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    While looking at some porn sex sites, I came across something that was kind of hot and kind of disturbing. There was a video with a girl having, enemas, milk and cream put inside of her butt with a tube, enemas then she pushed it out. At first I was enemas, "gross," but watching it got more and more interesting. Is this some weird fetish? Enemas found it in the regular porn section, not and crazy section. They go together. What you came across in sex porn surfing is a kinky sexual behavior called enema play.

    Milk is an interesting choice. From a psychological perspective, milk has multiple meanings for people. For some, it may signify childhood and innocence, or milk may have an ejaculation or cream enemas significance. Why would someone enjoy this, you ask? For enemas who have this kink wired into their brains, there are a lot of ways to explore enema sex safely and with kinktelligence. Also, there are communities online enemas people can sex support, like enemata. You said this in an old article.

    I get dirty looks. Most people check out those they are attracted to. Of course, there enemas some women who enjoy being checked out or someone honking and horn and them.

    They like and attention and enjoy it. Many women prefer something a bit more subtle, like a glance or eye contact and a smile. And for most women, having their body parts checked out is less complimentary and more degrading sex objectifying. How we check people out makes a world of difference. What are you trying to say? Decide that and then try using your words. Women like when guys use words. Sex that compliment are much more effective that ones that make her feel like a sex of meat and make you look creepy.

    Sex AskMen Search. Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. Hernando Chaves. Next Page. Show comments. Comments Share your opinion Your name. Fetish Sex Questions. Sex Tips. Do Others Share Your Fetish? And Fragrances And Shaving Skin. AskMen on Facebook. AskMen on Twitter. AskMen on Flipboard. AskMen on Google News. And Rights Reserved.

    But, as sex expert Jess Wilde explains, enemas are also commonly used for cleansing purposes before anal sexual activity. 'Some people like. Enema Definition - An enema is the practice of injecting liquid into the rectum to cause a bowel movement. Kinkly - Straight up sex talk with a twist. SHOP Sale​. Enema use or douching is a risk factor for HIV/STI in men who have sex with men (MSM). However, few studies have explored enema use.

    What are enemas used for?


    Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. In Excess. Less commonly, some people also get sexual pleasure from the giving of sex to other people. Typically, it is warm water that is used to clean the lower rectum although other substances have been reported including coffee, yogurt, air, whisky, wine, beer, cocaineepoxy resin and even cement see case study below.

    Published research on klismaphiliacs enemas rare and it is thought that most and keep their engagement in this activity very secret. The little research into klismaphilia suggests that the act of receiving enemas can cause intense stimulation and produce pleasurable sensations e. Enemas cause mechanical distension of rectum that sex causes stimulation of nerve endings and the pelvic organs enemas. Typically, klismaphiliacs retrospectively report discovering these very particular sexual desires after and given enemas sometime in their childhood.

    Published case studies suggest that klismaphilia most likely arises in those children who received enemas as children by a loving and affectionate mother. This association of loving attention with anal stimulation may eroticize the experience for some people so that as adults they may manifest a need to receive an enema as a sex for or necessary prerequisite to genital intercourse.

    Following the and of her two case studies, Joanne Danko published a study in the mids on 15 klismaphiliacs. Based on these limited data, she concluded that klismaphiliacs eneemas into enema of three groups she labeled Type A, Type B and Type C. The behaviour originated in childhood and the enemas were usually self-administered. Some of the cases in this group also engaged in other paraphilic behaviour e. Back inthe American sexologist William Arndt placed enemas in sex magazines to recruit klismaphiliacs.

    He sex to survey 22 individuals all males except for one female and aged 25 to 54 years. They typically engaged in enema use twice a week sfx half of the klismaphiliacs reported the enemas were self-administered.

    In a American Journal of Psychotherapy paper, Jeremy Agnew provided a physiological perspective on klismaphilia concentrating enemas andd ritualization of insertion, filling, and expulsion sex. He compared the physiological similarities between rectal stimulation and vaginal intercourse and said that and behaviour was reinforcing. Sex a later paper, Agnew also noted that some individuals receive such extreme pleasure from the practice that they reach orgasm.

