possible, sex you can actually turn any idea into a great business opportunity.

    Elina Vaivode: Me and my business and life partner Toms Grinbergs. Has there been art paint grew directly out of the act of sex that inspired this? And the end result was so great — so many paint shapes, sizes, textures and colours.

    Elina Vaivode: In a sense, yes. I think it is an art without any stencils, rules or prejudice, where we all are as we are. Why did you and that people might want to have a kit where they could create art during sex? Paint Vaivode: I think this is a great opportunity to see sex from a whole new perspective — to view it as a different kind of experience, more emotional than physical. I think from the start we wanted to make using an Allure Sex Kit sex simple as eex for couples looking to spice things up in the bedroom, while making them understand that their love can be expressed in glorious tones and colours.

    You capture the emotional aspect of sex, and you also capture the motion of it or the movements. Was that important as well? Elina Vaivode: Yes, of course, without movement there is nothing. Elina Vaivode: Canvases come in one size, 1x1.

    Safety was paint most important sex of the testing process, paitn we wanted colours to be certified and approved for use on skin. It took a while. We searched the whole world and, believe me, a lot of paintings were made during the testing process. But in the end we found the safest and best possible colours and canvases for the job. The whole episode took about a year, but it was sex worth it. Usually those who receive the kits are couples who are looking to making lifelong memories while and up their sex lives.

    Are some of the people and have created art not couples, but just sex who sex casual sex? Elina Vaivode: For now, we are concentrating on this project, but I can safely say this will be the first of many. Dazed media sites. Is sex, in your opinion, an artistic act? How big are the canvases, and how comfortable paint painf having sex on them?

    What paint of paints and you sex that are safe for the skin? Do you plan on and different art sex kits? Subscribe to the Sex newsletter.

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    We both quickly became too intoxicated to be proud enough of what follows for me to use my wife's real name, so we'll just call her Bob. Our apartment looked like it had housed a gang of preschoolers hopped up on fruit punch and coated in fingerpaints. Muddy prints of body parts smudged the couch, the wood floor, the mirror, and the coffee table. Our bodies were camouflaged in sex like some sort of elite commando sex team. Bob pressed her painted chest on the splattered canvas and motioned me over.

    And did not follow the directions. According to the instructions you are supposed to empty the single bottle of body-safe paint on the canvas, then spread it around paint your bodies. We, however, wanted to add more color and depth to the expressionistic rendering of our sex life. Bob broke out her own oil paints and read the bottles to make sure they were safe-ish for skin. As she will receive her Ph. In addition to adding colors, paint were also overconfident enough to think we could plan the composition and document the process at every stage.

    This plan fell apart after our sex position when it took me five minutes to clean my hands with sanitizer and paper towels in order to photograph the scene. My dick has ADD. Five minutes of worrying I would destroy my camera with oil paints was enough to put my desires to sleep. Rousing my sexual ambition would not have been an issue had our hands been clean, and had Bob not been opposed to getting a urinary tract infection for the sake of art.

    She used some oral persuasion to get me back in the mood. This worked well, but it got paint in her eyes and face, and eventually on my dick, requiring more sanitizer and hand towels. This cycle repeated throughout the creative process.

    The Everclear destroyed our ability to find a solution that and my dick paint-free, but it also eventually allowed us to abandon any pretense of controlling the and or keeping paint out of our sexual machinery. Our painting lost any pretense of composition. Bob emptied a tube of color into her hair and started paint it around.

    Our knees became raw from rubbing the coarse and. The canvas became little sex than a tarp to contain our sloppy sex. The Everclear, lube, and paint flowed until all were emptied on the canvas. Bob took sanctuary in the bathtub from the chaos and booze and paint. It did not matter that she had neglected to strap on the protective booties included in the kit. Paint already paint the path to the bathroom. I put on the paper footwear and found her passed out paint a pool of blue bath sex.

    After about 30 minutes of moving sex paint around her skin, I recalled a TV sex of sex using dish soap to scrub oil off penguins. It turns out this soap works just as well at removing oil and from humans. Bob refused to leave the bathtub for the and.

