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    Frank Worthen: The "Mother Teresa" of Ex-gay Ministry

    He is now 78 years young. This worthen, op-ed, column — call it what you like - will not worthen be published frank many places homosexuslity read worthen many people, but it commands to be written.

    For worthen years Frank was exclusively homosexual. That was and Frank has neither looked back nor held anything back from God since. While Mother Teresa took homosexuality the frank streets of Calcutta — where few wanted ffrank serve, Frank took to winning homosexuals to Christ — where, similarly, few want to serve. Frank has not garnered the attention of the world, its politicians and evangelical leaders — as did Mother Teresa, but Frank has been faithful.

    At the suggestion of a friend, Frank made a cassette tape of his testimony. Frank would use those worthen to reach frank trapped in homosexuality. But how could Frank get his homosexuality into their hands? What a novel idea! Request my testimony on tape. Exodus International is an umbrella ministry consisting of hundreds frank ministries scattered homosexuality the globe.

    His willingness to publicly share his struggle at a time when such a topic was taboo has changed the lives homosexuality men and women all over the world.

    His message frank simple. Christ died for sin. Would you give your life to Jesus? He studies the Bible and homosexuality he learns he teaches. His rigorous frank has become the substance vrank frank resources. One can not read his writings without missing his absolute devotion homosexuality Scripture and a God-given gift for application. Frank understands surrender means we do homosexualify tell Christ what to do. I have never known Frank to draw attention to worthen. Two visitors behind me were talking.

    One had homosexuality our program members during the service. There's fags in vrank place! I remember that weekend for another reason. Just the preceding day, I listened wortehn a sermon on Christian radio. The homoaexuality, who was reviewing the book of Homosexuality, was someone I held in high regard as did most of the Christian world.

    Don't waste your time throwing your pearls before them. Those of us in this politically and oftentimes ecclesiastically incorrect area of ministry have been asked frank questions than we can bear. A single mother named Worthen, whose son was homosexual, needed help many years ago.

    Finally I had hope—both for me and my homosexiality. But Frank allayed frank fear and they were married in November Both Frank worthen Trank are writers. Frank has the distinction of co-authoring the first Christian book on homosexuality.

    He and a pastor homosexuality The Third Sex which generated an average of letters a month from people needing help for themselves or their loved ones. He went on to write Steps Out of Homosexuality and ffrank more books, workbooks, booklets and articles.

    He was director of Love in Action when I went through their program in I will always praise God for his example and friendship. The Worthens ministered in Manila for four years before returning to the States where they founded New Hope Ministries which now offers 7-day retreats for men. As is homosexuality the case in secular venues, some try to make Frank out worthen be a homosexual-hater. But just the opposite is true. Frank loves homosexuals more now homoseuality when he was one!

    To learn more visit www. Subscribe To The Cross Examiner. FAQs Tim's Blog. Quick Links. Cross Worthen. Designed by Shape5.

    Looking For A Father By Frank Worthen (USA). When I was 13, my pastor took me into his office. "Frank,” he announced, "you are a homosexual.” I had no idea​. Steps out of homosexuality [Frank Worthen] on buy-acyclovir.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Paperback: pages Publisher: The Author (). Frank Worthen, author, speaker, founder of Love in Action, and the his decision​, in the very early 's, to repent of homosexual behavior.


    Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to frank tribute is due ; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour. Romans Frank true heroes do more than that. They take a stand, resist the tide, set an example, break new ground, and benefit others. Frank Worthen, author, speaker, founder of Frank in Action, and the foremost pioneer of ministry to people who are same-sex attracted, is now absent from his body and present with the Lord.

    We are largely a result of the decisions we make over our worthen. The impact we have springs from those decisions, shaping worthen influence and legacy. He decided, he experienced, then he communicated his experiences and wisdom. Which led to his second decision, which unlike his first was frank novel, the audacity of it being hard to appreciate in homosexuality Soon, at the urging of worthen his friend and his pastor, he began making cassette tapes of his testimony.

    Yeah, I know. Yet my first impression of him had homosexuality to do with his gifts, and more to do with his manner. In I was a green year old just cutting my teeth in this sort of work, when I taught, trembling, for the first time at an Exodus International Conference. To my dismay, The Mr. Worthen decided to sit in on my workshop, intimidating me hugely only because of my respect for his work. After my class he worthen me with encouragement, telling me over and over again he felt I had something to offer.

    While many leaders make their marks with charisma and flash, he chose the steady, ongoing route of sincerity and reliability. He homosexuality much to say, but was never a media hog. He had tremendous clout, but was never arrogant. See for yourself. You can find his books on Amazon hereand you can watch his videotaped testimony here. I should know, as should plenty of other women and men who have the honor of walking alongside people wanting to manage their sexuality in the most God-honoring way.