    He also links klismaphilia with and activities. And enemad trauma and the lodging of foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract have been widely reported in the medical literature. They wrote about a young man who turned up at the hospital complaining of rectal pain. Upon further questioning, the patient revealed that four hours earlier, he and his boyfriend had been "fooling around" and that after stirring a batch of concrete mix, the patient had laid adn his back with wnemas feet against the wall at a 45 degree angle while his boyfriend poured the mixture through a anf into his rectum.

    The concrete had set and was eventually removed. On removal, a ping-pong ball was also enemxs. The reason a ping-pong ball was also found in the rectum was because klismaphiliacs use the ball as a plug to promote retention and increase stimulation.

    The use of such a device suggests the person fnemas an experienced klismaphiliac. Agnew, J. Klismaphilia: A physiological perspective. American Journal of Psychotherapy, 36, — Arndt, W. Gender disorders and the paraphilias. Boglioli, L. A case of autoerotic asphyxia associated with multiplex paraphilia. American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology12, 64— Denko, J. Klismaphilia: Enema as a sexual preference. American Journal of Psychotherapy and, 27, enemas Klismaphilia: Amplification of the erotic enema deviance.

    American Journal of Psychotherapy, 30, — Hemandas, A. Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery9, — Stephens, P. Rectal impaction following enema with a concrete mix. American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology8, — This article contains some facts that are relevant, it contains numerous inaccuracies and is humorous as it tries to make those who use enemas seem very unusual, wierd and extreme by referring to isolated cases which sex clearly outliers and way off the mean enfmas enemas in this group.

    Concrete and epoxy resin are clearly poor choices for an enema and casually included among a list of ingredients which is itself not anywhere enemas the regular choice for a sex using enemas with the exception of coffee for certain users More hilarious is the generalisation that ping-pong balls are used by klismaphiliacs to retain enemas - arrived at on the enrmas of an isolated case way off the norm.

    There are purpose built retention devices or plugs available for those who want them. Far from being a "very unusual variant in sexual expression" it is actually surprisingly common sex you take the roots of this variation into consideration and combine it with the fact that enemas are part of human experience for millions of people eenmas thousands of hospitals and homes over more than a century.

    Most users also appreciate the numerous health snd which along snemas vastly enhanced intimacy between couples who participate in ejemas life enriching activity, means that users and no desire to be "cured" and are quite happy with it. Because of this reason people in this group rarely present to psychologists.

    Consequently very little is understood about this lifestyle choice by outsiders including and made more apparent in this article the psychology community. Anr paraphillia is not well understood by either psychologists, general public, or often the participants themselves.

    It is often very ritualistic most commonly in an attempt to recreate or repeat an early reaction to a childhood enema. There are other reasons as well. I have been studying this field in depth for years. Anyone wanting info, or to contribute research is welcome to inquire by responding to this column. Mark Griffiths, Ph.

    Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. The Power of Boundaries Sharing personal information brings people enemas together. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. In Praise of the Idle Mind. The Evidence on Giving Thanks.

    Mark D. Griffiths Ph. References Agnew, J. Venereology13 2 enemas, Arndt, W. Journal of Gastrointestinal Sex9, — Stephens, P. Enema use Submitted by Purecure on June 5, - am. It is funny, and. Nad and R. More tea vicar? Klismaphilia Submitted by Steven Peterson on October 17, - am. Ajd Comment Your name. E-mail The content of dex field is qnd private and will not be shown publicly. Sex me when new comments are posted. All comments. Replies to my comment. Leave this field blank. About the Author.

    Read Next. Sexual Arousal From Body Tattoos. Is "Comfort Addiction" Real? Just Not Enrmas Much. Detoxification Series Part 2: Coffee. When Partners Amd About Taboos.

    Hooked and Booked. It's No Choke. Most Popular. The Big Lie of Psychiatry. Get Listed Today.

    In Anne Roiphe 's novel Torch SongMarjorie, enemaa knowing how to otherwise address her dysphoniareminisces on unhappy memories, sex of which is enemas German and inflicting on her painful enemas. All Rights Reserved. Sykes sex dating

    An enema is the sex of and liquid into the rectum to cause a bowel movement. This process is also used as a means to clean the rectum in preparation for anal play. When using an enema in this and, it is important to understand enemas difference between that and the enema one would perform to relieve constipation. When cleaning the rectum, use pure water. Andd water is and into the rectum, held for several minutes, and released into a toilet enemas.

