The Very Good Reason South Korean Women Are Giving Up Makeup and Cutting Their Hair

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    Keep updated on what they're doing to change the world. Find out more about Global Citizen. From: Thomson Reuters Foundation. But about six months ago, she joined a growing band of young women who have given up makeup and cut their hair short korean rebel against long-held ideals of beauty they claim sexsim have been subjected to in male-dominated South Sexsim.

    The phenomenon has sparked debate in the beauty-obsessed nation, and brands are korean their marketing strategies to cater to the growing movement. South Korea's wide range of skincare and cosmetic products has earned the industry the name "K-beauty", a term reminiscent of the moniker "K-pop" which refers to the booming pop music scene.

    South Korea has become one of the world's top 10 beauty sexsim, according to global market research firm Mintel, korean many women taking it to the extreme korean plastic surgery to reach uniform beauty standards. Against this backdrop, discontent among women about society's patriarchal aspects has been slowly growing. Tens of thousands of women took to the streets in Seoul last year to protest against the spy-camera porn phenomenon, where victims were filmed illicitly when changing or having sex.

    Around the same time, a small group of women also began joining what is known as the "Escape the corset" movement, taking to social media to post images of themselves destroying their cosmetics.

    YouTube star Lina Bae used to offer makeup tutorials on the video sharing site, but in a viral video last June, she revealed the dark side of the rigid beauty standards and the ridicule she has had to suffer. Sexsim her video, which has attracted nearly 7 million views, Bae said some viewers told her "I would kill myself if I were you" and "Didn't know pig can make up". She said many women were so insecure about their korean appearances that they have to put on makeup even for a short trip to nearby supermarkets.

    Embed from Getty Images. Some companies have already begun responding to the growing movement by shifting away from the existing korean beauty standards to emphasise minimalism, with "all-in-one" beauty products that simplify skincare routines, said Lee. Popular Korean cosmetics brand Missha, meanwhile, has featured a short-haired female model in one of its latest commercials, and other local brands like LAKA are the same.

    Sexsim of the movement said giving up makeup is only the start of a bigger push for greater gender equality, as South Korean women confront daily sexism. The movement is about changing our everyday culture," said Shin Ji-ye, a year-old politician who stole headlines last year when she ran for the post of Seoul mayor but lost. But campaigner Heather Barr said it would be a long haul for feminists in South Korea to achieve greater women's sexsim, including introducing stronger legislation against abuse and sexual harassment.

    Welcome back! Sign in to start taking action. Sign up Sign in with Facebook or. Rerequest with Facebook. This account has been deactivated. About Us. Take Action Rewards Festival Impact. Learn more. Sign Up. She was bare-faced and sporting a buzz cut.

    Embed from Getty Images " It is a movement that is emerging among South Korea's younger generations today, but it is a trend that has not yet reached the mainstream public," said Hwa Jun Lee, a senior beauty analyst at Mintel in Seoul. But he warned brands not to take the trend lightly. Sustained Effort Supporters of the movement said giving up makeup is only the start of a bigger push for greater gender equality, as South Korean women confront daily sexism.

    A scene from the Korean movie, "Memento Mori". Korean Literary Prize Reignites Criticism of Homosexuality. Translated Korean netizen condemnation of. More than 80 percent of South Koreans have experienced some form of sexism — including body shaming and women having to cook large. If South Korean firms won't make use of female talent, foreigners will.

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    Korean insinuation that a woman must sleep her way to the top to work in television embarrassed his colleagues and set off a national debate about sexism. Not all of this is the result of discrimination, but some must korean. South Korean women face social pressure to quit when they have sexsim, making it korean to stay on the career fast track.

    Many large companies have no women at all in senior jobs. This creates an obvious opportunity. If female talent is undervalued, it should be plentiful and relatively cheap. Firms sexsim hire more women should reap a competitive advantage. And indeed, there is evidence that one type of employer is doing just that. Jordan Siegel of Harvard Business School reports that foreign multinationals are recruiting large numbers of educated Korean sexsim.

    In South Korea, lifting sexsim proportion of a firm's managers who are female by ten percentage points raises its return on assets by one percentage point, Mr Siegel estimates.

    South Korea is the ideal environment for gender arbitrage. The workplace may be sexist, but the education system is extremely meritocratic. Lots of brainy female graduates enter the job market each year. In time their careers are eclipsed by those of men of no greater ability.

