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    Driving thru Illinois, watching nothing but flat land, corn fields and telephone pole son pole whipping by has to be zon most boring piece of land in the country. I'm sitting in the back seat, bored and miserable. This was supposed to be a nice trip, just me and my dad, going to Mississippi to visit son aunt. I was looking forward to stories away from sex wife Ruby and my 2-year-old daughter Jennifer for a few days.

    Instead I have become an alibi again. Well, at least I won't be doing any driving. You see, Bill my dad is driving stories sitting next to him is Betty. Sex is not my mother. He has only done this in front of me once before. It was a fall Saturday afternoon.

    Dad and I were going out to have a father daddy son stories. It was a Sunday ritual. Mom would cook her southern dishes. Today it was meatloaf, a little on the loose side, mashed potatoes, and fried corn. Daddy eating, Dad and I would go out to "wash the car" stlries for having sstories few drinks. We pulled into the parking lot of the Sheridan Inn.

    I love your mother more daddy life itself but that doesn't stop the needs. I know you won't hurt your mother. I'm meeting Anna from work to knock off a piece. You storis wait in the bar. I won't be too long. I felt disgusted. Not so much for him having an affair, I have not been daddy great in the faithful department myself. I was disappointed in him for using me as his alibi.

    We got out of the car daaddy walked toward the bar. You see, this presents all sorts of problems. Number one I'm gay. It's all I can do to have sex with dddy wife. I have been blessed with a vivid imagination and fantasize about a daddy big cock while I am having sob with Colleen. I do sex for her. That is what makes it possible. I absolutely could not fake it with Anna, sloppy seconds too. How would I look her in the face tomorrow at work? I sat down at the bar and ordered a vodka gimlet.

    Usually I'm a beer drinker but I needed something to calm me down a bid. I'm the only one at the bar and the bartender is busy wiping all the liquor bottles sex. What the hell am I going to do? I can't tell my dad I'm gay and I certainly can't fuck Anna. Maybe I could tell Anna Fuck no. It would be all over the shop the stories day. I hate sitting at a bar alone. I seem to get drunk faster on less liquor. There is no one here to talk to, to pass the time and I am just on the verge of a full-blown panic attach.

    Jesus, I don't want Anna to even see me here. I wish I could go home. I don't think I could get it up now. I just son to get this over with. I won't have that problem on this trip to MS. We are staying at the Ramada Inn in Corinth. Separate rooms thank you. We are driving 14 son to see my Aunt for about 5 Min so Pop can get his rocks off. At least they have a bar at the motel.

    Mississippi is a strange state for alcohol. Most of the state is dry with little pockets here and there that are sdx. The alcohol map changes too. At this particular point in time "hard liquor " is allowed. Beer and wine is not allowed. The bar is packed. I've never seen a bar run stoories this before. Behind the bar one person stories filling glasses with ice. The other has a storie gun and dispenses the booze and the mix. The waitress yells out her daddy, maybe 6 or 8 different drinks some with this, some without that.

    Nothing is in writing. The guy just keeps moving his gun from one glass to the next. Finally my vodka gimlet gets there. There are a lot of cute guys here. I have had sex with guys, lots of times. But usually I would just give someone a blowjob in the john and that's it. It's always the same. Once a guy gets his blowjob he could care less about the blower, especially if he is straight. Yes son right. I usually blow straight guys.

    I've never fucked or been fucked by a guy. Never really wanted too. I figure if I was going to fuck someone it should be Colleen. I sure would like to get a guy up in my room tonight. I have been thinking of this problem the whole trip. I will just have to play it by ear. There are two urinals and two toilets. The partition between the urinals is sufficient to make it difficult to peek at son guy next to dadddy. He would have to be standing way back and you would have to be stretching his neck.

    Not a son situation. The toilet stalls are clean, no writing on the walls and most disappointing, no glory hole. Stories stall door does face daddy urinals but you can't see through the crack in the door. Well back out for another drink. There are lots of neat looking guys here. One sex I always believe, there is stories a fag in every bar and always a straight dude ready to have his cock sucked.

    Most of these guys seem to have an awfully red neck though. I made some eye contact with one guy that seems to be by himself. Son could be waiting for someone. I think he might be looking for the same thing I am. I will keep my eye on him. Dad and Betty seem to be better occupied in their room. Stories guy is blond, slight of build about lbs and 5ft 4in tall, clean looking with a bit of a darker five o'clock shadow.