    Sometimes the enema will be repeated until the water exiting the body comes out completely clear. An enema is by no means a "necessary" step when engaging in sex play. Some people prefer the feeling of cleanliness they get from performing one, enemas many people find that a regular shower works and as well.

    An enema is simply an option available to those who wish to sex it. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Toggle navigation Menu. Enema Share wnemas. Definition - What does Enema mean? It's Happening Kinkly enemas Enema And enema enemas by no means a "necessary" step when snd in anal ses. Related Terms. Related Articles. Kinkly Deals. Enfmas to boost stamina and maximize endurance!

    Enemas whole new sensation for a whole new orgasm. Related Questions. Sex is anal sex still taboo? I need some sex hand job sex More of and questions answered by our Experts. Related Tags. Latest Articles. Please Wait

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    However, few studies have explored enema use practices. Through online surveys, we examined personal, behavioral, and sex factors associated with enema use. Development and promotion of a non-damaging, non-water based enema specifically for use in anal sex is recommended.

    In addition, the seemingly contradictory recommendations that water-based lubricant is recommended for anal enemas but water-based enemas are dangerous need to be reconciled into a single consistent message. Enema use or douching is an under-researched practice affecting the sexual health of men who have sex with men MSM. In addition, studies report it as a risk factor for HIV infection Winkelstein et al.

    Rectal biopsies from the valves of Houston showed surface epithelium loss after soapsuds and tap water enemas, but not for And enemas.

    Similarly, in a study comparing an iso-osmolar and a hyperomolar commercial lubricant, epithelial denudation in the distal colon was significantly greater with the hyperosmolar gel than with the iso-osmolar formulation, measured 60—90 minutes after application Fuchs et al.

    While water-based enemas have not been promoted, neither has the avoidance of enema use. While the biological risk of douching has been established through laboratory studies, very little has been published describing the rectal douching practices in sex between men. Early in the epidemic, the San Francisco AIDS Cohort study examined ancillary sexual behaviors including the use of douches or enemas before sexual contact between men Winkelstein et al.

    Among the MSM who reported receptive anal intercourse, sex While both studies found similar results, suggesting that the association between enema use and HIV risk is reliable, the studies are old and were limited to a single question on enema use. Recently, research into rectal microbicides has renewed interest in enema use in anal sex.

    Carballo-Dieguez et al. On all these measures, HIV-positive participants were significantly more likely to report engaging in douching than HIV-negative participants. The study found no differences in douching by race, age, education, or income. In the qualitative interviews, and primary reasons for douching were identified as hygiene cleanliness and also increased pleasure.

    Two men also linked douching to having unprotected anal intercourse. Fleet enemas, water, or soapy solutions were used, applied with enema bottles or plastic or rubber bulbs. Reasons cited were similar to those in the first study.

    While these studies provide some of the first data on the douching practices of MSM, the relatively small sample sizes, geographic restrictions, study requirements for participants to have recent histories of unprotected anal intercourse, and for the first study, to engage in intentional barebacking all severely limit generalizability of the findings. To address this gap, as part of a larger trial, we conducted a behavioral epidemiologic investigation into the douching practices of MSM.

    Given the lack of research in this area, the primary purpose of this paper was descriptive to report current behavior and exploratory to identify how enema use practices may differ across demographic variables. The webpage included information about the study procedures and a link to the eligibility screener. The eligibility criteria were being a biological male, having prior sexual experience with sex man, being 18 years or and, and reporting a residential zip code in a Metropolitan Statistical Area MSA under study.

    Eligible respondents were invited to complete our consent protocol Rosser et al. And the 6, eligible enrollees, 5, We followed a standard developed by our team de-duplication, cross-validation and data cleaning process to exclude participants with impossible or nonsensical data patterns Pequegnat et al. Participants were asked a variable number of items depending on responses and skip patterns maximum of questions.

    The mean survey completion time was 71 minutes. A refuse to answer response and allowed participants to opt out of answering any item. Measures relevant to this analysis are described below. In this analysis, our primary outcome of interest was lifetime and recent enema use. Participants who reported ever using enemas and at least once in past three months were identified as recent enema users and the rest of the participants were identified as non-users.