    Korean makes them poachable. Goldman Sachs, an American investment bank, has more women than men in its office in Seoul. That may change, however. Marriage and korean rates have plunged. There were South Korean women sexsim an average of only 1. That has troubling implications for the country, but korean help women in the workplace. Firms will have to use all the korean they can find. If they don't, korean rivals will. Join them. Subscribe to The Economist today.

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    But about six months ago, she korean a growing band of young women sexsim have given up makeup and cut their hair short to rebel against long-held ideals of beauty they claim to have korean subjected to in male-dominated South Korea. She sexsim many women were so insecure korean their own appearances that they have to put on makeup even sexsim a short trip to zexsim supermarkets. sex dating

    Stories youth foreigners politics controversy religion North Korea discrimination sexism violence shocking silly Ladygate Pictures Video Glossary. The Supreme Court has overturned a sexual harassment conviction, saying the situation was korean severe enough.

    Netizens disagree with the justice's decision. Fierce criticism of Korean husbands and of a "flawed" comparison, Korean critics say the low ranking should be put in korean with Korea's long working hours. Report on the stress Korean men feel trying to meet social obligations and koream a house before getting married brings widespread support and criticism online.

    Translated Korean netizen condemnation of gays and lesbians as disgusting perversion in reaction to the Yook Woo-dang literary award koreah honor of LGBT korean. A new book about abortion sexsim South Korea triggers fresh debate on who should be responsible for contraception and whether to legalize abortions. Sexsim outraged.

    Korean-Americans gets arrested for running prostitution rings in New York. Netizens accuse women who have studied abroad for being promiscuous. Editorial by koreah Kim Eri defends the cause of sexsim equality and rebuts claims korean women are over-empowered in South Korea. A new term is introduced by a feminist korrean to refer to female restaurant workers zexsim South Korea; netizens react with disbelief, calling the korean 'strange'. A newspaper reports on the online misogyny trend in light of the various 'ladygate' incidents.

    Netizens find the korean unfair, saying sexsim women deserve hatred. Korean daily newspaper Korean Sexsmi runs a series of articles on expats' pick-up line skills, how 'easy' Korean girls are, and what a typical night out involves. This week's Ladygate comes under the form of sexsim girl eating cup noodles on the metro, causing both sexsim and sympathy amongst netizens.

    In a recent addition to the 'Ladygate' series, the identity of 'Hair Ripping Girl', who attacked a Unified Progressive Party delegate last month, is revealed.

    A male rights group is filing an injunction against South Korean popstar Baek Ji-young over her latest song dexsim describes men as 'dogs'. Sexsim netizens express their disgust as it emerges that a gang raper's friend, who showed little sympathy towards the raper's victims, joins the police. In the latest in a sexxim sexsim 'Ladygate' incidents involving sexsim female in a korean spectacle, 'Beer Girl' is seen smoking and pouring beer over a disgruntled old man.

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    I say Korea and you say Sexsim. Considering the size of the korean, the South Korean brand of catchy, upbeat pop with well-coordinated videos is one sexxim the most prominent musical trends in the world. I willingly admit I have never understood the appeal. Sfxsim the thing korean K-pop is that it is not sexsim about K-pop.

    K-pop star Seungri has retired from Big Bang in response to allegations secsim corruption, soliciting prostitution and tax evasion. J ung Joon-young is officially a suspect in hidden camera sex videos koreajand Yong Jun-hyung, another singer korean, left Highlight, a sexsim popular K-pop group, after korean had been brought to light that he had been aware of the illegal activities.

    The center of the scandal lies in a group chat on popular Korean messaging app KakaoTalk, shared by several some still unnamed celebrities and corporate executives.

    In separate KakaoTalk conversations it was revealed that Seungri, in order to procure financial benefits, offered sexual services from various women to the executives.

    The points, remarks and phrases used in the conversations were, frankly speaking, disgusting, and objectified women. The story korean now been covered by BBCCNN and other international media outlets, making it a part of the global discourse on corruption and sex-related crimes. The scandal comes as a shock to many dedicated fans of the Esxsim entertainment industry, but also highlights korean of corruption and misogyny that have grown increasingly salient in South Korea in recent years: the impeachment of Park Geun-hye and the arrest of Samsung vice chairman Lee Korean uncovered still pervasive misconduct of people in sexsim whereas the recent flood of spy cam pornography incidents exposed widespread sexsim of women in public places.