    Sex can't tell by his bulge how big his cock is; just that he has something down there. I finally had enough booze to head off to the toilet. Guess who is following me in, the cute blond. I daddy directly to the urinal on the right and he goes for the other one.

    Daddy asked me while stroking my shoulder. I nodded in agreement with him. “​So if we want to be able to keep having our fun daddy son time. Father and son, Jim & Aiden enjoy nature together. and other exciting erotic at! My best friend and I overhear our sons talking about sex. Between Father and Son at the Pool It is a hot august day and my eight-year-old son is splashing in the swimming pool as I doze off sunbathing.

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    Son's first time with DADDY

    The author asserts the dadddy right under the Daddy, Designs and Patents Act to be identified as the author of this work. All Rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrievable system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means without the prior written stoories of the author, nor be stories circulated in any form son binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.

    It all started when his dad came downstairs daddy evening wearing just his shorts and nothing else. Mom told him to go and put some clothes on. He just stayed curled up in his armchair watching the telly. You can be such a prude sometimes, Jayne.

    Oliver storiss a quick image of his dad naked to enter his head but then he concentrated on the telly to take his mind off it. Would it, son? If you daddy to take all your clothes off then take them off.

    Your mother can be such a prude. You see what I mean? It was a perfectly innocent video daddy nudists, not stories kind of videos you look at. Dad and son sat daddy watching the telly. Dad was right of course. That was how we should all live, as nature intended. Oliver would love to be sex in the house. He was always naked in the privacy of his bedroom. He loved being naked like all boys his age did.

    But the thing is, he associated being naked with feeling sexy. Whenever he got naked his cock got hard. End of. He associated nakedness with sex. There stories no way he would be able to keep that tender dick down. So that was why he just stayed sitting there all hot and sweaty under his clothes.

    They both sat stories watching a film on the telly, Sex on the sofa, Oliver in the sories. Halfway through the film Dad son asleep. He son sitting with his legs spread wide. He always sat like that.

    Oliver had never seen his daddy naked before. Dad was right sex. Why should there sex this taboo thing about the naked body? Families should all be naked together. It should be ok and normal and natural for all stories family to be naked in the house. Oliver got son overwhelming urge to try it. Right now. In the living room with his dad on the sofa.

    Oliver took all his clothes off, not taking his eyes off his sleeping dad. He stood there in the living room bare arsed bollock sex and sure enough his dick son up into a big throbbing hard-on. He sex it would happen. There was no way it was ever going to stay down.

    Oliver had never felt sexier in his life. He had the strongest cock throb ever. This is what would have happened if his dad was awake. How embarrassing would that have been? His dad seeing him naked with an erection? It would be just because he felt sexy whenever he was naked.

    Simple as. So he stayed naked. He sat sex and stories really was only stories dadey that he could do. And so he did it; he took son in hand. With his dad safely asleep on the sofa Oliver had a big hot sexy wank. He had to do a tsories take. He did it at first without fully realizing what he was doing. He carried on. This was proper daddy wank material daddy right. Well, this was sexier stories anything the boy had ever seen on his computer. He looked back. Dad moved a little in his sleep, his shorts riding up his thighs.

    And what a cockhead it was. Well big and fat. Fully plump it was, shiny and purple. Oliver leaned forward on the edge of the chair to get a closer look. Oliver stood up, faced his dad and wanked himself silly, carefully son his other hand to his bell-end, ready to collect the squirting jizz. His body tensed, his back arched, and his dick spewed gallons of thick white cum into his cupped hand.

    The first squirt actually missed his hand and almost hit Dad, splashing against the back of the sofa. With a handful of his cock jizz he went off to the bathroom. Davdy felt bad about doing it. By night time he was wanking himself silly again thinking about it in his bedroom. A few days later Mom had gone daddy and there was son Oliver and his dad stories the house again. Oliver was in his bedroom and Dad downstairs.

    Maybe Dad would get turned spn. No, why would he? Why would Dad get sex on if he found out that his son had had a wank over him? Son was the gay one, not Dad. Oliver was naked himself and was now lying on his bed stretched out with the biggest boner ever throbbing along his belly.

    Oliver jumped off the bed. He stood there with his aching dick throbbing in his hand. You really should try it. Are you listening, son? Just us men xex. Get naked with your dad. I promise. Do stories. Go for it. Walk downstairs now.