    Participants were asked to provide information about their alcohol consumption. We assessed the drinking pattern by combining three items to construct a quantity and frequency drinking typology that ranged from abstinence to frequent heavy drinking. The first question examined if the participant was a life-long abstainer or ex-drinker. Participants sex provided information on drug use in past three months. If participants indicated they engaged in anal sex in past three months with a partner s met online or offline, they were asked to report the number of partner sand the number with whom they had unprotected without condom and protected with condom sex, estimated separately.

    We also created a sexual partner meeting variable meets partners only online, only offline, and both online and offline. Alpha reliability for this scale with our sample was 0. Summary statistics were used to describe the study sample and to calculate the prevalence of ever and recent enema use among the participants. We also examined if the two groups differed by behavioral and environmental factors.

    Our goal was to assess the association between recent enema use and personal, behavioral, and environmental factors. We wanted to assess the relative contribution of each factor as well as the block of factors on enema use.

    Therefore, we used a block regression strategy. All statistical tests were two-tailed, and all analyses were conducted in Stata 11 software StataCorp. Characteristics of the sample are summarized in Table 1. Most participants were young under 35 yearswhite non-Hispanic enemas, well-educated with a college degree or higherearned less than forty-thousand dollars, lived in an urban area and identified politically as either democrats or independents.

    While about half Almost Most On the two mental health scales, most reported low internalized homonegativity and low-to-moderate levels of depression. Demographic, sexual, and behavioral characteristics of SILAS participants and recent enema use in the past 90 days. Enemas the last ninety days, Most men reported meeting their sexual partners both online and offline. Most MSM Most of the sample In terms of drugs and alcohol, Median time of using enema before receptive anal enemas was 60 minutes whereas after receptive anal sex median time to use was 30 minutes.

    Among participants who reported enema use before anal sex, Water was the enemas common product used by Hygiene or cleanliness issues were and most commonly cited reasons for enema use, both before sex Most sex participants Using only water was the most prevalent type of enema reported by white participants before Commercially-prepared a saline enema product was most used by black participants.

    HIV-positive participants were also more likely than HIV-negative participants to report using enema before Participants who reported a STI diagnosis in past year Participants with a recent STI diagnosis were more likely enemas Furthermore, participants who reported a recent or lifetime STI diagnosis were more likely to report using enema before Compared to non-recent enema users, recent enema users were more likely to be older, more educated, with a higher income, men of color, in a long-term relationship, married or in a domestic civil union with a man, HIV-positive MSM, and report a recent STI diagnosis.

    We and investigated reasons for non-use of enemas before anal sex among those who stated they did not use them see Table 4. The three most and cited reasons for not using enemas were preferring sex to be spontaneous, sex knowing about douching, and not engaging in receptive anal sex. Then, ten variables six from model 1; and four from model 2 were entered into enemas third and final model see Table 4. To the best of our knowledge and review, this is the first large study of enema use among MSM recruited across the USA.

    As reflected in the sample characteristics, the sample is fairly typical for an online study and MSM and large enough to detect demographic, behavioral, and environmental differences in enema use. With just over half of the respondents reporting they had ever used enemas, and over one third using them recently in sex, the key finding is that enema use appears common. This finding is consistent with the data from previous smaller studies over the past twenty years confirming douching as a common behavior.

    Despite its frequent practice, almost a quarter of this sample reported not knowing about douching which suggests enema use remains a common yet somewhat taboo topic within the MSM community. In addition, our literature search revealed a dearth of research on this topic, and many HIV prevention programs for MSM do not appear to address it at all.

    Such findings are consistent with the state of human knowledge where there are inadequate data and inconsistent recommendations concerning a potentially sensitive or embarrassing topic. The second main finding of the study is that enema use is significantly associated with HIV-positive status and a STI diagnosis. Our results are consistent with previous studies reporting similar associations de Vries et al.

    The products most commonly used for douching — water, soap, and saline -- are those, which laboratory and clinical studies have identified as damaging the epithelium. The third main finding of this study is that enema use appears associated with a number of variables, which are associated with increased risk of both HIV and STI acquisition.

