Confessions of a Lumbersexual

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    Slow down…is that him? Could be anyone. On cold days I wear a big Carhartt lumbersexual into the office. In my youth in Oklahoma I did cut down some trees and split firewood for use in a house I really did grow up in, but in those days I dressed like a poser gutter punk. I nurture an abiding love for lumbersexual country and bluegrass, though, again, during my actual lumberjacking days it was all Black Flag, Operation Lumbersexual and an inadvisable amount of The Doors.

    I like mason jars, and craft beer and lumbersexual pickup trucks. An old friend visiting me a few years ago commented, as I propped a booted foot against the wall behind me and adjusted the shirt tucked into my blue jeans, that I looked more Oklahoma than I ever did in Oklahoma. The lumbersexual has been the subject of much Internet musing in the last several weeks. The term is a new one on me but it is not a new phenomenon.

    On the other hand, the upending of gender norms frees men in mainstream culture to do lumbersexual verboten by a retrograde man-code once enforced by the most insecure and doltish among us.

    We do yoga. The lumbersexual is merely a healthier expression of the same identity crisis. Which is, I think? I am actually fairly outdoorsy, in a redneck car-camping kind of way. Lumbersexuality just fit right, like an axe handle smoothed out by years of palm grease lumbersexual an iPhone case weathered in all the right places to the shape of my hand. There is a dark side to this lumbersexual moment however.

    Whereas in the s, Tim the Tool-Man Taylor from Home Improvement was a confident and self-effacing parody on the Man Cave, complete with silly dude-grunting and fetishizing of tools, Mike Baxter, played by Tim Allen in Last Man Standing, is an entirely un-self-aware, willfully ignorant reactionary.

    The central theme of the show is Baxter in a household full of women struggling to retain his masculinity, which is presumed to be under lumbersexual because of all the estrogen around. He does this through all manner of posturing, complaining and at times being outright weird. In later seasons the show softened but the central concern of a man whose masculinity is under assault because he is surrounded by women speaks to this moment in our popular culture.

    If my beard is a trend-inspired attempt to reclaim a semblance of masculinity in a world gone mad then so be lumbersexual. Beats scrotum jokes. Contact us at editors time. Living Confessions of a Lumbersexual.

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    BuzzFeed even has a holiday gift guide for the lumbersexual in your life. (He would, apparently, like bourbon-flavored syrup and beard oil.). Well, aside from not actually working in the logging industry, lumbersexual men have a CALCULATED look with the desire to be (and be seen). k Followers, 96 Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from LUMBERSEXUAL (@lumbersexual).

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    He kept a clean shave, and generally lumbersexual tidy. Lumbersexual, the metrosexual is a disappearing breed being quickly replaced by men more concerned with existing in the outdoors, or the pseudo-outdoors, than meticulous lumbersexual habits. He looks like a man of the woods, but works at The Nerderyprogramming for a healthy salary and benefits.

    Whether the roots of the lumbersexual are a cultural shift toward environmentalism, rebellion against the grind of office jobs, or simply recognition that outdoor gear is just more comfortable, functional and durable, the Lumbersexual is on the rise. Notice the Jansport Pleastantona leather lumberjack-style pack complete with laptop sleeve, and the RedWing work boots.

    The MetroJack has even been seen wearing pieces inspired from mountaineering. He might be wearing a Patagonia heritage jacket, or some technical Cordura nylon pants that look great in the low light of the bar, but also lumbersexual protection from a chain-saw blade.

    He lumbersexual like a hardened outdoorsman but his flannel feels soft to the touch. He will open your beer lumbersexual an omni-present Buck knife. He is a master of the retro Instagram filter. His flannel is coated with a waterproof DWR lumbersexual. His laid back style has been honed with more effort than he would like you to know.

    Want more? Breaking news in the world of outdoors, lumbersexual, and gear. Product launches, company updates, brand news, and more. Flannel, boots, jeans — all the marks of … New York? Lumbersexual or metrojack? This man embraces the look with an unkempt beard, nothing tight, plaid, maybe even plaid on plaid, and lumbersexual appropriate level of disaffection. View More Gift Guides. News Breaking news in the world of outdoors, adventure, and lumbersexual. View More Deals. Choose Your interests: News.

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    An old friend visiting me a few years ago commented, as I propped a booted foot against the wall behind me and lumbersexual the shirt tucked into my blue lumbersexual, that I looked more Oklahoma than I lumbersexual lumbesexual in Oklahoma. Describing lumbersexual lives in lumbersexual, Hartt created a vision of egalitarian men in touch with their primitive feelings, authentic to the core. Could be anyone. sex dating

    Latest Issue. Past Issues. The first one I met was at an inauguration party in I was in a cocktail dress. He was in jeans, work boots, and a flannel shirt. He had John Henry tattooed on his bicep.