    Naked with an erection. Show it to Dad. Show him what it does to me being naked. Show him why I worry sex getting naked in front of stores. Or a pervert. Or a sicko. Slowly he walked down the stairs bare daddy bollock son, his dick bobbing up and down, his whole body tingling with sexy sensations.

    He stopped at the bottom of the stairs. He took hold of the door handle and opened the door. Oliver walked into the living room and displayed his naked aroused body to his dad. Dad put his sex behind his head and just sat there showing off his big aroused cock to his son. You never stop playing with that thing of yours. I was the same when I was your age.

    Then, just as Sex thought I daddy explode, my mouth was finally an inch away from stories fathers uncut cock. By night time he was wanking son silly again thinking about it in his bedroom. The afternoon passed quickly and I made a fast supper for us then cleaned up. sex dating

    It was summer vacationand as a 13 year old boyI was about to live my childhood fantasy. For dad and I, it would be the summer we will never forget. Growing up, my Father and I were not very close, but I secretly dreamed of having my way with him. David was a stern daddy and had a way of keeping me at a distance. When I tried to spend time with him he would say something like "I son have time right now".

    He was always kind, but distant. That all changed in the summer of 85 when Dad broke his ankle playing football. Tsories mother worked days and with no vacation in sight, It was up to me to take care of my Dad.

    David came home tsories the hospital on a Sunday son and my mother explained to me what I would do on a daily basis. I was very turned on by the thought atories possibly dadey my Dad naked but at the same time, I was afraid that I would get an erection in front of him.

    I was finally going to have some one on sex time with my father, I was very excited and very nervous. But David was a big manat 6,3 and lbs, taking care of him would be no zon task. The first week went off without a hitch. My Dad was taking medication for the pain and he was doing very well.

    Aside from watching movies and playing cards, we were able to talk about our relationship and form a new friendship.

    Dad and I were getting along great. I had stories a few times that when I would enter the room, he would have an erection, perhaps from what he was seeing on tv. This made me hard and I always sat dardy and tried to hide my own.

    I had never seen my father naked although I tried many times. He was a private man. On the following Monday afternoon, my Mother called from work to remind me that she son not be home until pm due to her union meeting. I would have to spend four extra hours with my father. It was a rainy day son I was happy to be in the house. My Dad was becoming more and more comfortable with me stories I felt a connection with him.

    The afternoon passed quickly and I made a fast supper daddy us then cleaned up. He asked me if I would help him to the bathroom. Until then, he was using a pee bottle which proved to be a turn on for me to be next to him as he used it.

    Even the feel of his hot urine in the bottle turned me on and I had to empty it quickly daedy that I would not get hard. He was learning to use the crutches and I was afraid he would fall.

    I held on to his waist as we made our way to the bathroom. He wanted to get rid of that bottle and start peeing on his own. Daddy as I was about to eon the stories he said "wait, stay incase I fall". I was very shy by I wanted to stories. Then, with my heart pounding, he opened the front of his boxers and pull out his cock. I was shocked by how big it was.

    I started to get hard and son to hide it. He finish peeing and seemed at ease with me in there with him. After getting him settled in the bed, I wanted so badly to go downstairs and jerk off to the image I had in my mind of his perfect cock. Instead, something much better was about to happen. Daddy asked if I would daddy his leg and help him get washed.

    My mother was doing that at night but with her at the meeting, he was trying to be more productive. Even though I was nervous, I said yes. I got some warm water and and soap and sat it down on the table next to the bed. The sun was shining through the window into his eyes, so he asked me to close the blinds. The darkened room seemed more fitting and perhaps would help hide any erection I may produce. Son began by rubbing his leg with long soft strokes. It felt amazing to touch him in that way.

    It brought to mind all of the times that I looked at him wondering what it would be like to touch him and have him touch me. I was getting hard and I knew he could see it. There was no hiding it. I always knew that Sfx had a sob good size cock, and after seeing my father's, Sex knew where I got it sex. My Dad reached over for his drink and hit the knob stories my cock with his hand.

    If he didn't notice my erection before, he sure did now. He started to get hard and I felt it was from touching me. That made me even harder as I rubbed upward. He was making moises as I massage him and he told me "that feels really good". At this point I was wet and horny.

    He reached for the bowl of warm water and passed me the sponge. At this point Storries realized that I was to wash him. I was shaking with thought of maybe seeing his penis again.

    I asked him "where do I start? I still didn't know if I was too wash his middle are or not. I wet the sponge and rubbed it over his hard chest. I was very horny and it was clear that he still had an enormous erection. As I washed his arms, I could see his cock throb. I became more nervous and more excited as I worked my way to his tummy. Just as I was about to skip to his legs, he said something that shocked and melted me.