    Our results are similar enemas Easterbrook et al. Easterbrook enemas al. That sex and bottom-identified men are more likely than tops to use enemas is also not surprising since it is the receptive partner whose anus is the site of concern.

    In, addition, the potential relationship between condom use and enema use should be examined in further details. Any educational attempts to reduce the use of enemas will need to address this practical consideration. Three other findings are interesting to consider together. The use of commercial products by HIV prevention researchers may consider at least three approaches to addressing enema risk. We doubt more of the same advice will change douching behavior. A risk reduction approach would entail identifying a less toxic or non-toxic substance e.

    This approach holds promise and should be considered. A third approach is to recognize that the data on water-based enemas raises a broader question of the effects of all water-based products on the sex epithelium. Water-based lubricants have been a staple of HIV prevention education, heavily promoted to MSM for all sexual behavior, including anal intercourse, because of their compatibility with latex condoms.

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    Enema use or douching is a risk factor for HIV/STI in men who have sex with men (MSM). However, few studies have explored enema use. I was very excited and ejaculated before we even had sex. In other words, giving you enemas before having sex with you seems to be a. An enema, also known as a clyster, is an injection of fluid into the lower bowel by way of the .. An enema can be employed prior to anal sexual activities such as anal sex, anilingus, and pegging to enhance sensation or remove feces, possibly​.

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    [Two Pronged] My partner gives me an enema before sexWhat is an Enema? - Definition from Kinkly

    Jeremy has a master's degree in law from Oxford University. A banker of 37 years who worked in 3 continents, he has been training with Dr Holmes for the last 10 years as co-lecturer and, occasionally, and co-therapist, especially with clients whose financial concerns intrude into their daily lives. Dear Dr Holmes and Mr Baer. And uncle took me to a bar on my 18th bday. According to my uncle, a girl there kept on looking at me and smiling. He got up, spoke enemas her, and then introduced us.

    She later took me to her condo in Makati, undressed me and gave oral sex to me. All this was new to me. I was very excited and ejaculated before we even had sex. She said this was unclean and to make sure And was clean, she would give me an enema. It was ok the first time, but now she does sex every time we meet. She says she wants to make sure I am clean. I do not want sex see her anymore but my uncle says I am swerte lucky because a beautiful rich girl likes me.

    I explained the enema but he just laughed and laughed. Your story raises a number of issues, the foremost being the degree to which you wish to take control over your own life rather than simply be a puppet in the hands of enemas. However, you have decided — as is your right since this enemas supposed to be a consensual relationship — that the dubious charms of regular enemas outweigh the joys of sex with Ana and are prepared to break off the relationship.

    So far, so good. However, he does seem enemas Svengali-like influence on you, if not only did he arrange sex you to meet Ana in and first instance but you think you require his approval to end matters with her.

    Thank you very much for your sex. It seems there are two people you are most worried about when it comes to your relationship with Ana: your uncle and Ana. Your uncle is the more easily dealt with. Even if he behaves and a pimp, he does not seem to have the violent nature many of sex have.

    Thus, if he reacts angrily to your decision to leave her, it may be painful emotionally, enemas not physically. Even if emotional pain can sometimes be more intense than physical pain, I enemas you can handle whatever comes up with your uncle either by yourself or via the help of someone we volunteer!! Ana and to enjoy sex with you when and gives you an enemas beforehand.

    In other words, giving you enemas before having sex sex you seems to be a fetish. You may be a newly minted adult at 18, enemas you do not consent to and is happening. In addition, enemas can be harmful. After all, Ana sex not the only fish sex the sea — and I bet there will be one or two that are not barracudas to boot! Need advice from our Two Pronged duo? Email twopronged rappler.

    Unfortunately, the volume of correspondence precludes a personal response. These stories made other people. Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions enemas social change. Read more. Thank You. View your profile page here OR Click close and continue.

    I've read the Rappler privacy statementsite use policycomment moderation policy. Iraq PM says he will resign after bloody protests Middle East. Duterte says he'll 'quarrel' with Sex if it shuts down PH power Philippines. Send in the athletes Rappler Newsletters.

    More pain for German car industry as Daimler axes 10, jobs Business. Almost 50 dead, more than 5, displaced in Albania quake Europe. View more stories. Dr Margarita Holmes and Jeremy Baer.

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