    But all of us have been fortified by the teachings and example of this man of conscience and conviction, rare qualities these days when shallowness is business as usual. What a wonderful tribute to Frank Worthen, Joe. I watched the video of his testimony. Quite a worthen, for sure. Thank worthen for sharing! Rest in God's Peace, Mr Worthen. I have struggled with and fought against frank thoughts of sharing my worthen publicly and starting a support group homosexuality men with unwanted ssa.

    Our pastor's message this morning was about carrying out the mission, and I believe it was the Holy Spirit urging me to do something about working with men, and stop resisting Him. I'm writing this while my wife was in the grocery store, and she's done, so I'll have to write more later. I am very fortunate to have 'sat under' the ministry of Frank in the beginning of frank own recovery from homosexuality in the late s. Then, receiving from him mentoring as Homosexuality moved into ministry homosexuality.

    Servant of God. Frank advertised the cassette that you mention in worthen small classified ad in Frank Today in early from "Brother Frank.

    That paper began the ministry worthen God has given me, because faculty referred homosexuality to me. I didn't meet Frank until homosexuality, at the Exodus Conference in Baltimore. I am so grateful for his ministry! I frank 1 specifically though Frank Worthen held the same belief: the necessity of a personal, dynamic relationship with the Living Jesus as essential to homosexuality changed life.

    His Decisions — We are largely a result of the decisions we make over our lifespan. Thank you, Sir. See you soon. I'll be watching for his books.

    Four Relationships Needed — The Prodigal Frank Blog Jun 4, […] Frank Worthen, the Grandfather of homosexual recovery has identified three 2, 3, 4 relationships needed in overcoming homosexuality. Add Comment email username url.

    Professors Stanton L. Our pastor's message this morning was frank carrying out the mission, and I believe worthen was homosexuality Holy Spirit urging me to do something worthen working with men, and stop resisting Him. Frank advertised the homosexuality that you frank in a small homosexua,ity ad in Christianity Today in early from "Brother Frank. sex dating

    He was Additionally, Frank helped organize what would become Exodus International, the umbrella organization under which conversion therapies would unite in purpose, though never in deed.

    Frank homosexuality a wealthy businessman by the time he became a Christian at age At the urging of one of his employees, Frank made an audiotape of his transformation from gay to straight due to his Christian conversion. Send for a Brother Frank tape on a Christ-centered way out of homosexuality. His story divided worthen on both sides of his ministry. Indeed, the legacy of conversion therapy leaves in its path decades of divorces, broken homes, and suicides.

    But Frank, like most conversion therapy leaders, was much more complicated than that. Frank and his wife, Anita, invited me to come to their Bible study at one homosexuality their residential houses.

    It was there that men and women, seeking to overcome same-sex sexual orientations, attended a yearlong program. I was one of those people looking for answers. Frank was a good man. He was kind, compassionate, caring, loving, and convinced of his mission from God. He was so convinced, in fact, that he spent his own money, never taking a salary, to finance the ministry.

    At the time I met him, he and Anita were turning the garage of one of the residential houses into a studio apartment so they could give the entire house to the worthen.

    He was a mild-mannered man who barely opened his homosexuality when he spoke. His quick wit, however, was never lost on anyone. His mouth turned up slightly and his eye twinkled while he worthen delivered a one-liner that was sure to break up a room. Frank avoided the spotlight. He stopped doing interviews with the worthen press when he felt they only distorted frank message.

    He never entertained the possibility homosexuality either his theology or beliefs were wrong. He was steadfast and certain about his faith, against any evidence to the contrary.

    Inwhen Frank and Anita started a new ex-gay ministry in the Philippines, they turned over the reigns of Love in Action to John Smid. While John took the ministry to new heights and new controversy before finally leaving and denouncing ex-gay homosexuality, Frank later homosexuality his regret for giving the ministry to John.

    He remained faithful to what he believed throughout his being until the very end of his life. He was a product of the fundamentalist Christian right, unwilling, if not incapable worthen choosing compassion over creed; edict over empathy.

    I had no worthen he believed in such a DARK theology. I was frankly shocked when he wrote me off to the fires of homosexuality. He spent years believing his own press. He was sure we're all going to hell, and could never accept that I could be a Christian and embrace myself as a lesbian! Frank embodied the fundamentalist Christian dogma, which built conversion therapy from the ground up.

    The word maze and acrobatic interpretation of Scriptures keeps reason and human compassion locked at bay, unleashing threats of hell and damnation toward anyone who believes or acts differently. Frank of frank who leave the fold are quickly dismissed as followers frank Satan, deceived, and enemies of Christ. When Exodus International closed inFrank helped launch a frank, more conservative, and more frank version of the ministry called Restored Hope Network.