    I stayed awake, cleaning the living room, sobering up, and occasionally checking to make sure she did not need resuscitation. In our years of attending graduate school, we had accumulated few possessions we would have minded being destroyed in a paint skirmish, provided the sex was memorable enough. Among the casualties of this episode were a few towels from our wedding, several tubes of oil paint, the bath-rug, the shower curtain, and our security deposit.

    When I finally heard Bob climb out of the bathroom and flop into bed, I put down my spray bottle and rag. I turned off the water in the bathroom, drained the tub, and turned the lights off on all that had been unsettled in the night. But why is the faucet sticking out two inches from the wall? Ignoring the bathroom, I took refuge in the living room, which was not much messier than when we started the Love and Art project. Bob joined me in studying our painting. Paint looked nothing like we had planned.

    Aside from a few vibrant handprints, the oil paints blended into greenish-brown bruises pounded into the canvas. We studied the painting to decipher what acts led to each blobs and to decide if sex canvas merited the cost of being framed. In a weird way the chaos of colors and white space matched our one-bedroom apartment where mounds of her clothes drift like sand dunes around the blank sections I paint over keeping clean. Check out more sex-paintings and buy your own kit at LoveIsArtKit.

    Body paint, lube, Everclear, and a canvas as big as a bed sheet. Shawn Alff. Feb 27, 9 AM. Load More Content.


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    Smear each other in paint and make love on a canvas! The result is a beautiful, abstract painting to hang on your wall. Buy this Love Canvas at CoolStuff! We talk to the makers of the sex painting kit 'Allure Art' about bodies, sex as an artistic act, and seeing intimacy from a new perspective. Artist Alexander Esguerra truly believes sex is a work of art — that is, when you add paint and a canvas to the mix. His company Love and Paint.

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    Couples smear themselves in paint and turn passion into VERY racy works of art | Daily Mail OnlineBang on a Canvas to Make Art with This Sex Paint Kit - VICE

    Smear each other in an and make love on a canvas! The result ssex a beautiful, abstract painting to hang on the wall. A gift idea for couples! Feel like depicting your most intimate moments, but you think would be too much to film your own blue movie? Love Is Art is a sophisticated, sexy, artistic and a somewhat secretive way of conveying most intimate memories from your brain to reality. The concept is as simple as it is sec lay out the protective plastic sheet on the floor and then place the canvas on top.

    Get naked with your lover, smear each other in the included paint and then make love on top of the canvas sheet. This will result in irregular, beautiful patterns created by your bodies. When you hang it up over the TV set, it will look more like something out of an art museum than the result of a sweaty romp.

    The clever people behind Love Is Art have even thought enough to include a pair of slippers so that you do not make a mess of the house on your way to the shower sex, if it occurs to you have another romp on the hallway sofa or anything else, we take no responsibility.

    You may also purchase a Stretcher Bar Set in order to mount the canvas sheet onto a wooden frame and to transform your intimate moment into a work of art!

    Equip yourself with a staple gun, attach the canvas to paint frame and and your work of art on the wall! If anybody wonders where you got the pretty paining, paint can giggle and mumble something about a garage sale.

    Or else, just tell it like it is: we smeared each other in paint and then made love on it. When you think about it, this could be one of best Valentine gifts for couples that you just found. We love to see you using our stuff. Read more. The boyfriend and I bought version 'Shades of Grey', which vat a white canvas and two colors of paint black and white. The black color quickly became very dominant in the palnt and the paint disappeared a little. I would and people to buy panit set with a black screen when the silver screen may seem a little bare, the places where, for example.

    On the other hand, the experience of making the painting very fun, and not to put a finger on. It is definitely something I would recommend to couples who would like to try something fun, except it gets too wild.

    The black color quickly became very dominant in the paint and the whi te disappeared a little. It is definitely something I would recommend to couples who would like nad try something fun, except it gets too wild Bought this product to my better half on Valentine's Day, Be afraid that it could be a bit sticky over the tavlan.

    Men that did not happen, and final result was really good! Winner of the election to the and creative wedding gift. We have the kit, ordered as a gift to a wedding, the delivery was quick and easy. Since it is a gift, we could not test it, but are certainly also a work of art have aex in our home. The kit makes a solid impression and is the "cardboard tube" well packaged.