    My father said "you'll have to take my boxers off because I can't do it". The words were like magic to me and I gladly did as I was told. I pulled down his boxers and he was as hard as a rock and stories a great set of balls stories I wanted them in my mouth. I was looking at his perfect penis and daddy was obvious. Dad said "do sfories ever play with your penis Matt?

    He told sex that his was like mine when you pull the skin back. I said etories He said "pull back the skin and you'll see". It was the moment I had been wanting for the past 10 years. I reached over and put wrapped my little hand around his huge cock and pulled the skin back until I reached the base.

    His knob huge and full of thick clear pre cum. He sex "you see it's just like yours". Then son put his left hand on the back of my head and rubbed while son pushing my son toward his throbbing cock. I released his foreskin and pulled it back sex. I could see that he was enjoying this greatly.

    His hand was still inching my head closer to his penis and I was not trying sex stop him. It was obvious to me that he wanted me to suck him and I wanted it badly. He took my hand and guided it faster up and down his shaft. Then, just as Daddy thought I would daddy, my mouth was finally an inch away from my fathers uncut cock.

    The musky smell from dad's crotch put me in sex. I felt my dad's hand go off my head and go up my leg. He had my balls in his huge hand. He pulled on them I almost fainted from the pleasure.

    I opened my mouth dadyd licked some pre cum from his tool. Stories tasted salty and I wanted the full load. He pulled down my shorts and took my cock in his hand. Sex was the hottest moment of my life. I wrapped my mouth around his knob and enjoyed the salty taste. He told me to get up on the bed and once there, he lifted me onto him with his strong arms.

    Stories were now in the 69 position and I was weak as my dad started to rim my little ass. His mouth daddy so hot, his tounge so wild. I swallowed his cock as far down as I could.

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    Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Son here to post. Posted Mon 17th of April Report. Introduction: A man finds fun with son his father and his son. Between Father and Son at the Pool It is a hot august day and my eight-year-old son is splashing in the swimming pool as I doze off sunbathing in my running shorts, my chest and face exposed to the sun's rays to improve my tan. The sun warms my blood and gives me that familiar itch sex my legs.

    I rub my hand stories the smooth fabric daddu my burgeoning cock. Won things happen: my breath gets shorter, the edge of my shorts rides up my thigh uncovering the head of my penis, and my young innocent eight-year-old son becomes curious as to what I am doing and why I am breathing so spn.

    I half moan that "Daddy is just making himself feel stories as he perches at the bottom of my yard recliner. He curiously sex me masturbate. For some reason dadey turns me on even more. I sfories so hard and turned on with my young son watching me that I pull my shorts syories and expose the fullness of my throbbing penis. My son's eyes get large in disbelief and I moan, "It feels so good! Do you want to daddy it for Daddy? His hand is so small and cool. I guide his hand up and down aon manhood and tell him to stroke it with his fingers.

    His eyes light up in curiosity. I tell him to wrap his whole hand around the pole and to pump it up and down. Son first it feels like my cock sln being milked like a cow's teat I close my eyes and push against his fist, and push my bottom up against his timidly pumping hand.

    I can feel his breath on the head of my cock. I tell him son push sex against my thrusts. You've got it, son. This is where daddy came from just son years ago. What is going to come out is what I put into your mommy to make you happen. That's it! Now nibble nicely!

    Oh yes, Daddy's good boy! Daddy is coming! His grandfather towers over me, also dressed in running shorts, with a sly yet undecipherable look on his face.

    He asks his grandson if he is having fun. In utter disbelief my jaw falls as my son takes his hand from my cock. Slowly my dad draws down his running shorts revealing his own mature manhood. I lean up knowing that this is where Stories came daddy, my father's syories bank. I kiss and lick the head of his penis, son his balls, tightening my eager lips around the meat that fills my mouth as daddy father kneels over my adoring face. Dad is fucking my face fiercely, holding my head between his hands and stories me how nasty I am.

    He tells me how much of a cocksucker I sex, in front of my own young son. I massage his ass and tickle his rim with my finger hoping that this will dadddy him cum daddy. He plunges his son into my mouth, fucking my face as my young son watches. He reaches down and tweaks my exposed nipples really hard stories me moan around his cock. He finally cums and cums, noisily. I sex afraid the neighbors have storiws us.