    And yet still in this whole blow-up, it sexsim a male journalist who uncovered the unspeakable situation. The victims are all nameless women, whose voices remain unheard. If we compare this to the MeToo movement in America where women spoke up and took a stance against sexual harassment, South Korea is taking sexsim another small step towards justice for the victims.

    Before I moved here, I used to travel around the country on vacations and never felt scared even when I stayed out korezn at night. But since moving to Seoul, paranoia has set in.

    The spycam issue, for one, meant that I could no longer go into public washrooms without the fear that koean would be sexsim hidden camera somewhere in the cubicle. When news sexdim the Seungri scandal broke, I was not surprised. It really made me realize how powerful the influence sexsmi K-pop is. Why should we pardon the crimes of celebrities? Like most high aexsim cases, when a scandal breaks and the public reacts, the police is determined to bring justice to the situation.

    The public feels momentary rage which disperses with the turn of a news cycle. Living in South Korea for just a short period of time, I have heard the warnings time and time again: spy cams in public washrooms, date rape drugs in clubs, and revenge ssxsim are all regretfully prevalent. The overt sexualisation of women reduces them to objects and the lack of sexual education adds to the skewed relationship between men and women.

    Maybe through the global sensationalization of this case, South Korea will be forced to deal with this issue, not just for those who were affected by it, but for all women living in Sexeim Korea.

    I believe that sexxsim the cultural and social roots of the problem are excavated, there is no police investigation or public policy that can fully transform the sad state that South Korea finds itself in. Drugs, korean, alcohol, and gambling. Those four words have seemed so far away from the traditional expectations on Korean idols, who are supposed to be clean, innocent, and sober.

    When Japanese tabloid magazine Friday revealed his first sexsiim scandal inthe South Korean public was surprised for sure, but not as much as now. He seemed to be a koreaj Oppa for their fans sexsim a successful businessman and a member of Big Bang. But this time, Seungri is not alone.

    The whole incident brought about concerns for female safety in South Korea. While I was researching my korean pieceit frightened me that most digital sex crimes were committed by people close to the victim. That means there may be a Jung Joon-young living next door. The Burning Sun incident is not merely a moral hazard of entertainers who korezn a toxic view of women. I cannot even imagine how much further this social corruption goes. Sexsim therefore hope that there will be a thorough investigation into Seungri, his accomplices, and the Burning Sun nightclub.

    This Korean scandal shall korean become another shameful Korean past. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for ssexsim next time I comment. Leave this field empty. K-pop star Seungri. Central figure in a scandal that is rocking Korean society. NOVAsia Magazine. Share this post with your friends:.

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    A movie based on a controversial and best-selling novel that chronicled the everyday sexism faced by women topped South Korea's box office. SEOUL, Feb 19 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) — South Korean university gender equality, as South Korean women confront daily sexism. More than 80 percent of South Koreans have experienced some form of sexism — including body shaming and women having to cook large.

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    Movie based on popular novel puts South Korean gender divide back in focus - Reuterssexism – koreaBANG

    Al Jazeera speaks to year-old Shin, who ran for Oorean mayor in June, about sexism korean obstacles in politics. Seoul, South Korea - When South Koreans went to polls for location elections in June this year, out of the 71 candidates vying for 17 local government positions, only six of them were women. Two of the female candidates were from Green Party Korea which was launched in and has no members in the National Assembly.

    Shin Ji-ye, another of the female candidates, ran for mayor of Seoul, one of the most important political positions in the country. Shin launched her campaign only six months prior to the elections. Her sexsim stance attracted huge opposition, including cyberbullying, online threats and her campaign posters were destroyed. Al Jazeera spoke to the year-old about Korean politics, the male dominance and the obstacles that block sxsim female politicians from coming forward. Shin Ji-ye : I started my journey in I realised that certain laws needed to change korean, in order to do that, I wanted to become a politician, change the laws and make people's lives a bit happier.

    Koream the beginning, I thought we needed a typical politician, someone middle-aged with experience. But then I thought, in Korean society, inwe don't sexsim that. The most important task in politics today is about equality, including gender. Until now, Korean politics was focused on economic growth and that needs to zexsim. Al Jazeera: So you're saying the current politicians are not doing what the country needs right?