    He was white. Somehow, at a fairly elegant affair, he had found a can of PBR. You can see them in coffee shops and bars and artisanal butchers. They don't exactly cut down trees, but lumbersexual might try their hand at agriculture and woodworking, even if only in the form of window-box herb gardens. In the last month, these bearded, manly men even earned themselves a pithy nickname: the lumbersexuals.

    GearJunkie coined the term only a few weeks ago, and since then JezebelGawkerThe Guardian and Time have jumped in to analyze their style. BuzzFeed even has a holiday gift guide for the lumbersexual in your life. He would, apparently, like bourbon-flavored syrup and beard oil. The lumberjack seems like a startlingly apt symbol for hipsters to appropriate. This particular brand of bearded flannel-wearer is a modern take on the deeply-rooted historical image of Paul Bunyan, the ax-wielding but amiable giant, whose stomping grounds were the North Woods of the upper Midwest.

    Paul and his brethren emerged as icons in American pop culture a little over a century ago. From slaveholders fearing rebellion to patriarchs threatened by suffragettes, much of the scholarship on American masculinity focuses on men in crisis.

    White men are often portrayed as continuously jittery, always teetering on the edge of losing their birthright. But there are moments when this anxiety reaches a fever pitch, when the media and cultural critics turn their attention sharply to the plight of men. One such moment was at the turn of the last century, during a period of rapid urbanization and stark economic inequality. Americans are currently enduring another prolonged bout of unease, stretching back at least six years. Since the Great Recession began, there has been a general handwringing in lumbersexual media about the state of men— even the End of Men.

    The economic downturn disproportionately affected men, and it is clearer than ever that the single-breadwinner family is finally dead. The "traditional" role of the man as the primary provider is now firmly out of reach for most Americans. Which is why it seems particularly apt that mostly white, young, urban, middle-class men have once again picked up a symbol invented in the early twentieth century by men very much like themselves, a symbol that has long been gathering dust.

    The lumberjack looms large in the American imagination. But for all his symbolic power, he is a fairly new invention. The lumberjack, as we know him, only came onto the scene as a symbol of American manhood a little over a century ago, at a moment when American men were in desperate need of a hero. At the turn of the last century, middle-class white men were, everyone seemed to agree, in crisis.

    They were effete, anxious, tired, and depressed. Magazines and advice books worried that they had lost their vigor—the industrial economy and urban life demanded too much time inside, too much brain-work. Clerical jobs in dingy offices provided few opportunities for advancement to the ranks of the industrial elite, much less for feats of bravery and derring-do. Men trapped in cities began suffering from neurasthenia, a new disease that skyrocketed to almost epidemic status in the s and s.

    Neurasthenia was the overtaxing of the nervous system, a sort of male hysteria. Some wealthy and educated urban men suffered from what historian T. To do so, they looked westward. The archetypal lumberjack—the Paul Bunyanesque hipster naturalist—was an invention of urban journalists and advertisers. He was created not as a portrait of real working-class life, but as a model for middle-class urban men to aspire to, a cure for chronic neurathenics.

    He came to life not in the forests of Minnesota, but in the pages of magazines, including this one. InThe Atlantic published a glowingly romantic portrait of the authentic and natural men of the Michigan lumber camps. Describing their lives in town, Hartt created a vision of egalitarian men in lumbersexual with their primitive feelings, authentic to the core. In many ways it reads like the mission statement on the website of a vertically integrated farm-to-table restaurant where everyone eats at communal tables, where drinks are served in mismatched jars, and where there is no pretense.

    Men are men once again. Imitating him was the antidote for all the ills of the city; the strenuous life of muscular activity in the open air seemed to prevent neurasthenia. When Teddy Roosevelt felt himself too weak, he journeyed west and bought a ranch. Shooting buffalo, riding horses, cleaning land: This was the stuff of real men. Any contact with authentic work and real nature did the trick.

    Just look at Tarzan, who originally sprang to life full of primitive strength, tempered with innate and, to his creator, innately white moral sense, in the pages of a magazine in The message of these symbols was clear: Get out of the cities and into nature, and the white man would be more powerful than any of the forces threatening him.

    Even a weekend at a camp in the Adirondacks or a little woodworking would do the trick. But the cowboy went fairly quickly from cure to costume. While the cowboy has held cultural currency as a symbol of manliness—the Marlboro Man was no neurasthenic—we have picked him apart and exposed him as a myth.

    Westerns have lumbersexual rewritten to include the loneliness, rough conditions, mud, and violence of the frontier. The Village People added a homosexual subtext, and Brokeback Mountain reinforced it. The image itself got complicated and messy. The lumberjack, meanwhile, endures. But the myth of the lumberjack is no more a portrait of working men than Coolidge was a cowboy.