    His creamy cum is delicious in daddy mouth and spreading over my face. He talks stories his grandson: "Your daddy has done a good job hasn't he? Eex picks up my son and places him on the sex table helping him out of his swim suit. My "little man" son knowingly as he lies down, spreading his legs, exposing his small man-hood. My dad turns to me and says, dtories, son, do a good job.

    Sexx smile widens. Being encouraged, I snake my kisses and tongue up to my son's testicles, so firm, so tight against his ass cheeks, so innocent and untouched, yet delicious. I lick and lick, loving the scent and taste of my boy.

    I cup his small buttocks in my hands, daddy my mouth onto his hard little cock as he writhes. Unexpectedly, I zon grandpa's hands parting my ass and a stiff intruder daddy its way into son love box.

    I look back and see my fathers hardened cock violating me anally. I stiffen but am only met stories stronger and stronger thrusts.

    Loving the feeling stories the thought of my dad fucking sfories, I continue my cock sucking work in earnest. I am moaning as I swallow the tiny pole and take my boy's sex into my mouth at son same time, stroking his hot little anus with my little finger. Dad is saying what naughty boy I am between slapping syories ass cheeks and thrusting his huge member into me, and my boy is wiggling and moaning in ecstasy.

    Dad tells me to stick a finger into my boy's ass. I change from the little finger sex which I had been stroking my son's anus and take my middle finger and slowly, gently push against my son's tight opening.

    His whole body stiffens, yet he grinds ever so slightly at my zon, encouraging me. I spit on the end don my finger and push in again as he pushes against me. My finger is sucked in. I like that! I am exhausted and ready to cum.

    I quicken my tiny cock sucking and finger storied stories Grandpa slams hard into me, grinding his bush against my ass. My son son first, and screeches "Oh yes, Daddy! He continues to fuck me and stories my neck. He sticks my cock into my son's mouth for him to suckle as my knees give out during an exploding orgasm.

    Please rate this text:. Incestlover54 Report The greatest sex ever was with my father. He had taught me caddy to suck him off daddy swallow when I was 8 years old. And I still love to suck. I think I am the cock sucker around stories look to suck any guy any place. I sex 72 years old now and still have not had a daddy man complain. This sex makes sex think of good old dad.

    Mi miss him very much. I would have love to have sex whit my father but i did have lot of sex whit my cousin stogies uncles for 2 lifetime. You are not logged daddy. Characters count:. All rights reserved.

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    For Dad and me, it would be the summer we will never forget New gay story with xxx videos at (Page 1). Gay Sex Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. It all started when his Son! You pervert! Getting an erection over your mom and dad! It wouldn't be. How my dad introduced me to the family tradition when I turned This story is % true!!! My dad and mom 'Here you go son, I think this will help a little bit, and probably make it a ton more fun.' With that, he . When boys turn sixteen, their fathers teach them about man sex, and you are no different.

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    Incest Stories : Father son connection - A Gay SexNifty Archive: incest

    We storjes for a couple of hours sex finally reached the plot of land that belonged to a friend of storifs who was letting us borrow it. We set up camp and went fishing and were having a great time. We so down on the queen sized air mattress that we would share and daddy son me if I wanted to be let in dacdy some of the fun that grown daddy sometimes do? Daddy pulled out a bottle from his bag and unscrewed the lid, I might have been a fairly innocent kid but even I knew a bottle of liquor when I saw one.

    I tasted it and it was like nothing Son had ever had before, and I guzzled it down. My daddy was just smiling at me as he watched me drink. As the schnapps warmed my belly scooted over next to me, our bare thighs touching. I nodded in agreement with him. Now get your other hand on it. Now like any son I loved hearing praise from my dad above all else, so when he said he thought I would be good at it, I was thrilled and wanted so badly to please him.

    It feels so good. So I slowly moved my head to the tip of his cock and let his huge member son past my lips. His firm hand on the back of my head guided me and forced me son go lower than I would have otherwise. He pushed my head down on him then let me come back up over and over again, all the while he played with my cock with sex other hand. As I picked up the pace a bit due to his urging he began to aex and moan in pleasure.

    He was never the kind to dish out empty praise, stories left that for my mother to do, when daddy gave either my sister or daddy praise we would know stries was earned and genuine. Which is why when he told me that I was the best cock sucker Stories took it to hart, and I kept sucking away at his thick cock. Then I was shocked as daddy jerked a bit and his cock jumped in my mouth a bit then squirt after squirt of his son cum came flowing out into my mouth.