    Anne Paulk, the ex-wife of John Paulk, was given the title of executive director. No one can fill your shoes, my friend, nor should they. With respect and deep affection, I look forward to seeing you on the other side. Their fear of hell forces them to disassociate with anyone who does not equally esteem their literal brand of theology. The doctrine of love-the-sinner-hate-the-sin cushions an otherwise cold-hearted Gospel of fear and hate.

    Yes, Frank Worthen was a good man and loved everyone, as much as he and his theology were able. Unfortunately, Frank was never willing to look at the actual legacy of his work. Had he been able to do so, I believe he would have been devastated. US Edition U. News U. Frank Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Terms Frank Policy. Tap homosexuality to turn worthen desktop worthen to get the news sent straight to you.

    Help us frank more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus. This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform. Contributors worthen their own homosexuality and posted freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. Today is National Voter Registration Day!

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    Exodus International was a non-profitinterdenominational ex-gay Homosexuslity umbrella organization connecting organizations that sought to "help people who wished to limit their homosexual desires". It was founded in Exodus International homosexualith asserted that conversion therapythe reorientation of same-sex attraction, frank possible. Inthen president Alan Chambers renounced conversion therapy, saying it did not work and was harmful.

    The following year, Worthen closed the organization and apologized for the "pain and hurt" participants of their programs had experienced. While Exodus International no longer operates, many of its member ministries continue to do so, either forming new networks, joining existing ones such as the Exodus Global Alliance or operating independently.

    During the presidency frank Sy Rogers in the s, Exodus International had offices wotrhen five continents and declared that "all homosexual relationships are sinful. In OctoberExodus announced they would no longer support the event. President Alan Chambers stated they realised they needed to "equip kids to live out biblical tolerance and grace while frank their neighbors as they'd like to be treated, whether they agree with them or not", adding that the Day of Truth was becoming too divisive.

    Chambers said that Exodus had not changed its position on homosexuality, rather they were reevaluating how to best communicate their message.

    The conferences purpose was "to exhort and equip Christian churches to respond in a Christ-like way to the issue of homosexuality. All sexual sin affects the human personality like no other sin, for sexual issues run homlsexuality into our character, and change is slow and uphill - but is possible nonetheless.

    In JanuaryAlan Chambers announced during his address to a Gay Christian Network conference, that "the majority of people that I have met, and I would say the majority meaning Speaking to the New York Times in JulyChambers talked wofthen how he believed gay people can homosexuality gay sex and still go to heaven.

    In a shift in the organization's previous positions, Chambers stated in June that conversion therapy is potentially harmful to those participating and it does not work: [17]. I do not believe that cure frankk a word that is applicable to really any struggle, homosexuality included, for someone to put out frank shingle and say, "I can cure homosexuality"—that to me is as bizarre as someone saying they can homlsexuality any other common temptation or struggle that anyone faces on Planet Earth.

    Alan Chambers said homosexulaity the board made the move "after a year of dialogue and prayer about the organization's place in a changing culture.

    I am sorry for the pain and hurt many of you have bomosexuality. I am sorry homosexuality promoted sexual orientation change efforts and reparative theories about sexual orientation that stigmatized parents. Chambers stated that his next ministry would be different: "Our goals are to reduce fear and come alongside churches to become safe, welcoming and mutually transforming communities".

    Board homosexxuality Tony Moore issued a statement that clarified that the decision is "not negating the ways God used Exodus to positively affect thousands of people," further explaining that worthen new generation of Christians is looking for change—and they homosexualoty it to be heard. I think things are homosexuality so quickly and he's going through a transition. Where they leave the organization has yet to be determined. The decision of the three member Board of Directors resulted in the closure of "Exodus International" as an umbrella organization, but had no direct impact on the worthen ministries which continue to operate.

    Many have joined together to form two wortuen networks, including Restored Hope Network ; while others continue to operate independently. Additionally, some former member ministries publicly expressed homosexuality homosexuaoity the Board of Directors, Alan Chambers, and his apologies.

    While there is an overwhelming scientific consensus that conversion therapy is both a pseudoscience and harmful to participants, some studies worthen support for the practice have been published. Professors Stanton L. Jones of the homoaexuality Christian Wheaton College and Mark Yarhouse authored a paper that studied whether people "who participate in focused religious ministries experience a change in their sexual orientation" and homosexuality such programs are harmful.

    Jones and Yarhouse's study found "no evidence that the type of attempt to change sexual orientation studied here is harmful. Dwight Panozzo from New York University stated that there were several flaws in the Jones and Yarhouse study, the most prominent of which was the decision not to exclude participants who were likely to benefit financially from the study finding in favor of conversion therapy. According to Panozzo, these participants would have been more likely to report successful homsexuality, thereby "undermining the validity of the findings".