    The real lumberjacks who worked the North Woods of Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin at the turn of the century lived a reality that held little appeal to the middle-class writers who invented their mythical image. What had once been an industry of small, family-owned lumber camps had begun to scale up to industrial levels, and the men who worked in these camps found themselves in the same position as many Lumbersexual Age laborers: stuck at the bottom of a capitalist lumbersexual with little chance of advancement.

    They saved little money, blowing it on wild drinking binges in town, and existed day to day lumbersexual an atmosphere of simmering violence. Men were killed by falling trees, log-jams, and fires the deadliest fire in American history was not the one begun by Mrs.

    The men themselves embraced violence and risk. While lumberjacks themselves often waxed nostalgic about their own lives, it was not because they found their labor itself particularly satisfying, or felt themselves to be more authentically lumbersexual touch with the natural world. They were not part of the forest. If anything, they were terrified of it—and for good reason, when it took so many lives. Instead, they reserved the bulk of their nostalgia for drinking, fighting, gambling and visiting prostitutes in town.

    The honest labor of cutting down trees, the healthful tonic of fresh air, and a well-muscled male body were middle-class romances. Both then and now, the men who sought these identities were searching for something authentic, something true. It must be so immensely satisfying, he wrote, to take carbon and turn it into something of real use. Style is style. The symbols these men are taking on—the plaid, the woodworking, even the beards—are perhaps closer to Coolidge in his chaps.

    We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Skip to content. Sign in Subscribe. The Atlantic Crossword. The Print Edition. Latest Issue Past Issues. Willa Brown is a doctoral candidate in history at the University of Virginia.

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    Top definition. Lumbersexual unknown. A not-so-manly man dressing like a lumberjack although a lot more refined and sporting a beard that has the volume of a lumberjacks beard and the groom of a hipster, cashing in on the "rugged, outdoor stereotype" Most of these guys aren't very good with their hands and only lumberesxual to seem so because God forbid you would get those soft lotion treated hands dirty. Lumberjacks are typically known for their strength and being able to work with their hands.

    Most lumbersexuals would be stumped changing a tire. Dave is such a lumbersexualin his lumbersexual boots and flannelette shirt and that well groomed beard. Yeah you should see him trying to check his oil though haha! Young and middle-aged male urbanites whose sartorial choices are characterized by thick and well-groomed beards, styled haircuts, and clothing that tends towards the rugged.

    The Lumbersexual is really an off-shoot of that H word we all think about often and still dislike saying no, not herpes though in this case there is a pronounced emphasis on practice of physical craft, obscure skill-sets, and old-timey traditions and methods of manufacture. Additionally, the style can be read as either an earnest lumbersexual of or parody of traditional masculinity, though do not ask the Lumbersexual to tell you which it is - just like the rest of us these days he is probably at a loss to discern a difference between the two.

    Have you seen Max Dawson lately? His beard grown to a tremendous length, which along with lumbersexual himself on this season of Survivor really completes his transformation to Lumbersexual. A gen y or later man whom is trying desperately to be masculine by looking the part instead of being the part, eg, dressing up like a lumberjack.

    This is done primarily to capture lost or missing masculinity due to being emasculated by things such as his childhood environment effeminate father, overbearing soccer mom mother, lumbrrsexual dates, trophies for losing He tries to achieve this masculinity by mimicking real men, and in this particular case a lumberjack due to their connection to blue lumbersexual work and an outdoor workplace.

    To distinguish between the two a number of markers serve as convincing evidence to determine between the lumbersexual man and the poser. Look at their hands. A lumberjack will have leather for skin, many scars, and sometimes more often than not crooked fingers from broken bones not properly set and treated with twigs and duct tape Look at lumbersexual face.

    The lumberjack will have weathered skin and probably some scars attributed to flying debris, cable burrs, falling branches, and a number of scenarios involving axes and chain saws. Offer to buy them coffee. The lumberjack will have straight up coffee, maybe with a little lumbersexual.

    The lumbersexual will have some sort of latte or some other fancy schmancy french shit. Ryan looked dashing in his LL Bean shirt and work boots lumbersexuak he put lotion on his skin, he is such a lumbersexual.

    A sexy lumgersexual who dresses in denimleather, and flanneland has a ruggedly sensual beard. Hetfield November 20, Ruggedly strong men that could go lumbersrxual this weekend lumbersexxual they wanted but can also sit at a laptop all day coding or researching the interweb's most pressing lumbersexual videos.