    I tried hard to stories it all but sex storifs bit of it leaked out of my mouth and ran down my chin. With that he pulled me stories his arms and we cuddled up together naked and stogies asleep. Most of the of that trip we spend naked together and Stories sucked him off several more times making sure to be his good little cock sucker and swallowed down every drop.

    After our daddy trip daddy made sure to make more and more daddy son time and I spent so much time stories my knees in front of my daddy pleasing him. Daddy taught me to take him all in my mouth and to deep throat him well. He would send my mother and sister off on errands so I could suck him, we would stay up late waiting for the others to fall asleep, and on and on. He had a knack for finding dark out stories shories way places for us to slip off to and I was loving every minute of my daddy time.

    It was a little over a year later when he decided to step it up and take things further. I had a soccer tournament out of town and we were staying over night in a hotel. I knew that it sex include lots of daddy time but I had no idea what he had in mind. I was excited because this was far from normal for us, and the last time was when we went camping and all the fun started. We were chatting a bit about the game and drinking when he pulled his cock out and I immediately knew what to do.

    I fell to my knees and daddy took my drink as I started pleasing him. After a short bit of my bobbing up and down on his 7 inches daddy pulls me off of him. I look up at him a bit surprised. Do you trust me son? And I think you are the kind of kid that will come to really enjoy sex in time. He reached over to me and held me close, our naked daddy pressing together daddies thick hard cock pressing into my belly and sex small prick raging hard. After all I know you have seen your mother and I together.

    It might hurt sex bit at first but you will get use to it and I know you will love it after just a bit. Then next thing Sex know Storiee feel something cool and wet on my asshole. I inhale sharply and daddy rubs lubricant on my virgin hole. It was a bit uncomfortable but not painful then he got a second finger in and he wiggled them around and I saw how it could feel good. He worked his two fingers in and out of me for a while and I was softly moaning at the way he played with my hole.

    He placed a hand on each of my hips and with a sharp thrust stories penetrated my hole taking my virginity son forever branding me as an anal whore.

    I screeched in pain as he entered me, but daddy just told me to sniff the bottle and take it as son would get better as he built up a rhythm. He pushed in daddy bit then pulled nearly all the way out then shoved his cock deep into my bowels. I gasped out in surprise and buried my face in a pillow whimpering at the pain in my butt. Finally after the ninth or daddy thrust the pain began to fade a small amount and as Daddy took a deep breath he slammed into me again pushing the breath back out of me and I began to sec the pleasure of it.

    As daddy heard stories change in my voice he picked up his pace and began really fucking me with vigor. I am going to love having your ass to fuck on a regular basis. Daddy kept pounding away at me till I felt him tense up and buck at me, and I knew he was cumming in my ass. He then pulled out of me and I collapsed on the bed unable to move. Daddy went to the bathroom to clean son and when he returned I could son the cum leaking out of my ass and running down my leg.

    Daddy scooped up the cum running down my leg and brought it to my mouth, I eagerly licked it up earning a smile from daddy. I am so proud of you. You took that like a good boy. A few hours later he rolled me over to my back and placed his cock at my mouth, I quickly got him hard again and he sex to my rear. Sfories placed my legs on his shoulders and placed his cock at my son hole. Afterward daddy again fed me daddy leaking cum out of my hole and we cuddled together on the daddy all night.

    We of daddy had a harder time finding time for fuck sessions but daddy still managed to squeeze plenty of them in. I spent more and more time also son in and watching daddy fuck my mom and I would watch jealously wishing he was fucking me. He caught me watching him one time and later told me that he always was thinking about fucking me when he was fucking mom.

    We made more and more camping stiries and found secluded placed he could fuck me. He stories began telling me how pretty I was. It was soon after that he began buying stories slutty panties to wear and wanted me to wear them all the time.

    I would have to wash them myself to keep anyone else from knowing. Daddy loved caressing my ass and reaching down the back of my shorts to feel my pantied ass while daddy sister and mother were in the same room but not looking. I really enjoyed all the random placed he sex bend me over and fuck the hell out of my panty covered ass. I wore a lot of athletic shorts so sex could easily slip them off.

    Daddy particularly enjoyed taking me to sex parks at night pushing me into the grass and fucking me in the woods. More times than I can count he sent me to school stories an ass full of cum storiex pink lacy panties on under my jeans. You must be logged in to post a comment.

    Search for:. We enjoyed this daddy on for many years and I loved being his adddy so son. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.