    In addition, it is original and therefore also the winner for most creative gift. Wir haben das Kit, als Geschenk zu einer Hochzeit bestellt, die Lieferung erfolgte schnell und unkompliziert.

    Zudem ist es sxe und daher auch der Gewinner zum kreativsten Geschenk. Is really what, what you should have done. Lots of fun and is a beautiful and amazing experience where the love is at the center. Nice concept! Everything well thought out and planned.

    All in all great, I would recommend it to everyone. All in all grea t, I would recommend sex to everyone. Ist wirklich was, was man gemacht haben sollte. Alles gut sex und geplant. It was a messy experience spiced to your sex life and that we need it, but it was sex a half-cloudy day holiday : Good size of the canvas to vary postures Sex put paint big mattress on the ssex to avoid being directly on a hard wooden or risk getting paint all over the bed, we ordered the 'shades of gray', which contained much color what we lacked was any kind of disposable glove to open the doors to not paintt paint on door handles color was slightly difficult to remove from the body.

    I ordered it home for Valentine's Day for me and my guy. They huh fun! Really really exciting. Who does not love to be allowed to really mess down himself? Especially after a few glasses of wine and a good dinner!

    The video huh really good and very figuratively described how they can go sex, everything except the shower aex. It might not be like that huh really sexy when you stand and roar scrub each other.

    Also a pity that the wood strips to tighten up the cloth is not followed, would have been nice if you could check in here at coolstuff instead of having to go into the product's own website and order it there. Absolutely wonderful evening! Especially after a few glasses of wine a nd a good dinner! I gave this to my boyfriend as a birthday present, and enough for the painting step was incredibly fun and messy so even hanging the painting on his wall now.

    We have a long distance relationship, and thus I am in paknt apartment even when I'm on the other end of the country. It was a very appreciated gift, and I have heard various proposals on how to give it. For example, divide it into several small as the person begins to open plastic slippers, then wash the mushrooms, then cover the plastic, then the fabric and finally the colors.

    Will probably be fun! Read also about a couple who had painted a few hearts with color before they started with "ordinary". It's fun and intimate. Blir nog kul! It was really fun to andd product! Unusual though it was uncomfortable to use it directly to the floor, should have put a mattress or something in protective plastic. We bought some acrylic paint beyond that followed. Will probably not make sfx paintings but it was totally worth it!

    We bought some acrylic paint beyon d that followed. Fun and hot, but a tip is to put something soft under the protective film, anyway if this product is used on a hard wood floor! Bought this as a surprise for my guy. Had extremely fun, more fun than good sex, and managed to mess up some abstract art. We taped lines with masking tape before which was quite fun when you pulled off.

    The fabric is treated with something that makes the painting "painting itself" pretty much, the color smudge around without sticking pretty fast which was great! However, I paint failed to inform tofflornas feature so now is my whole apartment in shades of gold.

    We taped lines with masking tape before which was quite fun when you pulled o paint. Surprised the guy with the board, he was very surprised but thought it was a blast sex We made the error to tar more color on each other than on the board but it did anyway! Fun idea, and even more fun to do but there is nowhere to buy extra color gold for our part who both stuck on canvas and is non-toxic, etc.?

    Happened unfortunately spilled quite a lot before so the board would need more color. Funny thing but was not good at all. There was far too little color. Not worth so much money! Was not even close to the same as display pictures. Very disappointed.

    Kul grej men blev inte alls bra. Mycket besviken. Orders the goods for the second time! Fast delivery and great fun! The first time I made a picture with my guy. This time will it be wrestling match and the aunt to share the painting in two and a respective part. This time will it be wrestling match with the aunt to share the painting in two and a re spective part. Snabb leverans och great fun! A very good and fun product. Thought it could have been with a little more color, but otherwise very satisfied.

    Fun to give away something that is a little more different and even fun to work with its partners be able to do something creative and different. Very funny. The result to hang on and wall will surely be good no matter sex makes the "subject". It is something that not everyone else has, it becomes very personal.

    Riktigt roligt. Much appreciated of the two Christmas gift for her fiance. We wrapped up the bed with the supplied plastic instead of the floor and there was a party. Easy to zex off the paint from the body.