    Lumbersexuals don't get cold toes. They're channeling their inner mountain man, but have tamed it down for the urban jungle, baby! Over his chai double-shot latte, my neighborhood lumbersexual informed me that he's undecided: Should he hike Sykes Hotsprings this weekend or stay in the city? On second thought, some couchsurfers from Portland are coming down for a microbrew tour, and he'll probably just host them A Metro-sexual who has the need to hold on to some outdoor based rugged-ness, thus opting to keep a finely lumbersexual beard.

    George Michael is a total lumbersexual. Yeah man, so is Don Johnson. A person, often a hipster or LGBTwho assumes the dress and beard of a lumberjack. The image of lumbersexuals playing Ralph Lauren at summer camp is forever ingrained in my mind.

    Zugzwang Milk Lumbersezual Cookies SYAC Cigan Astroturfing Gordito Jekyll Akneehow Texas Oil Rig Mexican Lawn Mower Eraser Kool Kids Klub Belted According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly.

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    lumbersexual (plural lumbersexuals). (slang, sometimes used attributively) A male hipster who affects a rugged, outdoorsy look, typified by plaid shirts and a full. BuzzFeed even has a holiday gift guide for the lumbersexual in your life. (He would, apparently, like bourbon-flavored syrup and beard oil.). Lumbersexual definition, a man whose style of dress and appearance is reminiscent of the ruggedly masculine stereotype of the lumberjack, as in wearing plaid.

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    Are You a "Lumbersexual"?Lumbersexuality and Its Discontents - The Atlantic

    A new Man Trend has lumbersexual the thinkpiece index soaring: Lumbersexuality. But what does this mean If you're ready, allow me to explain what it means to be Lumbersexual. To facilitate an easy discussion, it might help you to think of a Lumbersexual as a foil to lumbersexkal Metrosexual, the alleged nadir of masculinity from last decade.

    So, instead of slim-legged pants, envision pants with a little lumbersexual leg room see: "regular cut". Rather than be clean-shaven, the Lumbersexual has an unkempt beard. The Lumbersecual is clean and pretty and well-groomed; the Lumbersexual spends the same amount of money, but looks filthy.

    Sartorially speaking, a Lumbersexual is a delicate tri-blend of L. Bean, Timberlake, and Sears. Remember: Man Trends, and the thinkpiece index on which lumberseexual are traded, bear only a glancing relationship to "real life" and "timeliness.

    But don't take my word for it. A website called Lumbersexuall "a top online publication lumbersezual product reviews and news in the outdoors world" that "contains thousands of pages of content" has delineated the cognitive dissonance inherent to the Lumbersexual. See, what aligns the Lumbersexual with the Metrosexual is not the clothes or the skincare regimen, limbersexual rather intent —both kinds of men are working very hard to fashion themselves into a certain look, and presumably, a way ,umbersexual thinking:.

    Seen in New York, LA and everywhere in between, the Lumbersexual is bringing the lumbersexual industry's clothing and accessories into the mainstream. Whether the roots of the Lumbersexual are a cultural shift toward environmentalism, rebellion against the grind of office jobs, or simply recognition that outdoor gear is just more comfortable, functional and lumgersexual, the Lumbersexual is on the rise. Cosmopolitan explains how this kind of man—the Lumbersexual, he of the calculated look of "ruggedness" and hetero-normative "manliness"—might be just the thing to set your loins on fire:.

    Whenever you suggest a quick Ikea trip for a new dresser, he jumps in and lumbersexual to build you one and next thing you know, nine months later, you lumbersexual a new dresser. You go to the grocery store to pick up basil and he says, "No need. I'm growing my own. His lumbereexual looks long, bushy, and unkempt because he hasn't looked in a lumbersexuap in months. You know lumbersexual Because mirrors aren't found in nature. With all this in mind, you might be shocked to learn that some of the men you've been looking at for lumbersexual now epitomize the Lumbersexual ethos.

    Related Blogs. See, what aligns the Lumbersexual with the Metrosexual is not the clothes or the skincare regimen, but rather intent —both kinds of men are working very lumbersexual to fashion themselves into a certain look, and presumably, a way of thinking: Seen in New York, LA and everywhere in lumbersexuql, the Lumbersexual is bringing the outdoor industry's clothing and accessories into the mainstream.

    Cosmopolitan explains how this kind of man—the Lumbersexual, he of the calculated look of "ruggedness" and hetero-normative "manliness"—might be just the thing to set your loins on lumbersexual Whenever you suggest a quick Ikea trip for a new dresser, he jumps in and volunteers to build you one and next thing you know, nine months later, you have a new dresser. Luke from Gilmore Girls Aidan from Sex and the City remember that cabin?????

    Nick from New Girl Nick Offerman Tom Hanks in Cast Away Chuck Norris Lumbersexual Hemingway Jake Gyllenhaal