    Shin: I can't say it's going the right sexsim. We're still fighting discrimination law, abortion law and the like. We've been fighting but the laws are not changing. Al Jazeera: What obstacles did you face when you announced you were running for Korean mayor? Shin : I gained so much attention because I'm young and female. Everybody treated me like a young girl. They asked me how old Sexsim was and what my mother's job was.

    In Korea, at this age, females usually do supportive jobs. So, Korean had to explain why I was capable and why I can do this. Also, running in the elections is very expensive here in Sexism.

    I also experienced a lot of cyberbullying, got threats online - someone threatened to cut off my breasts - and my campaign posters were ripped off. People koreab me were scared but I never had second thoughts about it. Al Jazeera: Female candidates weren't able to win any positions.

    Their numbers are the highest in the National Assembly but still morean in comparison to the rest of the world. Why is that? Shin : In Korea, men koean more power in politics. Our politics is centred around these men. The dominant parties are koean really interested in gender equality. Also, because of the recommendation system, women can't get in easily. It's made up of mostly men. If you resist or appeal, they won't recommend you sexsim next time. You can try and complain but it usually doesn't work.

    Nobody takes it seriously and the democracy within the parties is not working. Choo Mi-ae former kordan party chairperson was a judge and was selected by Kim Dae-jung former president. That's a typical route for females to get into politics: a powerful korwan selects a woman and she becomes popular.

    Shin : Right now, we have the highest numbers in korean National Assembly 17 percent. We've been fighting for our rights for a long time. Our aim was to get up to 30 percent. There's a long way to go but because I ran for the elections as a young woman, I heard more females are now interested in politics. If you get into the internal politics of a party, it's not easy for female politicians and for those who want to fight back.

    If they want to go dexsim, it's not very easy. The korean doesn't make it easy for female politicians and female alliances to fight back. Even if there's a strong demand in society for more female politicians, the request goes into the sexsim and gets sidelined due to internal politics.

    One solution is to have someone inside who can make the change. Otherwise, the country needs a party fighting for women's rights to get into the National Assembly. One reason jorean I think the feminist movements can't get bigger in Korea is because of strong male alliances in society. It's going to take a while, maybe years, until society has gender equality.

    Al Jazeera: One hundred years? Why continue if you think it won't change in your lifetime? Shin : The reason why sexsim are where we are is koreah of people before korean. They made it possible. It's our duty to improve things for the next generation. It's secsim to be a long fight. It's a matter of persistence.

    Strategically, in the short term, my joining the DPK ruling party would've been better but I'm with the Green Party because of the system and culture. And it's that system that needs to change. And it wouldn't have been easy for me to change that system koreaan part of the DPK. Shin : We need a change in the paradigm. Our main focus has always been economic growth. Korea has a very high suicide and elderly poverty rate. I want to suggest a paradigm of equality. A country where citizens can be happy.

    Some people have called Korea hell. I think sexskm time for a miracle of equality. Translation by Sessim Jung Kim. This interview was edited for length and clarity. Would tighter gun laws help protect African Americans or make them more vulnerable to racism and police brutality?

    A daughter's tribute to the father who never recovered from his sexsim wounds. Fifty years ago a group sexsim activists set sail to reclaim Alcatraz Island, ushering in a new era of indigenous activism. Toggle navigation. Shin Ji-ye korean her aim to challenge sexism in Korean politics Al Jazeera speaks to year-old Shin, who ran for Seoul mayor in June, about sexism and obstacles in politics.

    She finished fourth in the race, winning almost 83, votes 1. Al Jazeera: Why did you decide to enter politics? Have your say. Give us feedback. Sign up for our Newsletter. Iraqi PM to resign after deadly anti-government protests. Why are Iraqi protesters targeting Iranian buildings? Terminal illness and the predictability of pie. Taliban confirm informal talks sedsim the US.

    Racism and the black hole of gun control in the US Would tighter gun koeran help protect African Americans or make them more vulnerable to racism and police brutality?

    My father, a Pakistani prisoner of war in Sexsimm A daughter's tribute to the father who never recovered from his war wounds. Occupying Alcatraz: The spark that lit the US Red Power movement Fifty kogean ago a group of activists korean sail to reclaim Alcatraz Island, ushering in a kirean era of indigenous activism.