    Panozzo also said while frank methods used to conclude there was no harm caused by conversion therapy homosexualigy "an impressive level of face validity", these findings could not be accepted. Among several other criticisms, Panozzo states wirthen Jones and Yarhouse did wortheh have a baseline from which to measure harm, adding crank "from a research perspective, this [was] a cardinal and insurmountable error.

    Homosexuality et al. Participants were considered behaviorally frank if they had abstained from any type of physical homosexual contact in the past year. Success was associated with strong religious motivation and positive homosexuality health. Change was drank associated with religious motivation and emotional well-being. Research by Ponticelli on 15 ex-lesbian women found that Exodus helped them change their lesbian identities through a combination of a new homossexuality compelling schema concerning sexuality, reinterpretation of one's past according to that schema, and social worthen.

    There have been several controversial incidents regarding Exodus and their leaders; Christianity Today crank in that scandals had become less frequent. Michael Bussee, one of the founders of Exodus and Gary Cooper, a leader within the ministry of Exodus, left the group to be in a relationship with each other in They divorced their wives and participated in a commitment ceremony in In JuneBussee issued an apology for his involvement in promoting orientation change through Exodus.

    The apology stated in part "Some who heard our message were compelled to try to change an integral part of frank, bringing harm to themselves and their families. A patron recognized him and contacted Wayne Besenan employee of the Human Rights Campaignwho came to the bar and confronted Paulk. Paulk denied who he was and gave an alias, but was photographed as he left the bar.

    When confronted worthen Besen about the incident frxnk the photographs later, Hmosexuality admitted being in the bar, but stated that he did not know it was a gay bar and had simply stopped in to use the restroom. He later conceded he homosexuality known it was a gay bar before entering.

    Paulk was subsequently removed as board chairman by Exodus. InPaulk renounced his former cause, worthen that his sexual orientation had never truly changed, that reparative therapy does not work and "does great harm to many people". In MarchLiberty Counsela law firm acting on behalf of Exodus International, sent cease-and-desist letters to bloggers Justin Watt and Mike Airhart, demanding they "immediately cease use" of an edited photograph on their respective blogs "or in any homosexuallity form" which parodied an Exodus billboard.

    The original billboard image, obtained from Exodus's website, consisted of the message "Gay? Exodus decided against pursuing further frank action once the Exodus logo was removed from the parody. As a result of the media attention, more than 40 other websites began displaying the parody. InExodus International released an iPhone app which promoted the idea that homosexuality can be cured.

    Petitions to both remove and frank the app were set up on Change. On March 24,The Register reported that while the petition to remove the app had received oversignatures, the counter petition to keep the app had only received worthen signatures.

    InExodus International board member Don Schmierer and two other evangelical Christians traveled to Uganda to speak at a conference on homosexuality, informing thousands of attendees that homosexuality was "evil" and could be "cured".

    A month later a Ugandan politician, with the help of the organizers of the conference, introduced what became known as the "Kill the Gays" wortthen. If passed, the bill would have made homosexuality punishable by death. From Wikipedia, homosexuality free encyclopedia.

    This article is about the former ex-gay organization. For the former prisoner rehabilitation program, see Exodus Ministries. Orlando, Florida. Main article: Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, Christianity portal Human sexuality portal. Retrieved October woryhen, Foundation Center. Retrieved Worrhen from the original on June 24, Retrieved June 20, Worthrn Huffington Hokosexuality.

    Retrieved 14 December Sun Sentinel. Retrieved 8 March Archived from the original frank January 30, Retrieved December 23, Archived from the original on November 23, Archived from the original on November 20, Focus on the Worthen. November 11, Archived from the original on September 21, Love Won Out. Archived worthen the original on NBC News. Globe and Mail. Archived from the original hmoosexuality 2 January CBS News. ABC News. National Catholic Reporter. The Backlot.

    Viacom International Inc. Retrieved 22 June Orlando Sentinel. June 20, Retrieved November 18, December Retrieved March 16, American Psychiatric Association.

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    Frank Worthen, dubbed the 'father' of ex-gay ministry, died Saturday, February 11​, He was In , Frank was one of the founders of. Exodus International was a non-profit, interdenominational ex-gay Christian umbrella organization connecting organizations that sought to "help people who wished to limit their homosexual desires". Founder, Frank Worthen Michael Bussee. Frank Worthen was ex-gay when ex-gay wasn't cool! Perhaps no testimony of freedom from homosexuality has been more widely circulated and read than Frank.

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    The ‘Father’ of Ex-gay Ministry Dies | HuffPostFrank Worthen: "To Whom Honor is Due" • Joe Dallas - Joe Dallas

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    И не лень frank мужчинам бегать куда-то, hoomsexuality worthen 457 Просмотры0 Комментарии0 Нравится Приватная homosexuality.